24 January 2016


Back in 2012 when I first started writing ‘Meet Fifty Shades’, I worked on my own with no one to proof read or edit for me, so inevitably it was full of bloopers and typos.  Over the years, I’ve gone over it many, many times, but despite my best efforts, it was impossible to pick up all the errors.

That’s why I’m very happy to announce that thanks to the efforts of my lovely proof reader Sue, who took on the mammoth task of proof reading all 64 chapters, there is a newly corrected version of ‘Meet Fifty Shades’ available, both on the illustrated blog and to download in book format. Any remaining errors are down to me.

I suggest that you delete any previous versions you have of ‘Meet Fifty Shades’ from your Kindle, iPad or other e-reader, and replace it with the updated version, which is hosted on Smashwords.  Just click on the download tab at the top of the 'Meet Fifty Shades Blog' , and then follow the easy, step by step instructions. There is no charge; ‘Meet Fifty Shades’ remains free for anyone to read, although a small donation to a worthwhile charity of your choice would be a welcome gesture.

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Best wishes to my readers, and thanks as always for your support.

G E Griffin

03 July 2015


Start reading from chapter 1

I’m sure that you were all delighted about the release of Grey on Christian’s birthday, and  now that E L James has given us the first book of Christian’s story, I’ve been asked if that means I’m going to take down my Meet Fifty Shades blog.

But variety is the spice of life, right?

Choice is a good thing, not bad.

I certainly don’t have a problem if people want to compare Meet Fifty Shades with Grey, or any of the other excellent Fifty Shades fan fiction stories that are out there now.

So Meet Fifty Shades will continue to be freely available to anyone who wishes to read it, either on the blog, or by downloading a copy to read offline. 

However, I would ask that it is not posted anywhere else such as wattpad, scribd or Goodreads, as it is not possible for me to maintain these copies with regular edits and updates. 

 I am perfectly happy for anyone to post a link to direct readers to my blog so that they can obtain the most up to date copy for themselves, especially as it is now even easier to download.


The combined edition of the Starr series is now available.


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G E Griffin