26 August 2012

Chapter 32 - The Pissing Contest

I’m discretely tucked away in the corner of the bar that Anastasia told me in her email that they were heading for after work. It’s just across the street from her office, so I’ve stood down her security detail for the weekend, as she’ll be with me the entire time.  

She found it amusing that this place is called Fifty’s, and I suppose I can see the ironic humor in that. It’s a big place, and although they’ve tried to inject some character into it with some baseball themed memorabilia festooning the walls, it’s still pretty soulless.

I arrived ahead of Ana, so I see her make her way in and head towards a group of people that’s already congregated at the bar – three guys and three girls. If Ana had seen me, it wouldn't really have been a problem, as she invited me to meet her here, but luckily she was too preoccupied to spot me. Yeah okay, so I have stalker/spying issues. I'll get to find out what I need to know though. 

I’m curious - I want to see this Hyde fucker in action for myself before I make my presence known. I want to see how he acts around Ana. You can tell a lot from a person’s attitude and body language, and I'm a pretty expert reader. I’d already worked out that was the group from her office, because I recognized Hyde from the background check pictures. In the flesh he looks just as mean faced a piece of shit as he did in them.

They’ve all come straight from work, but are dressed very casually in jeans, loud patterned casual shirts, and trashy, hippy skirts for the ladies. Hyde is wearing jeans and a black shirt. He’s probably got a tattoo somewhere – he looks the type. 

It must be dress down Friday at SIP.  This is not something I subscribe to at Grey Enterprises. Sloppy dress standards lead to sloppy work ethics in my opinion, and I'm not prepared for my staff to compromise on productivity just because it happens to be Friday. It’s just another working day as far as I'm concerned. My employees have the whole fucking weekend to unwind and socialize, so they shouldn’t expect to do it on my time. 

Every Grey Enterprises employee is expected to adhere to the appropriate dress code for their role at all times during their contracted hours of work. If they find this unacceptable, they know where the door is. Funnily enough, since I pay well above the standard rate, with an excellent benefits package included, very few of my staff seem to have an issue with this.

I’ve already decided that once I’ve taken over SIP, there will need to be some changes to work practices, although whilst we’ve been negotiating the Heads of Agreement prelim contract, the management has been arguing that things are different in publishing, that they need a more relaxed and convivial atmosphere in order to encourage the creativeness of their authors and editors. 

I’m not convinced. It’s still a business, so the same efficiency principals should apply, regardless.  News of my takeover has been embargoed for four weeks, to give the management a chance to make some changes. The whole place is very badly organized and run, and needs a complete overhaul. 

Their security is appalling, both in the building and in their computer systems. Taylor and Welch accessed all areas of the building with ease, and Barney rifled through all their internal systems with no problems at all. Very shabby indeed, and not what I expect of any company that I own, let alone one where Anastasia is working.

As I look over, I see that Ana is wearing those tight skinny jeans that show off her long slim legs and pretty ass to perfection, along with the pale blue shirt I instructed Taylor to get for her in Portland, when it was necessary for her vomit bespattered clothing to be replaced. Clearly she likes this shirt, because she has chosen to wear it a couple of times now, and I'm pleased because the color really suits her, as I thought it would. She looks beautiful, as always. How can any man not be attracted to her?

I see Jack hand Ana a bottle of Bud, but then he turns away from her, to continue talking to one of the other women. Good. Ana talks to one of the other women for a while, so I start to relax a little. They talk together for quite a while, and I frown as I notice Ana start on her third beer already. She’s such a lightweight, she really needs to be careful about her alcohol intake. That’s when bastards like Hyde can take advantage of her.  Has she learnt nothing from the episode with José fucking Rodrigues? It’s a good job I'm here to look after her.  

It’s not until a couple of the girls leave, that Jack moves in on Ana. He’s just been biding his time, waiting for the right moment. As he talks to her, he stands very close, and leans right in towards her, invading her personal space. I can tell he’s making her feel uncomfortable, because I see her trying to back away, but the clever fucker has her trapped against the bar, so she can’t.  I was right about him. He wants her. He wants what is mine and now he’s overstepped the mark. Time for me to show my face and get him to back off, if he knows what’s good for him.

I casually walk up and drape my arm possessively around Anastasia’s shoulder. I’m staking my claim. I’m telling Hyde that she is mine. As I feel her relax against me, I sense that she’s glad I'm here, so I know I’m right that he makes her feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry baby, I’m here for you. Always.

“Hello, baby,” I murmur, as I kiss her hair. I look Hyde straight in the eye. Back off asshole. My property. She’s taken.

I pull Ana closer to my side, and then lean down to kiss her as I smile. Mine, not yours, you presumptuous fucker. Ana smiles back, clearly happy to see me too. 

Jack begrudgingly moves away from her a little bit. Message received loud and clear.

“Jack, this is Christian. Christian, Jack,” Ana introduces us rather uncomfortably. She can’t have failed to pick up the tension between us, because you can almost taste it. But I'm the Dominant Alpha Male here, make no mistake. And if necessary, I will prove it to him. No other male should be sniffing round my woman.

“I’m the boyfriend,” I say, as we shake hands while sizing each other up. He’d do well to heed the unspoken warning I'm sending him. I’m her boyfriend, not him. I’ve learned to control my feelings, to show a calm and civilized face to the world, but make no mistake, I’ll take him down if necessary, no problem.

But Hyde stares right back at me.

“I’m the boss. Ana did mention an ex-boyfriend,” he replies.

 So he’s issuing a challenge is he? He thinks he can steal her away from me, and he’s flaunting the fact that he gets to control her at work. He’d obviously love to control her outside work too. Arrogant fucker.

“Well, no longer ex. Come on, baby, time to go.” She comes with me.  I control her, not you.

“Please, stay and join us for a drink,” Hyde says, looking at Ana. He’s pulling his ‘I’m your boss' card, trying to make her feel guilty, so she’ll defy me and obey him. Not going to work, shit face.

“We have plans. Another time, perhaps. Come.” I take Ana’s hand. She does what I tell her. She is mine to control, not yours. Back off, low life sleazeball.

“See you Monday,” Ana smiles at Jack, before she dutifully follows me to leave. See? Mine.

I’m rewarded by the seriously pissed look on Jack’s face. He got the message alright, but I don’t think this contest is over yet. That was just round one.

“Why did that feel like a pissing contest?” Ana queries, as I hold the car door open for her. Yep, no surprises she picked up on that.

“Because it was,” I smile. And I won.

As I get in the car on my side, I see Taylor smiling in response to Ana’s greeting to him. He doesn’t normally do ‘smiling’, so I'm a little surprised. I hope he isn’t getting soft in his old age. 

Today has really dragged, because I’ve been so impatient about seeing Anastasia. I think it was the same for her - around four in the afternoon, she emailed me saying she was bored. I had to warn her that her emails were monitored, so she must be careful what she puts in them. I’d not be impressed if a new member of my staff said they were bored, but then I keep my employees very busy, as Anastasia would have found out if she had come to work for me. Well, she will be now.

 It was hard to sleep last night, but not, for once, because I was tormented by bad dreams, but because I couldn’t stop thinking about Ana. She liked the iPad, and the songs and the British Library App. In fact she said she loved it all in the email she sent me. And she said she loved me. That was the best bit. I still can’t quite believe that’s true and that she’s giving me another chance, but I'm incredibly relieved that she is. It’s more than you deserve, Grey.

So as we sit in the back of the car together now, I take her hand and kiss her knuckles.

“Hi,” I say, breathing in the sexual magnetism between us. It’s taking a lot of self-control not to start kissing her, because if I did, I probably wouldn’t be able to stop myself from taking her right here in the car, which could be fun, but Taylor might be somewhat shocked if I did. Even he has his limits of what he can ignore, and in any case, I’ve never been a sexual exhibitionist. 

Training as a Dominant meant acting out scenes in front of other Doms for coaching purposes, and you can’t be shy or inhibited, or get embarrassed easily if you want to be a Dom. But that's how I know that performing to an audience really isn’t my thing, and neither is group sex, which I also tried but found it didn’t do it for me either. 

 Elena, on the other hand, isn’t at all averse to either performing or watching scenes, and no doubt this was a factor in her offering to help train Anastasia to be my submissive, as she has with others in the past. She might have hoped she’d get to watch us, to give her critique, but that would never have happened. 

I get the impression that maybe she’s bored with Isaac, her current sub, and is looking for a new source of amusement.  Maybe that’s why she’s been taking such an interest in my affairs, and why she keeps ringing me, even though I've not been taking her calls.  

I would never have even considered taking up her offer to go down that route with Ana, and I know Ana would never have agreed to it anyhow.  I’m never sharing Ana in any way, with anyone. She is mine, all mine, for my eyes only. Now we’re back together, we'll work things out between us in our own way, with no interference from outside sources. My priority is giving her what she needs from me, then balancing that out with what I need from her.

“Hi,” Ana whispers back in that sexy, needy voice of hers, as she looks at me with eyes that are begging me to fuck her as soon as we can possibly get on to it. So well matched.

“What would you like to do this evening?” Stupid question. Begins with F and ends in K.

“I thought you said we had plans.” Trust me I do, baby.

“Oh, I know what I’d like to do, Anastasia. I’m asking you what you want to do.” I’d really love to hear you talk dirty.

She just gives me a wicked, salacious smile.

“I see. So… begging it is, then. Do you want to beg at my place or yours?” I return her smile with a matching one.

“I think you’re being very presumptuous, Mr. Grey. But by way of a change, we could go to my apartment.” She wickedly bites her lip as she says this, knowing full well the effect it has on me.

“Taylor, Miss Steele’s, please.”

“Sir,” he confirms, as he pulls out into the traffic.

“So how has your day been?” I ask. As long as mine?

“Good. Yours?”

“Good, thank you.” But it’s just got even better, now I'm with you.

We’re smiling at each other, just happy to be together.

“You look lovely,” I tell her, as I kiss her hand again.  I like her soft, sweet little hands.

“As do you,” she replies, as she brushes my cheek with her fingertips.  It seems we just need to touch each other, we both crave skin on skin contact.

But I need to know something from her.  Jack Hyde.  I’ve already looked into getting rid of him from SIP, but I’ve been warned that as his contract of employment doesn’t include any kind of an ‘at will’ clause, I can’t just fire him, as I would be able to under the type of contract I give to my Grey Enterprise employees. 

I have to have legitimate grounds to sack him, unless I want to pave the way for him to sue for wrongful dismissal. As I don’t want to give him that satisfaction, or for him to make a single penny out of my actions, I have to wait for him to step out of line in some way, before I can fire him. 

“Your boss, Jack Hyde, is he good at his job?”

“Why? This isn't about your pissing contest?” Ana asks suspiciously.

“That man wants into your panties, Anastasia.” She is so naïve and trusting, which makes her vulnerable.

“Well, he can want all he likes… why are we even having this conversation? You know I have no interest in him whatsoever. He’s just my boss.” She really has no clue, has she?

“That’s the point. He wants what’s mine. I need to know if he’s good at his job.” I’m looking for any reason, any reason at all, so I can get shot of him.

“I think so,” she shrugs. Shame.

“Well, he’d better leave you alone, or he’ll find himself on his ass on the sidewalk.” He’d better not touch so much as one hair on your head.

“Oh, Christian, what are you talking about? He hasn’t done anything wrong.”  She doesn't sound too convincing, so I’m sure he makes her feel uncomfortable, even if she hasn’t really worked out why yet. But I know why. He wants to fuck her, of course.

“He makes one move, you tell me. It’s called gross moral turpitude – or sexual harassment.” I really don’t want to wait until he does anything more than breathe heavily on her.

“It was just a drink after work,” she protests. But that’s how it all starts. Seemingly innocent, out for a few drinks, he gets her drunk, then he makes his move. She has no clue about these things. I love her innocence, but it makes her so fucking vulnerable. So that means I have to be extra vigilant for her.

“I mean it. One move, and he’s out.” I hope she realizes how serious I am, and I really hope she will tell me if he does anything, in any way, to upset her. The covert surveillance team are going to be watching him as best they can, but even so, it is difficult to monitor him all the time from a distance.

“You don’t have that kind of power,” she says, as she starts to roll her eyes. Then she suddenly works it out. “Do you, Christian?”

I smile at her, but say nothing. I knew this was going to be fucking awkward.

“You’re buying the company,” she whispers. And she looks horrified. Completely and utterly horrified.

I thought she might be a bit difficult about this, but I didn’t expect her to react quite so negatively. Crap.

“Not exactly.” Maybe she’ll drop this?

“You’ve bought it. SIP. Already.”  Nope, she’s not going to drop it.

“Possibly.” I tentatively admit. It is still going through the legal process….

“You have or you haven’t?” She’s not letting me be evasive. Best come clean.

“Have.” The shit’s about to hit the fan, Grey.

“Why?” she demands, clearly appalled at the idea. Oh work it out for goodness sake. Why on earth wouldn’t I?

“Because I can, Anastasia. I need you safe.” Number one priority.

“But you said you wouldn’t interfere in my career!”  True, and I haven’t. Yet.

“And I won’t.” Unless your safety is compromised.

She snatches her hand out of mine. Uh-oh.

“Christian…” Words seem to fail her. Not such a bad thing.

“Are you mad at me?” No one ever gets mad at me. This is a whole new experience. Novel.

“Yes. Of course I'm mad at you. I mean, what kind of responsible business executive makes decisions based on who they are currently fucking?”  

Oh, yes, Miss Steele is mad at me. Seething mad. I don’t know what to say, so I say nothing.

We soon arrive at her apartment after an uncomfortable silence between us.  She’s so eager to get out she doesn’t even wait for the door to be opened for her.

“I think you’d better wait here,” I tell Taylor. Fuck.  How did this blow up so quickly? I’m not sure she’s even going to let me come in with her now, because clearly she is furious with me. 

I haven’t a clue how to handle this, but I'm guessing it’s best to try to remain calm and reasonable. I'm sure that’s what Flynn would advise. And he was so pleased at how things were going between us, when I spoke to him earlier today to update him.  Now it’s all fucked up again.

As usual, she is struggling to find her keys in her purse, so at least she hasn’t had a chance to rush in and slam the door in my face.

“Anastasia.” I calmly try to get her attention, but when she looks at me, I see she is still so white hot with anger that she can’t speak. Shit.

“First, I haven’t fucked you for a while – a long while, it feels – and second, I wanted to get into publishing. Of the four companies in Seattle, SIP is the most profitable, but it’s on the cusp and it’s going to stagnate – it needs to branch out.” 

This, at least, is all true, although I’ve only wanted to get into publishing since I found out that was the area Ana was going to work in. But business is business. It’s good to diversify. It might be a new avenue for me to explore, but bottom line is that SIP is a good investment.

She stares at me, her eyes now a very intense blue, thanks to the anger that is surging through her. I’ve never seen her like this before, but fuck me, she looks sexy as hell.  Little Miss Steele, all fiery and angry.

“So you’re my boss now,” she snaps. Yes, I most certainly am, in more ways than one.

“Technically, I’m your boss’s boss’s boss.” But your boss always.

“And, technically, it’s gross moral turpitude – the fact that I am fucking my boss’s boss’s boss.” Call it what you will, baby.

“At the moment, you’re arguing with him,” I point out. Technically speaking, that is. I’d far rather we were enacting the fucking you were talking about.

“That’s because he’s such an arse,” she hisses.

An arse? Did she just call me an arse? Really? No one’s ever called me an arse before. No one’s ever dared. Another first, Miss Steele. That’s really quite a funny first.  I can feel a smile twitching at the corner of my mouth. Always unpredictable and never boring, that’s my feisty girl.

“An arse?”

“Yes.” I think she’s finally calming down a bit. Perhaps she’s got it out of her system now. Rant over?

“An arse?” I’m trying not to laugh at her now, but fuck me, it is kind of funny. There’s no one else like Anastasia. I’ve never met anyone like her before, who speaks to me the way she does and can get away with it. Because she’s only speaking the truth. You are an arse, aren’t you, Grey? She’s just telling you how it really is.

“Don’t make me laugh when I am mad at you,” she yells, but it’s no good, she ends up laughing too as I grin at her, and I think the worst of her snit has passed.

“Just because I have a stupid damn grin on my face doesn’t mean I'm not mad as hell at you.” She tries to act like she’s still mad, but since she’s giggling like a silly school girl, I think she’s fighting a losing battle.

I don’t risk kissing her yet, I just lean in and nuzzle her hair. She smells sweet and sexy all mingled in together. I don’t know how that’s possible, but that’s Ana all over. Sweet and innocent, yet defiant and sexy. Totally irresistible.

“As ever, Miss Steele, you are unexpected. So are you going to invite me in, or am I to be sent packing for exercising my democratic right as an American citizen, entrepreneur and consumer to purchase whatever I damn well please?”

“Have you spoken to Dr. Flynn about this?”

Oh yes, baby, he knows everything about me. All the sickest of the sick shit.

“Are you going to let me in or not, Anastasia?”

Finally she relents enough to smile and open the door, so I wave at Taylor to let him know he’s good to go. He’ll be back later on dropping off Ana’s Audi ready for her to start using again, so she won’t need to take the bus to work next week. 

 Thankfully she accepted my other gifts back with good grace, so hopefully the car will not be an issue either, when I give her the keys back.


It’s a decent enough place, the apartment that Kate’s parents' bought for her. I’m happy that it seems pretty secure with proper locks, so at least Ana should be safe enough here, especially as it’s in an okay area. 

When Elliot helped the girls move, he thought it was a pretty cool place, and I can see why. Of course, if he’d said it was a dump, I’d have taken action, but as I know he has very high standards about these things - he has a very nice apartment of his own - I felt reassured.  I remember he also commented on how few clothes and possessions Ana had in comparison to Kate, which is something I intend to rectify. But for now, I have other things on my mind.

“What would you like to do, Anastasia? I know what I want to do.” It feels like forever since we’ve been alone together. Just being in the same room means I have a rock hard erection already. I've got her backed up against the concrete kitchen island, and I could take her right now, but I want her to tell me what she wants. I know it’s the same as what I want. For me to be inside her. Now.

“I’m still mad at you.” She’s not given up yet, but she’s cooling down. My little wild cat. I’d maybe like to see that side of her in the bedroom…

“I know.” I smile my best winning smile at her as my apology. I’m sorry she’s upset; but I'm not sorry I bought SIP.

“Would you like something to eat?” she asks. Oh, baby, I have a huge appetite that needs satisfying.

“Yes. You,” I murmur. “Have you eaten today?”

“I had a sandwich at lunch.”

“You need to eat.” No proper breakfast, just a sandwich for lunch – this won’t do. She needs a proper meal.

“I’m really not hungry right now… for food.” Me neither, baby.

“What are you hungry for, Miss Steele?” As if I didn’t know.
“I think you know, Mr. Grey.” Sure do.

I’m teasing her because I want her to spell out to me exactly what she wants me to do to her. I want her to learn to communicate her wishes to me, not just do what she thinks I want her to. 

But it’s hard. I’m used to issuing commands, and now I have to hold back. It’s a good thing I've had years of practicing self-control and denial. It’s all going well, until she reaches up to touch me and I instinctively recoil. I just can’t let her touch me like that, in the way she wants. 

 Ana looks puzzled, as well as put out.

“Sometimes you don’t mind. Perhaps I should find a marker pen, and we could map out the no-go areas,” she suggests, which is not such a bad idea actually, and something to think about.

“Have you been taking your pill?”  I have a nasty suspicion she’ll have forgotten all about it.

“No,” she confesses, as her face falls. Shit. As I thought. Back to condoms. That’s why I brought some with me.

“I see. Come, let’s have something to eat.” I don’t want her fainting through lack of sustenance.

She protests, but we both need to eat. And anticipation is the key to seduction. But it’s tricky, as I discover there's no food in the apartment.

“You have no food here?” This makes me so angry. She is so neglectful of herself. It’s no wonder her tight jeans are not as tight as they used to be. She needs looking after, however much she may protest that she doesn’t. She needs me to take care of her.

“Let’s go shopping, then.”


I don’t ever do grocery shopping or cooking, so wandering around Ernie’s Supermarket is another new experience for me. I employ other people to shop and cook for me, principally Mrs. Jones. 

I also have housekeepers at my other residences in New York and Aspen.  The New York apartment is for my use on the business trips I make there several times a year, and my place in Aspen is for pleasure and relaxation, although I haven’t made much use of it since I bought it, as I don't really take vacations. In fact, I think Elliot has used it more than I have since he completed the refurbishments on it.

Ana seems to know her way around the supermarket, and sets about picking out what she needs, as I trail behind her carrying the shopping basket.  My food just appears in front of me, so I've no idea what ingredients are required to produce a decent meal. I’m happy to go with whatever Ana wants to cook, and when she says a stir fry will be quick, I know where she’s coming from. I can’t wait to get her naked either. But first things first; she is going to need some energy to be able to keep up with me.

The supermarket store is a somewhat curious experience.  I’m not keen on all the rude, noisy brats running around the aisles. I glare at the obese, gum chewing woman in the nasty cheap sweat pants, who I assume is meant to be keeping them under control, and she just glares right back at me. Ana tugs my arm to distract me before I can say anything, and I let myself be led away. Jeez, I'm glad I don’t have to come to places like this more often.  

“Do you have anything to drink?” I inquire, doubting very much she’ll have anything worth drinking at her apartment, seeing as she had no food. I'm not driving tonight, so I can relax and allow myself to indulge in a drink or two.

“Beer… I think.” As I thought.  

“I’ll get some wine.” But when I check the supermarket shelves, there’s nothing but cheap, nasty shit. Maybe we should just have gone to my place, but we’re here now, so I guess I just have to go along with it. It makes a change anyway, and at least it means I get to see her apartment.

“There’s a good liquor store next door,” Ana informs me, when she sees me return scowling and empty handed. So I make my way there and manage to find a half decent bottle of Pinot Grigio.

I carry the grocery bags back to the apartment as Ana leads the way.

“You look very – domestic.” Ana seems amused by this.

“No one has ever accused me of that before.” Actually, I’ve been much too busy becoming a billionaire to bother with anything domestic. I get other people to do all that crap.

I get the bottle of wine out and we have to search for a corkscrew, as Ana is still unsure where things are kept in this apartment. Obviously she’s not done much cooking for herself. Good job I'm here.

“What are you thinking about?” She’s very quiet, and I need to know what’s going through her mind. This is the trouble; I have no idea a lot of the time.

“How little I know you, really.” Is that what she thinks? But I've told her more about myself than I've told anyone else, ever.

“You know me better than anyone.”

“I don’t think that’s true.” Honestly, baby, it really is. Even Elena. That’s who you’re thinking of, isn't it? But we only ever really talk about my needs, rather than my feelings.

“It is, Anastasia. I am a very, very private person.” Not even my family are privy to some of the things I've told you.

“Cheers,” I say as I hand her a glass of white wine.  “Can I help with that?”

She’s busying herself with all the food preparations, and I feel a bit like a spare part.

“No, it’s fine… sit.”

“I’d like to help.” Sharing new experiences. That’s what Flynn suggested.  I should start here, shouldn’t I? Perhaps I could get some plates out or something.

“You can chop the vegetables.” Shit. How do I do that?

“I don’t cook.” She hands me a knife. So what exactly are you asking me to do?

“I imagine you don’t need to,” she says, as she places a chopping board and some red peppers in front of me. What the fuck am I meant to do with these?

“You’ve never chopped a vegetable?” She sounds incredulous. Why keep a dog and bark yourself? I have staff who do all that shit.

“No. Are you smirking at me?” She seems to find my lack of culinary skills amusing. I’ve been kinda busy empire building, you know?

“It appears this is something that I can do and you can’t. Let’s face it, Christian, I think this is a first. Here, I’ll show you.”

She brushes up against me, and I get an immediate thrill from the sexual tension buzzing through me. I step back. I could just take her here on the floor, right now. You’re playing hard to get, remember? She has to tell you what she wants you to do.

“Like this.” She slices the red pepper and removes the seeds in a very professional and practiced manner. She makes it look easy.

“Looks simple enough.”

“You shouldn’t have any trouble with it,” she says sarcastically. What am I, like five years old or something?

I start carefully chopping.  So okay, I’m not as fast as she is, but if a job’s worth doing…

Ana prepares the chicken and then starts gathering up the rest of the ingredients ready to cook them in the wok. But she keeps brushing up against me, teasing me and enticing me. She knows how desperate I am to have her, and now she’s getting me back for playing hard to get.

“I know what you’re doing, Anastasia,” I murmur, as I continue to work on the pepper, which I’m finding very tricky to chop. She made it look so easy too.

“I think it’s called cooking,” she replies cheekily, as she bats her eyelashes at me. 

She joins me to chop up some more ingredients, but she keeps on with all the little body contacts. She’s driving me crazy with need, and she knows it.  Finally when she brushes her gorgeous, sexy rear up against me, I’m nearly at breaking point. One more like that…

“If you do that again, Anastasia, I am going to take you on the kitchen floor,” I growl. I am trying so hard to stay in control, and here she is, taunting me.

“You’ll have to beg me first.”

“Is that a challenge?”


I go over and switch the gas off, leaning past her to do so. The heat between us is enough to cook the fucking dinner.

“I think we’ll eat later. Put the chicken in the fridge.” I can’t wait any longer.

She complies, and I see her hand is shaking.  I move so I'm standing right next to her. She wants to play sexy games, hmm?

“So you’re going to beg?” she whispers defiantly.

“No, Anastasia, no begging.” Not from me, anyway.

The atmosphere between us is tangible, electric, full of unresolved tension of the most intense sexual kind.

I grab her hips to pull her to me. Her hands reach up into my hair as my lips hungrily seek hers. I push her up against the fridge which rattles in protest. Our tongues twist and dance together. She moans when I grab her hair and pull her head back so I can totally possess her mouth. Our kiss is desperate and primal, full of need and longing.  It has been so long, too long. 

I need her. She needs me. We can’t resist any longer. We need to fuck. We have to fuck.

“What do you want, Anastasia?” I manage to utter, trying to keep to my plan that she must instruct me, communicate her needs to me.




I scoop her up into my arms and head straight for her bedroom. I set her down, put on the bedside lamp and close the curtains. I don’t intend to provide a free porn show for the neighborhood.

“Now what?”

“Make love to me.”

“How? You have got to tell me, baby.”

“Undress me.”

That’s a good start. I pull her towards me by hooking my finger in her blouse, so that my finger tip is just brushing the top of her breasts. I stare into her eyes, as I slowly unbutton her shirt. She is breathless with need, as am I.

“Good girl.” She tentatively holds onto my arms to steady herself, and I see the questioning look in her eyes – am I going to flip at her touch again? But my arms are a safe area, so no problem this time. I see her relax as she realizes this. I pull the shirt down over her shoulders. She looks so beautiful with her perfect breasts showcased in her lacy bra.  Mine. All for me.

Next, I reach down to undo the button of her jeans, and pull down the zip.

“Tell me what you want, Anastasia.”

“Kiss me from here to here,” she whispers, as she trails her finger from the base of her ear down to her throat. My pleasure, baby.

I sweep her hair to one side, as I bend down to comply with her wishes. She feels and smells so damn good. Soft, silky and warm. So tempting and arousing.

“My jeans and panties,” she murmurs next.

I smile, as I drop to my knees in front of her. I hook my thumbs into her jeans to pull them down, along with her panties. She steps out of her clothes and her shoes. Now she is standing there in front of me, wearing just her bra.

“What now Anastasia?” I ask, while I’m still kneeling in front of her.

“Kiss me,” she whispers shyly, as she looks down at me.

“Where?” Spell it out for me, baby.

“You know where.” Of course I do, but tell me anyway.

“Where?” She has to instruct me.

She points to the apex of her thighs, highly embarrassed, but she’s done it. I grin up at her with delight.

“Oh, with pleasure,” I chuckle. I gently expose her clitoris with my fingers, then employ my tongue to expertly work at caressing her sweet spot, making her groan loudly as she clenches at my hair. I work her into a frenzy of need, as I swirl and tease her lovingly with the tip of my tongue, until I know she is teetering on the edge of her climax. I want her begging me to fuck her.

“Christian, please,” she moans, as I feel her legs start to tremble.

“Please what, Anastasia?”

“Make love to me.” 

You have to be more specific, baby.

“I am,” I murmur as I blow gently against her.

“No. I want you inside me.”

“Are you sure?”


I carry on, and she moans loudly  again. Beg me, baby.

“Christian… please.” That’ll do.

I stand up.


Look at me. What’s wrong here?

“Well what?” she pants at me. Her brain’s not in gear.

“I’m still dressed.”  Obvious, isn’t it?

She looks at me in confusion. Then she reaches for my shirt, but I back away, in case she tries to touch me. Then she realizes I want her to undo my jeans.

Now it’s her turn to drop to her knees. She fumbles to undo my jeans and then yanks them down along with my boxers. I quickly step out of them, along with my socks. 

My cock has sprung free, more than ready for action. She doesn’t disappoint.  As she looks up at me through her lashes, she takes hold of my cock and squeezes tightly, pushing her hand back along my length, stroking me exactly the way I showed her I like it done. 

She looks so fucking sexy as she does it, and I groan with the immense pleasure she’s giving me. Then she takes my cock in her mouth to slowly lick me, twirling her tongue around my sensitive tip, before she suddenly sucks me hard. I nearly come straight away.

“Ahh. Ana… whoa, gently.”

I hold her head as she takes me deeper into her soft, warm mouth, sucking me really hard, as she gently cups my balls. It feels fantastic.

“Fuck,” I hiss loudly. I can’t last long like this.

She does it again, but now she uses her tongue in an expert way. Has she been taking secret lessons at the submissive training school, where they give detailed anatomy lessons to improve fellatio skills? How does she know to hit the most sensitive part of my cock with the tip of her tongue in that way? It’s fucking amazing. Then she tips her head back, so that she can suck me in even deeper, and I feel the end of my cock hit the back of her throat, which is a seriously advanced technique. Is she some sort of a natural genius at giving head or something?

“Ana, that’s enough. No more. I do not want to come in your mouth”

But she won’t stop. She sucks me hard again and swirls her tongue around to very nearly drive me over the edge. Pay back time. Now she wants you to beg, Grey. You’ve created a monster. A sexy little beast of a monster. And she’s all yours. No more games. Just get on and fuck her.

So I bend down to grab her by the shoulders, and toss her onto the bed. I tear my shirt off, then get the condom from my jeans.  We’re both panting with sheer desperation to get what we both need.

“Take your bra off. Lie down, I want to look at you.”  I thought I’d never get to see her like this again when we broke up. So this is really sweet for me to look at her beautiful body. 
Perfect. She’s just perfect.

She gazes up at me as I roll on the condom.

“You are a fine sight, Anastasia Steele,” I tell her as I slowly position myself over her, kissing her breasts and nipples as I make my way up her body. She is so aroused that she groans and writhes beneath me. I tease her for a while longer, savoring each nipple as I kiss and suck her. 

“Christian, please.”

“Please what?” Spell it out again, baby.

“I want you inside me.”

“Do you now?” I think I can manage that.


I push her legs apart with mine, all the while looking straight into her beautiful eyes. I take my time, as I slowly sink into her, relishing the exquisiteness of her lush tightness stretching to engulf my cock.  

She closes her eyes and groans with pleasure, as she tilts her hips up to welcome me, encouraging me to fill her completely. 

This is heaven, pure and utter heaven. 

Her fingers are in my hair again, knotting and pulling, as I slowly pull out and then slide back in again. Bliss, total bliss.

“Faster, Christian, faster…please.”

Yes! She is telling me what she wants. This is good, really good. And baby, I am more than happy to give you what you need.

I kiss her deeply as I start to move faster and harder, pushing us both onwards and upwards towards our release. Neither of us can wait, we are both close, so very close now, and I feel her starting to tense and quicken.

“Come on, baby, give it to me.”

She screams. I call her name. We both fly over the edge to shatter into intense and magnificent orgasms, riding it out as she pulses and contracts around me, while I explode deep inside her.  

Perfect, coordinated timing. We are so fucking good together. Perfectly  matched.

Finally I withdraw and collapse on top of her, as we both lie there breathless and trying to recover our shattered senses. Fucking amazing and brilliant vanilla sex. I can live with this. This I can do.

I gently kiss her.

“I’ve missed this.”

“Me too,” she whispers.

I take hold of her face to kiss her hard, a deep passionate kiss to compel her, so she understands.  Now that I’ve got her back, I’m never letting her go again, ever. 

“Don’t leave me again,” I plead, looking into those amazing eyes of hers, trying to reach into her soul, the way that she reaches into mine.

“Okay,” she whispers back, as she bestows one of her wonderful smiles on me. It bedazzles me with its sheer beauty and sincerity. She understands. She feels what I feel. She isn’t going anywhere. I smile back at her in relief and joy. 

Maybe it was almost worth hitting rock bottom to experience the elation that is sweeping through me. Right now, this is as good as life gets. Here with Anastasia, giving herself freely and joyously to me. This is how it’s meant to be. She is for you. 

And suddenly I'm starving hungry.

“Come cook me some food, wench. I’m famished,” I order, as I sit up in bed pulling her up with me.

“Wench?” she laughs at me.

“Wench. Food, now, please.”

“Since you ask so nicely, sire, I’ll get right on to it.”

As she gets out of bed, I see there’s something under her pillow. I reach over to retrieve it. It’s a deflated balloon, the one I sent her, the helicopter one.

“That’s my balloon,” she says possessively, as she puts her robe on.

“In your bed?”

“Yes. It’s been keeping me company.” She’s blushing. Aw… sweet.

“Lucky Charlie Tango,” I murmur in surprise. All the time we were apart and I thought she’d stopped caring, she’s been sleeping with the balloon I sent under her pillow?

My balloon,” she repeats, as she heads out towards the kitchen.

So she’s just as stupid and sentimental as I am, because I have the model glider she gave me on my desk, right next to me. 

I have another silly smile on my face now. 

Anastasia must really care or she wouldn’t keep a stupid deflated old balloon under her pillow, would she? 

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