28 February 2014


Get inside Christian Grey's mind by reading the complete Fifty Shades trilogy retold from his point of view. 
Meet Fifty Shades - carrying on where E L James left off at the end of 'Fifty Shades Freed'. 

Then why not visit my website for full details of my erotic romance STARR SERIES, as well as details about my next book THE AMERICAN LOVER, due out in 2015.


When art student Seraphina Jones leaves her bag behind on a London tube train, little does she know this will change the course of her life. She initially brushes off the cute guy who comes to her rescue, but when he suggests a seemingly perfect solution to her problems, she decides to take him up on his offer.
For London School of Economics student Jamie Starr, returning the bag he discovers the gorgeous babe sitting opposite him on the train has left behind gives him the perfect excuse to get to know her better. Jamie is not used to rejection from girls, but despite his best attempts, Sera remains intriguingly unreceptive to his efforts.
Cynical wealthy businessman Liam Starr is certain Jamie's good nature has been taken advantage of by a hard up art student. Liam doesn't believe in any of that love or romance rubbish, and he’s determined that a pretty face is not going to take his gullible baby brother for a ride.
But first impressions aren't always correct, and people aren't always what they seem.
Suitable for readers 18+ due to language and sexual content. 


Does running away ever really solve anything?
Well, it's the best solution Seraphina Jones can come up with, to erase Liam Starr from her life, and deal with her shattered heart after his betrayal.
But will Liam let her go that easily?
Initially caught off guard when his murky past comes back to haunt him, Liam fights to take back control of his life.  Trying to regain Seraphina's trust becomes increasingly complicated when someone with a score to settle keeps raising the stakes, and winning back Seraphina turns out to be the least of Liam’s problems.STARR Destined 

Suitable for readers 18+ due to language and sexual content.

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I am thrilled to announce that Starr Destined came in at #21 of the ReadFreely 50 Best Indie Books of 2014!