29 October 2012

Chapter 41 - Possibilities

 “So what did you think of Anastasia, John?”

“I thought she was enchanting, Christian, although I think her appearance is probably quite deceptive. Behind that shy, quiet exterior, I think there is a very astute and perceptive young woman.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, for a start she didn’t hesitate to tell me that she thought I was an expensive charlatan,” John informs me sardonically.

I snort with laughter.

“She certainly got your measure straight off.”

But I still wish I knew exactly what had been said between them when they were dancing together at the masked ball. I fucking hate not knowing, especially as the most likely topic of conversation was undoubtedly me.

“Anastasia didn’t give much away, but I get the sense that there are hidden depths to her, and I suppose to some extent that’s why you find her so intriguing. She’s certainly a very lovely young woman, and I can understand why she’s captivated your heart, Christian, why you’ve fallen so hard for her.”

“About that. You were right. All this love shit. I figured it out… I can see now that I do… love Anastasia, even though I never thought it possible.” It’s still so fucking hard for me to say these things out loud.

“Because of your morbid self-loathing.” John sighs in apparent frustration with me. “Christian, how many times have we gone over this? You are very much capable of both giving and receiving love. It was very apparent to everyone at the ball that you and Anastasia are head over heels in love with each other. It was a joy to see. Love is a wonderful emotion.”

“I guess. But it also scares the shit out of me. I feel so vulnerable, because I'm so scared of losing her. I can't ever go through how I felt when she left me again.”

“And have you told Anastasia how you feel? Have you actually told her that you love her?”

“Sort of. She worked it out before I did, so that made it kind of easier.”

“As I thought – your Anastasia is indeed very perceptive. I really think she is going to be so good for you, because she seems able to see the real man, the one that’s normally hidden behind that closed off façade you always present to the world. Now that you’ve finally accepted that you are capable of love, my advice is that you really embrace these feelings. Don't be shy. Tell Anastasia frequently how you feel about her, that you love her. Love is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about, and openly declaring it will certainly help to bond this precious new relationship of yours. Being in love is something to be proud about, so why not freely declare it to the whole world?”

“I don’t know if I can do that. You know I've always been a very private person, John.”

“I appreciate that, but then you’ve never had these kinds of feelings before, have you? Also, I’m certain it would mean a great deal to Anastasia, to hear you freely and publicly acknowledging your feelings for her. It would really help with any self-confidence issues she could potentially be experiencing.”

“You picked up on that too?”

“Well, I think most young women have self-confidence issues to a degree,” he replies evasively, as he clears his throat and changes the subject, so I guess he doesn’t feel free to discuss this issue of Ana’s. 

But at least he’s dropped me a strong hint, so I resolve to try my best and work at telling Ana how I really feel about her. How hard can it be?

 “How are things working out between you? I take it you’re both working towards a compromise with regard to your sexual needs and desires. I know it’s early days, but how difficult are you finding it to control your more extreme inclinations?”

“Actually John, that side of things has been a lot easier than I anticipated, so far anyhow. We’re finding lots of other things to try out that I'm finding equally satisfying and fulfilling. Ben & Jerry’s & Ana. Mmm, delicious. And she’s willingly let me spank her a couple of times now, because she’s discovered that it really turns her on too.”

I can't help smiling at the recollection of Ana begging me to spank her. That was so fucking amazing.

“So you’re making progress and compromising to find the middle road by the sound of things. That’s excellent news, Christian, really excellent.”

“Yes, but…”

“But what?”

“What I am finding a lot harder than I expected is coping with the anxiety I experience, brought on by the lack of control I have over Ana, when she is the most important thing in my life now.  Because of all the extra security issues associated with being my girlfriend, I assumed that she would agree to let me take care of her. But not Ana - she’s still so stubborn and independent. I’m getting so fucking frustrated with her because as you know, Leila is still on the loose, possibly armed and potentially wanting to harm her. I can't take the risk that something could happen to her, and yet she fights against my orders all the time. And it’s not just the Leila issue either. After she insisted on going to work today, against my wishes I might add, things got even worse.”

“Do you want to fill me in about what exactly has you feeling so anxious?”

I take a deep breath and slowly exhale as I wonder where to start, how to explain the latest conflict between us. I realize I'm running my fingers through my hair, a sure sign that I'm feeling stressed.

“Everything started off so well this morning. You know Ana’s agreed to stay with me at my apartment because of the Leila situation? I’d always assumed I’d prefer living on my own, but you know what? I love having Anastasia staying with me. When she’s there, it just feels right, like a missing piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. I sleep so much better when we share a bed, and I don’t get any nightmares either. And then waking up in the morning next to her is just the best thing.”

I think back to this morning, how tempting Ana looked when I woke her up, as she lay there in bed all tousled and sexy. I’d resisted the temptation to wake her earlier so she could join me in the shower, knowing how bad tempered she can be when she doesn’t get enough sleep. I even debated whether to allow her to sleep in and miss work altogether, but I knew she’d be really pissed if I did that.

“I wish you’d come back to bed,” she whispered seductively, with that husky voice she gets when she’s turned on.

It took all my self-discipline not to jump back into bed again and fuck her mindless. Mind you, she hadn’t realized the time, and it was amusing to watch her panic and then leap out of bed to hurriedly get ready for work, when she saw how late it had gotten.

While Ana was in the shower, I took the opportunity to speak to Gail.

“Good morning, Mrs. Jones. I hope you had a pleasant weekend visit with your sister?”

“I did, thank you, Mr. Grey,” she smiled.

“And I take it that Taylor has apprised you of the latest situation, and that you feel reassured that the security of the apartment is no longer compromised.”

“He has indeed, sir. Although I have to say that I find it hard to believe that Miss Williams would ever actually harm anyone intentionally. She’s just a very confused and upset young woman in my opinion. That’s not how Mr. Taylor sees it, of course. He’s lectured me until he’s blue in the face about how I'm not to take any risks if I should encounter her again, when I think all she really needs is a big hug and someone to listen to her,” she huffed.

I imagine that Jason had read Gail the riot act, in just the same way that I had with Ana. He was horrified, as was I, that Gail had had to deal with Leila all by herself when she broke into the apartment armed with a razor blade, and made that haphazard attempt to self-harm.  

That was why I wouldn’t allow Gail to return to the apartment until we were sure it was safe, and in any case, I know Taylor would never take any risk whatsoever when it comes to her safety.

“I understand that Taylor has informed you that Miss Steele will be staying here with me, at least until there is a satisfactory resolution to the situation with Miss Williams,” I confirmed with her.

“Yes, he did.” Gail positively beamed at me as she replied. Why does she seem so happy about this, when it makes more work for her?

“She will be sharing my bedroom – her clothes and other personal belongings have already been moved over. I appreciate that having an additional person here will mean extra work for you, so you are to let me know if you require any extra assistance or help in any way.”

“Mr. Grey, it will be no problem whatsoever having Miss Steele staying here at the apartment, and it will be my absolute pleasure to look after her as well. To be honest, I sometimes feel rather underutilized, as you are so easy to look after,” she smiled sincerely at me. She had that soppy look in her eye – the one Mom gets when she talks to me about Ana. What was that all about?

“Good. Miss Steele will have pancakes and bacon for breakfast. And could you prepare her a packed lunch to take to work, as she will not be leaving the office at lunch time?”

“Of course, Mr. Grey. Once I’ve found out her preferences, I’ll ensure she has a tasty and nutritious meal to take with her.”

 Then I saw Ana making her way into the kitchen, wearing some of the new clothes Ms. Acton had supplied. As I always envisaged, she looked stunning in a gray fitted pencil skirt, a matching well cut silk blouse and black heels.  She’d put her hair up too, and I loved that look, seeing her neck exposed that way. Christ, if she came and worked in my office, I’d never get anything done. 

The thought of Ana working with that Hyde fucker, and him getting to ogle her all day still didn’t sit well with me, but I knew we had him under surveillance, and that Sawyer would be nearby, even if he wouldn't be in the actual office with her as I would have preferred.

As I told Ana how lovely she looked, out of the corner of my eye I caught Mrs. Jones beaming again for some reason, before she asked her what she would like for her lunch.

“Please, Mrs. Jones, call me Ana,” she insisted as she gave me a pointed look, as if daring me to say something about her being over familiar with the staff again.

So okay, I wasn’t jealous of Gail, but I’ll still have to remind her that staff are not friends, and that I would prefer that they stick to the usual protocol and address her as Miss Steele. But I didn’t call her out on it there and then, deciding that it could wait until a more opportune moment, as I had to leave for my eight thirty meeting. 

Even with the distraction of Ana, I don’t do late. Well, not usually anyhow.

She made me smile as I left, when she called out ‘Have a good day at the office, dear’, like we were an old married couple or something. It felt good, comforting somehow, and I liked it. In fact I fucking loved it.

As Taylor drove me to Grey House, I took the opportunity to remind him.

“Make sure Sawyer understands that Miss Steele is not to leave the building unaccompanied at any time. She has no need to leave the building at lunchtime, but even so, he must remain alert and not be complacent.”

I just couldn’t shake the feeling that Ana was still not taking the risk to her safety seriously, and might do something silly.

“I can assure you that Sawyer fully understands his responsibilities, and takes them very seriously indeed, Mr. Grey. He is one of the most reliable men I’ve ever worked with, both in and out of the forces.”

Taylor glanced at me in the rear view mirror, before fixing his eyes on the road ahead again. Okay, Jason, so I’m being overprotective about Ana, but can you blame me? I just can't bear the thought of any harm coming to her.

But right now, I realize my thoughts have run away with me, and I still need to fill Flynn in about what happened next, as he’s sitting looking at me expectantly, while he patiently waits.

I take a deep breath and then start opening up.

“We email each other a lot, especially when we’re at work – and I often find she’s more honest with her thoughts with this method of communication.”

“That’s an interesting observation. Any idea why that might be?”

“Maybe because she’s more comfortable with the written word?” I suggest.

“Could it possibly be because she finds you less intimidating that way?” John quietly suggests, as he plays with his pen, and watches to gauge my reaction. I take a minute or two to think about this.

“I guess you could be right. I am working on it,” I admit.

“So what were the emails about today?” he asks.

“First off, I thanked her for the wonderful weekend we just had, and that I hoped she would never leave, ever.  I just meant it as a general kind of remark, but when she asked me to clarify if that meant I wanted her to move in with me, I jumped at it. I told her yes, it did.”

“I see. That’s really quite a big step for you both this early on in your relationship. So how did she react?”

“She said we should talk about it this evening.”

“Wise girl. It’s certainly something to aim for, but only if you both feel it’s the right timing, the right thing for both of you.”

“But her living with me at Escala makes perfect sense, especially at the moment, and especially with what came next, which just proves I need to be around her to protect her, as she hasn’t got a clue about the big bad world out there.”

“What do you mean, Christian?”

“She casually announced to me in her next email that she ‘just thought I should know’ she was going to a conference, which would entail an overnight stay in New York with her sleazeball boss, Jack fucking Hyde. The one who, according to the background checks I ordered, always has young, attractive female assistants, but who never last longer than a couple of months. I haven’t got any actual solid evidence yet, but I'm sure he’s hit on all of them. He’s clearly a serial philanderer at least, if not something much worse. He’s certainly not the kind of man I’m going to let my girlfriend go off on an overnight trip with.”

“So how did you react to the news of this proposed trip?”

“I told her she wasn’t going, of course. I mean, over my dead body am I going to let him get his filthy paws anywhere near her. I said I’ll take her to New York if she wants to go, as I have my own apartment there.”

“And I take it she didn’t react well to this pronouncement from you, dictating to her about work related matters?”

“You could say that. She told me not to get my knickers in a twist. I told her it’s not my fucking knickers I'm worried about. Then she sends me an email ranting about trust, and irresponsibly refers to some of my more extreme sexual predilections in a fucking work email, for Christ's sake. I had to get Barney to delete it from the server, and phone her to tell her not to be so fucking stupid again. Then she phones me back to tell me she’s going to New York whether I like it or not, before she hangs up on me. Un-fucking-believable. She actually hung up on me. No one hangs up on me.”

John appears to be stifling a smile.

“There’s no doubt you definitely missed out on a whole stage of adolescent behaviors and experiences, Christian, but it appears that you and Anastasia are now making up for lost time in that department. So how did you manage to resolve the situation?”

“I took control, of course. I pulled a few strings to get an immediate moratorium on all spending in SIP implemented, the upshot being that Hyde gets to go to New York, but without Ana.”

“You mean you interfered with her job to prevent her going to New York on a work related matter? Don’t you maybe feel that was somewhat of an overreaction on your part, Christian? And may I ask just how you managed to get this moratorium imposed?”

“I'm not at liberty to disclose exactly how, but suffice to say I am taking whatever steps I deem necessary to protect what is mine. And in my view that is not overreacting, it is merely a sensible precaution.”

I know I am being deliberately obtuse in not actually telling Flynn that I’m buying SIP, but technically I am not at liberty to do so, as the news is still embargoed. I know he would never use this confidential information, but still. He stares at me for a moment, then his eyes widen as he works it out.

“You're buying the company? You’re taking over the company that Anastasia is working for, in order to control her? Surely you can see how this looks?”

“I look on it as protecting her. I’ll only interfere when absolutely necessary, such as when there is a potential risk to her safety. For fuck’s sake, what am I supposed to do, stand back and allow her to get raped by this guy? I trust Ana implicitly, but she’s just a small defenseless girl, she wouldn’t stand a chance against someone like him, even if he didn’t resort to something like Rohypnol. Don't forget, I saw how helpless she was when that photographer guy hit on her when she was drunk, and if I hadn’t turned up when I did…” 

I close my eyes and shudder in horror at the thought of how that could have ended up.

“You have no evidence that’s what would happen in this case.”

“I trust my gut instinct; it rarely lets me down. Hyde is bad news, and I'm not letting Ana’s ignorance and naivety mean she puts herself at risk with him.”

“I’m sure Ana wouldn’t let herself get into that situation, or put herself in danger.”

“No? Well, guess what she did next. Despite the threat of Leila being on the loose with a gun, despite assuring me that she wouldn’t leave the building by herself, to get me to agree that Sawyer didn’t need to escort her around the building, she still fucking well goes out alone at lunchtime, putting herself at high risk, just because that lazy bastard Hyde asked her to go out to get his lunch. Thankfully, I’d had the foresight to order Sawyer to monitor the only access point for the building, so he saw her leave and followed her to ensure her safety.” 
“What upset you the most – the fact that Anastasia disobeyed your instructions, or that in your opinion she put herself at risk?”

“Both, because it’s the same thing. I have to be sure she’s safe, and that’s why I gave her those instructions. But when I rang her after lunch to confront her about her irresponsible actions, how she reacted really confounded and shocked me.”

“What did she say?”

“She said I have to stop acting this way because I'm suffocating her. Suffocating her. She sounded really angry and upset about it too, which worried me and for a moment there I honestly thought she might call things off between us. But she didn’t, she said we’ll talk about it tonight after work. That’s why I pulled our appointment forward, John, so I could talk all this through with you, get your perspective on things.  
Look, I'm just trying to protect her, not suffocate her, even I know it’s not good if she feels like that. But what else can I do, given the current situation? I'd have thought she'd welcome someone who is prepared to take care of her and protect her, but instead I’m really worried by Ana’s reaction, and now I've got to wait until later this evening to see how she feels. Her bastard boss is making her work late, using the excuse that it’s necessary because she’s not going to New York with him now.”

“I'm surprised that you're surprised by her reaction, Christian. How did you think she’d feel? How would you feel in her shoes? All you seem to be considering is how you feel about something potentially bad happening, and not taking into account how restrictive this overreaction must feel to someone who, from what you’ve told me, has lived a pretty independent life until this point. 
You have to remember that she’s not one of your submissives, and she has not agreed to surrender all control and decision making over to you. Much as you might wish, you simply cannot protect her from every possible risk, although with your background, I do understand where your need to act in this way stems from. 
However, you need to be careful that your actions don’t have the exact opposite effect to the one you are trying to achieve. Anastasia may well be tempted to keep things from you in future, in order to prevent you from interfering. 
She’s a single, independent, strong minded young woman, who does not have to seek your approval for her actions unless she chooses to do so.”

“Well that’s another thing. As you say, the way things stand between us now, I have no rights whatsoever as far as she’s concerned. For example, if she got ill, legally I would have no say in her treatment. And despite the fact that she has virtually no money of her own, I can't force Ana to accept any of my money or possessions if she won’t accept a gift from me – that’s why she made that stupid bid for my place in Aspen at the masked ball, because I’d found a way to put some money in her account and she refused to accept it. But I'm thinking, if I was her husband, it would be different.”

“I see. So you are already thinking along the lines of asking Anastasia to marry you?” John seems surprised, as he frowns and scribbles something in his notes.

“Yes. We were booked in as husband and wife at the hotel this weekend, and it got me thinking. I really liked referring to Ana as my wife; I like the message it sends out to every other fucker that she is taken, that she is mine.”

“I can see how that would appeal to a man like you, Christian. Have you mentioned any of these thoughts to Ana yet?”

“No, not yet. I know it probably seems too soon, but now I know how I feel and what I want, I don’t see the point in hanging around and wasting time. I’ve always been decisive; it’s a strength, a necessary attribute to be successful in business. Know what you want and go after it, do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.  
I never want Ana to leave, or to be with anyone else, and I certainly don’t ever want to be with anyone else. So surely the next logical step is to make her my wife, and thereby ensure I have the right to be fully involved in all aspects of her life, to be able to keep her safe and protect her.”

John leans back in his chair and studies me intently for a minute or two, as he taps his finger on his lip.

“You don’t have much experience with women, do you Christian? Other than sexually, of course,” he quickly elaborates, when I raise my eyebrows at him. “You do realize that a contract of marriage between a man and a woman is nothing like a business contract, don’t you? Being Ana’s husband would still not give you the right to dictate to her what she can or cannot do. In reality, it wouldn’t allow you to control her.”

“No, but surely it would at least give me more control than I have now. As my girlfriend, she is a vulnerable target for all sorts of weirdoes, and yet I can't force her to accept protection from me. And I really want her to benefit from my wealth. I want to share everything I have to make her life easier, but as things stand right now, her stupid pride won’t let me. And I would really love to show the world that I'm totally committed to her, because of how much I truly love her.”

“Ah, finally, I’m hearing the right reason for wanting to get married. Because you love Anastasia. That’s far more like it,” John smiles. “I think asking Ana to marry you is a wonderful goal to work towards. But you must learn to walk before you can run. Your first priority is learning to communicate with each other far more effectively, to prevent these damaging confrontations between you. That’s the logical first step towards reaching your ultimate goal of marriage. She’s an intelligent woman, so explain to her more effectively why you have concerns about her safety, involve her in making the decisions, rather than just barking orders, which will inevitably make her feel angry and resentful and cause her to rebel against you.”

“But I'm only taking care of her and trying to shield her from all the shit, so she isn’t upset and worried by it. That makes sense doesn’t it? Why would she resent that? I don’t understand why women act that way.”

“In the words of the great Oscar Wilde ‘Women are meant to be loved, not understood.’ Basically, my advice is not to insult her intelligence; you have to try to take her feelings and thoughts into account, rather than just ignoring them, or always assuming you know what’s best. Discuss things, talk them through with Ana, ask for her opinion. If marriage is indeed your ultimate goal, you will have to think of it as an equal partnership between the pair of you, not as an excuse for you to simply regard her as your possession.”

“Okay, I hear what you're saying, although I don’t necessarily agree with everything you've said. But you’re not saying that marriage between us would be a bad idea? You think I can do it? I never thought it would be an option for a man like me. But since I've met Ana, all sorts of possibilities seem to be opening up. As long as you don’t think Ana marrying me would be wrong, that I'm not right for her, seeing as I've not told her everything about me, because she’d run if she knew.” 

You mean if she knew the whole truth about why you enjoy beating the shit out of little brown haired girls like her, Grey. Never forget that you are still one sick bastard.

I look at John, knowing that he is never less than totally honest with me, he never sugar coats the bitter pill, or bullshits me. That’s what I like about him, despite him being a rather oddball, out of place Brit. Another fish out of water I guess. And of course, he knows all of my really bad shit, but never seems fazed by it.

“As I keep telling you, just take things one step at a time, Christian. I think that as long as you continually work hard to keep all communication channels open between you, then a loving marriage with Anastasia would be an ideal goal for you to aim for. I believe that learning to support each other’s strengths and weaknesses would be perfect therapy for both of you. Therapy for Ana as well? He thinks she needs help too?

I leave the session with John feeling slightly reassured that at least he wasn’t totally horrified by the idea of Ana and me getting married, or reject it out of hand.


“How many times do I have to tell you to leave Anastasia alone?” I snarl at Elena when I phone her. “And how the fuck did you get her email address anyhow.”

Elena surprises me by laughing.

“She came running straight to you again did she? You have her well trained in one area anyhow, even if it’s not the right one. As for how I got her email address, I simply rang the reception desk at SIP and asked for it, Christian. I didn’t imagine Anastasia’s email address was meant to be some kind of a classified secret, seeing as potential authors need to be able to get in contact with her.”

“How did you know where she worked?” I ask suspiciously.

“It came up several times at the masked ball. Your little Anastasia was quite the topic of conversation, as I expect you can imagine, given that most people there, including your family, had assumed you were gay. If only they knew the truth, hmm?” 

Elena bursts into her high pitched tinkling laugh which I find highly irritating, as I’m not finding any of this amusing in the slightest.

“Elena, I don’t appreciate you going behind my back yet again, when I have made my wishes abundantly clear to you several times now. I'm pleased that Ana has forwarded your email for me to handle, because surely you recall how I specifically told you to leave Anastasia alone, the last time we spoke? For fucks sake Elena, when are you going to get the message that she is not interested in being friends with you, and that I am not comfortable with this professed desire of yours to ‘fill in the gaps’ with her.”

“Have I touched on a raw nerve? Do you think I’m going to disclose  something that you still feel the need to hide from Anastasia? That doesn’t sound very honest of you, seeing as you’ve informed me that you're in a regular relationship with her, whatever that means. 
I just thought I’d try one more time to smooth things over, now that I understand how important she is to you. I know all this repression of your true needs and desires is not going to be at all easy for you, so I figured you’re both going to need all the help and support you can get. 
I worry about you, because it’s not as if even your family truly understand all your issues, is it?  There really is no one else who can offer the kind of help and support that I can, so I felt it my duty not to give up lightly, whatever you misguidedly believe about not wanting to be a burden to me. I’ll always be here for you Christian, no matter what happens.”

“I don’t need your help. Anastasia doesn’t need your help. So just stay the fuck out of our lives, Elena. No more meddling in affairs that don’t concern you. Last warning.”

“As you wish, Christian. But whatever you say now, just remember that I’ve always been your truest friend, and so I'm not just going to abandon you. I've always been here for you, haven’t I? Nothing is going to change that, whatever type of relationship you’re in now. So, if you need me, I’ll be here waiting for you. I'm not just a fair weather friend, not after all these years and all the experiences we’ve shared.”

“I have Anastasia now, so I don’t need your kind of support any more. I appreciate your concern, but it really is entirely unnecessary. Goodbye, Elena.”

“Goodbye, Christian. Take care. Rest assured, I’ll back off for now, but I’ll still be watching out for you.”


I’m nervous as Anastasia gets in the car when I pick her up after work, as I'm not sure how angry she still is. Flynn says we need to learn how to communicate more effectively, so I decide to just ask her outright.

“Are you still mad?”

“I don’t know,” she murmurs. At least she doesn't sound too angry, and when I take her hand to gently kiss it, she makes no move to snatch it back. Good, that’s a positive start.

“It’s been a shitty day.”

“Yes, it has.”

“It’s better now that you’re here,” I tell her truthfully. 

Being with her is enough to help me start to relax and unwind. I just like being able to touch her and feel her next to me.

The journey back to Escala doesn’t take long, and when Taylor drops us off, we quickly run in out of the rain, and wait for the elevator. I kick myself, because Ana notices me scanning the surrounding area.

“I take it you haven’t found Leila yet?” she asks.

“No, Welch is still looking for her,” I mutter. It is so fucking frustrating that she seems to be able to just disappear off the face of the earth, and then reappear at will.

The elevator arrives and we step in. And it’s there again, that sizzling, electrifying, chemistry between us in the confined space. 

I want her, right here, right now. I look at Ana, and she has that fuck-me-now look in her eyes.

“Do you feel it?” I whisper.


“Oh, Ana,” I groan, as I grab her and tip her head back to kiss her, and her fingers find their way into my hair to tug me down to her. Somehow we end up against the elevator wall, both breathing heavily, both turned on beyond belief.

“I hate arguing with you.”

All the tension that has built up today somehow finds its release as we kiss, a deep passionate kiss with our tongues entwining, as our hands frenziedly explore each other’s bodies. As I run my hand up her leg, I make a discovery that sends me even wilder.

“Sweet Jesus, you’re wearing stockings,” I moan, as I caress the soft skin exposed at the top of her lacy stocking. I find stockings so fucking erotic. “I want to see this.”

There is no way I'm going to be able to wait until we reach the apartment. I’m far too turned on and desperate, so I pull her skirt right up to feast my eyes on Ana’s sexy legs in their sexy stockings. 

I groan and reach over to press the stop button, and the elevator coasts to a halt between the twenty-second and twenty-third floors. 

I always knew the day would come when we’d fuck in this elevator, and turns out today's the day.

We’re both panting as we gaze at each other, and she leans against the back wall.

“Take your hair down.”

I want her to show me how wickedly seductive she can look.
Ana lets her glorious hair tumble down around her shoulders, right down to her breasts. 

“Undo the top two buttons of your shirt.”

Anastasia slowly complies with my order, so now I can see the tops of her fantastic breasts.

“Do you have any idea how alluring you look right now,” I whisper, unbelievably turned on by her.

She shakes her head as she tantalizingly bites her lip, knowing exactly what effect that has on me. I close my eyes as I swallow hard, trying to keep myself under control. I step closer to put my hands either side of her face, caging her in without actually touching her. 

She looks up at me with those beautiful big blue eyes of hers, as I lean down and run my nose against hers.

“I think you do, Miss Steele. I think you like to drive me wild.”

“Do I drive you wild?” she murmurs, still gazing into my eyes.

“In all things, Anastasia. You are a siren, a goddess.”

I have to have her. I hitch her leg up around my waist, so now she’s directly against my rock hard erection, as my cock demands contact with her. 

She moans and throws her head back as I kiss and nip her throat and drink in her unmistakably delicious scent. It drives me over the edge. We need to fuck.

“I’m going to take you now, Anastasia.”

She arches her back to grind herself against me, just as desperate as I am.

I grab one of the condom packets I always keep in my pocket these days, as I quickly undo my fly. I can't fucking wait until we can be truly spontaneous, but for now, we impatiently undo the packet between us, so I can sheath up.

“God, I can't wait for the next six days,” I growl. “I do hope you’re not fond of these panties.” I just rip them off her, not even attempting to take them down.

Then I thrust right into her, savoring the soft, warm slickness that engulfs my desperate cock. Ah yesss. That feels so good. 

 We are always so fuckingly amazingly good together. I slowly withdraw and then slide in again. We both groan with sheer pleasure. We are totally connected by our mutual need of a raw, basic fuck. 

“You're mine, Anastasia.”

“Yes. Yours. When will you accept that?” she moans, as I push slowly into her again to fill her completely. 

She feels so tight and slick around my length. She feels perfect, perfect for me and only me. My Ana.

Then I start really moving, pulling her leg tighter around me, locking her to me, as I drive hard into her, really deep and hard, and she tilts her hips up to meet and match me, claiming me deeper still into the very core of her body. 

On and on, over and over, I push her to the edge, claiming her as mine each time I slide my cock deep inside her. She is mine.  I am hers. Nothing else exists or matters. 

“Oh, baby.” I feel her spasm and clench around me as she comes, such a fantastic feeling, so I lose myself in her, calling out as I release into her. “Ana, my Ana.”


“Taylor will be wondering where we are,” I grin, as I set the elevator going again. I imagine he was surprised to arrive in the apartment via the service elevator before us, even after parking the car, but I don’t doubt he’ll soon work out what we’re up to. 

He'll quickly surmise that the elevator is our latest little fuck pad. It won’t worry him; at least we’re safely out of harm’s way in here.

Anastasia hastily tries to smooth her hair and adjust her clothes as the elevator completes its delayed ascent.

“You’ll do,” I smirk. 

Why bother to try and conceal the evidence of what we were up to, when Taylor will know anyway? And if I want to fuck my girlfriend in the privacy of the empty elevator, I fucking well will. And I fucking well just did. And it was one mighty fine fuck that has eased our tensions perfectly.  I feel so much fucking better now.

“Problem with the elevator,” I casually tell Taylor, who is standing waiting in the foyer as we step out. Ana blushes profusely and hurries towards the bedroom without looking up at him, and I'm pretty sure I see the hint of what could pass as admiration roll over Taylor’s usually impassive face.  

Yeah, I actually fucked her in the elevator.  

But I immediately head towards his office, because I must get to the CCTV footage first, to erase the evidence of our lustful elevator liaison.

It’ll probably be best if I don’t mention it to Ana. She’d freak, I know she would. 

She’d never have been so uninhibited if she’d realized there was a hidden surveillance camera in the elevator.

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