14 December 2012

Chapter 48 - Master Of Her Universe

I call Taylor into my study so he can listen in to what Barney has to say about what he found on Hyde’s computer, but before I make the call, we have a quick debrief.

“So Hyde was attempting to blackmail Miss Steele, sir?” 

Taylor heard me warning the fucker, just before he was escorted from the building, not to bother going to the press, or I’d set my legal team onto him.

“He accessed her SIP account and read the personal emails she sent me when she neglected to use her cell. It was enough for him to figure out there was something going on, and so he tried to use it against her.”

“Do you think whatever else Barney has uncovered is in some way connected to this?”

“I’ve no idea Taylor, not until I’ve spoken to him, but it sounds like he’s maybe discovered another can of worms.”

“How is Miss Steele? Has she recovered from her ordeal?” he inquires.

“She seems okay. And I appreciate the manner in which you dealt with that fucker Hyde, and with the whole situation in general. Things could really have gotten out of hand.”

If Taylor hadn’t stepped in to restrain me when I was under the influence of my red haze of rage, I know we would have been looking at a far more serious damage limitation exercise.

“It wasn’t really the way I’d liked to have dealt with the foul mouthed low life,” he mutters, frowning. “I’d liked to have cut his dick off and stuffed it in his mouth, along with his balls and his stupid fucking pony tail. That’d sure stop the sleazeball preying on sweet young girls like Miss Steele in future,” he growls. 

So I'm guessing ex-military, buzz cut Taylor is not a fan of men with pony tails and earrings. I’m also guessing he is most definitely not in touch with his feminine side, probably because he doesn't actually have one.

I look at Taylor in surprise at the vehemence in his voice. He seemed the cool, calm, true professional while we were in SIP’s offices, but now he’s just betrayed the feelings he was keeping tightly suppressed at the time. He catches my look, and clears his throat.

“But as I told you, sir, fuckers like him aren’t worth the trouble. He’s the cunning, conniving type who’d have stirred up all manner of shit if he’d gone running to the newspapers with a badly beaten up face.”

Which, if Taylor hadn’t held me back, I would have surely given him. Fuck, it would have been so satisfying to have felt my fist make contact with that disgusting mouth of his, taunting me that I wasn’t man enough for Ana because I was gay, and talking about her in the filthy way he was. 

If I let myself think about Hyde watching her at work, and then getting himself off fantasizing about fucking her, I can feel my temper getting out of control again, so I have to force myself to shut those thoughts down.

Of course I should have put a stop to this situation with Ana’s job much sooner. Thank God I managed to embargo the New York trip, even though Ana was furious about it at the time. 

I was right all along about Hyde’s motives for wanting her to accompany him, and so perhaps in future she will remember this, when she’s being so stubbornly defiant and independent. 

I am only trying to protect her, because I understand how men like Hyde’s minds work. Because you aren’t that different from him, are you, Grey? You’ve always liked to fuck women hard; you’ve enjoyed riding their sweet asses, just the same as him.

“If he had actually done anything to her, I wouldn’t have been responsible for my actions. I would have killed him,” I state matter of factly.

“And I’d have disposed of the body, sir,” Taylor coolly replies, looking me straight in the eye. We understand each other - we are reading from the same page of the same book. We are both very protective of the women in our lives.

“Good job Miss Steele’s step father is ex-army and trained her in self-defense, isn’t it?”

“It most certainly is, Mr. Grey. She obviously gave Hyde a really good, hard kick in the nuts, the way he was groaning and writhing around on the floor when I got in there. Was a pleasure to see, and I have to say I’m impressed – Miss Steele’s quite deceptive, isn’t she? For someone of her slight build, she must have kept a cool head to have executed the maneuver so effectively on a gorilla like Hyde. I’ll definitely be following her step father’s example to give my daughter some self-defense lessons, so she can protect herself just like Miss Steele managed to. The thought of any fucker trying something with Sophie…” he closes his eyes and swallows hard.

“Rest assured, Taylor, I’ll be doing everything in my power to stop Hyde from getting another job where he can prey on young women, because I'm sure he’s got history, even if Welch hasn’t managed to turn up anything. I just bitterly regret not following my gut instinct and forbidding Miss Steele from working with him.”

Taylor throws me a skeptical look, registering his disbelief that Ana would have complied in any case. I think he’s beginning to realize that he shouldn’t underestimate little Miss Steele. Underneath that seemingly fragile and meek exterior, she really does seem to have a steel back bone. Steele by name, steel by nature.

“So, do we know anything at all about this intel that Barney’s got from Hyde’s computer yet?” he inquires.

“No, let me call him back right now to find out.”

Barney answers immediately when I make the call. I put the phone on speaker so Taylor gets to hear his report first hand. 

“Mr. Grey, I’ve been waiting on your call. I think it’s important you be made aware of what else I retrieved from Hyde’s computer at SIP.”

“Okay, Barney, go ahead. Taylor’s listening in too.”

“First off, it looks like he’s been doing some research about you – your background, all your home addresses, that kind of thing, which is worrying enough. But what concerns me even more is that he also appears to be researching other members of your family – your parents, your brother and your sister.”

“Shit! I don't like the sound of that. What the fuck would he want with their details?”

“I can’t say what his motives are, sir, but I thought you’d want to know. I can email you all the details of the intel,” he offers.

“Yes, do that. Copy Taylor and Welch in too. They can coordinate about how to proceed with this.”

“Of course, sir,” Taylor affirms. “Barney, can I just ask if there was anything else – any porn related shit, inappropriate intimate photos, that kind of thing?”

 “Surprisingly, there wasn’t,” Barney reports. “Most unusual actually, because in my experience virtually all guys have some kind of secret porn stash at work, away from prying eyes at home. Maybe it’s because there are inbuilt system filters in place at SIP to prevent internet access to anything vaguely porn related – I guess being a publishing company means they have to be extra vigilant. So that’s one measure they do have in place, although the rest of their security is shit. It was a total piece of piss gaining access; a two year old could have done it. The whole system is going to need a complete overhaul to bring it up to GEH standards.”

“I want you to make that your top priority once the SIP acquisition goes through, Barney,” I instruct him.

I’m not prepared to run the risk of anyone else being able to hack into the lax systems at SIP. Other companies no doubt have their own equivalent of Barney working for them, although he is undoubtedly the best there is. 

The guy is a fucking genius when it comes to anything to do with computers - he lives, eats and breathes them. He never seems to have a day off or take his annual leave entitlement to go on vacation, because he just loves what he does so much. 

He is another case of appearances being deceptive – he’s a weedy little bespectacled runt who only looks about fifteen, and I fucking love seeing the look of incredulity on the arrogant faces of some assholes when I introduce Barney as my Head of IT at GEH.

“Of course, Mr. Grey.  Naturally, I already have the plans in place, ready to implement the moment I get the green light to proceed,” Barney huffs, perhaps offended that I felt the need to state the obvious to him.

“I only asked about porn because Hyde seems the type of twisted sicko who’d have all the worst kinds of extreme shit,” Taylor states with a look of disgust on his face.

“Well, don't forget this was just his work computer I accessed. Who knows what other computers he has, and what he has stored on them,” Barney points out.

“But you didn’t find anything about Miss Steele on his SIP computer, no pictures at all?”  I ask.

I want to make sure the fucker hasn’t secretly been taking pictures of Ana. Hopefully Taylor and Welch’s security sweeps of the building will have ensured Hyde hadn’t installed hidden cameras in places such as the Ladies restroom.  The only hidden cameras should be the ones they installed, although they have not proved to have been that useful in keeping track of Hyde.

“No, sir, nothing of that sort at all, at least not on his SIP computer.”

“Can you see if you can find anything else of his? Maybe he’s left some kind of a trail to his other computers that you can follow,” I instruct Barney, knowing he loves this kind of challenge.

“Already on it, sir,” he confirms.

“Fine. Just keep me informed of any developments.”

“Of course, Mr. Grey, and I’ll send that email with the exact details of what I uncovered right now.”

“Please ensure that you do.”

With that, I terminate the call.

“I’ll get straight onto Welch, sir, to discuss the implications of this latest development,” Taylor says, and heads straight off to his office.
Now I need to go and find Anastasia.


I find her sitting in the kitchen quietly sipping a glass of white wine, as Gail puts the finishing touches to our meal. By the number of friendly, welcoming smiles I've noticed her sending Ana’s way since she’s been staying at my apartment, I get the distinct impression that she heartily approves of my girlfriend. 

Of course Gail’s just staff, so it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to me if she didn’t approve, but nevertheless it pleases me; it will make life so much easier if everyone gets along, bearing in mind that I want Ana to live here permanently, as my wife. Mrs. Grey. I'm liking the sound of that more and more.

I’ve always felt very comfortable having Gail as my housekeeper. She has proved to be the absolute soul of discretion, which considering my lifestyle choices until now has been crucial, as she has access to all areas of my personal life in a way that no one else other than Taylor does. 

She may have signed an NDA, as I require all my staff to do, but I know in reality that although I could sue them for breach of contract, the damage would already be done if they decided to sell their story to the press to make a quick buck. 

That’s another reason why I pay all my staff well above the going rate – they are less likely to fall into debt and so hopefully be less tempted by any offers from the press, who are always hungry for a scandalous juicy story to sell to their nosy, demanding readers.

And after the events of today, there can also be no doubting Taylor’s loyalty and protectiveness towards Ana, and I feel reassured that I can trust him to always do his utmost to protect her. 

Rule number one when you become rich and successful– always surround yourself with the very best staff it is possible to employ. They don't come much better than Gail Jones and Jason Taylor.

As we sit and eat the meal that Gail has prepared, it transpires that Ana’s worried she no longer has a job at SIP. Really? She doesn’t get that if I say she has a job, then she does? Because it really is as simple as that, when you’re the CEO’s girlfriend. 

I am Master Of Her Universe

So maybe she’ll begin to appreciate the benefits of letting me take control over at least some aspects of her life. She wants a job, she’s got it - but only because I believe she is good at what she does. I don't believe in carrying dead wood, whatever the circumstances.

But one area of her life that she is still refusing to bow to my wishes is with regard to José fucking Rodrigues. Apparently, he’s found an excuse to come and see Ana, because this Friday he’s personally delivering the photos I bought at his exhibition. How fucking accommodating of him. 

Oh, and he wants to go out for a drink with Ana. Of course he fucking does. And he’s going to stay over for the night. Here, in my apartment, or else in Ana’s apartment, with Ana, she coolly informs me – she doesn’t ask, I might add. She tells me. No fucking way.

“He made a pass at you,” I remind her, incredulous that she still considers him a friend.

“Christian, that was weeks ago. He was drunk, you saved the day – it won’t happen again. He’s no Jack, for heaven’s sake.”

No, I agree he’s not as sick and perverted as that fucker; I can tell that he does at least have genuine feelings for you. But still, another man cozying up to my girlfriend – I don't think so, Miss Steele.

“Ethan’s there. He can keep him company.” Perfect solution. Two unsuccessful contenders for Ana’s affections can drown their sorrows together.

“He wants to see me, not Ethan.” Of course he fucking does. “He’s just a friend,” she mulishly persists. But he’d like to be more, much more.

“I don't like it,” I insist.

And that should be the end of the matter. Observing my wishes should be paramount. But as this is Ana, of course it’s not. 

Maybe you’re not Master of Her Universe after all, Grey. Maybe she's She-Ra.

“He’s my friend, Christian. I haven’t seen him since his show. And that was too brief. I know you don't have any friends, apart from that god-awful woman, but I don't moan about you seeing her,” she snaps at me. “I want to see him. I've been a poor friend to him.”

“Is that what you think?”

“Think about what?”

“Elena. You’d rather I didn’t see her?”

“Exactly. I’d rather you didn’t see her.”

“Why didn’t you say?”

“Because it’s not my place to say. You think she’s your only friend. Just as it’s not your place to say if I can or can't see José. Don't you see that?” No, I don't actually. My word is law – or it fucking well ought to be.

But I have to remember that Ana is not my submissive, and so I have to adjust to this fact. She is my girlfriend, and I have to try to be more flexible. 

Because I realize that if I don't, stubborn girl that Ana is, she will stay over in her apartment with photographer boy just to prove her point. And I can’t possibly tolerate that, so the lesser of two evils is to have him here at the apartment.

“He can stay here, I suppose,” I reluctantly concede. “I can keep an eye on him.”

And trust me, I will be keeping a very close eye on him, because if he so much as puts a toe out of line with her, he’ll be out of here faster than he can blink.

“Thank you! You know, if I am going to live here too...It’s not like you haven’t got the space.” Ana seems relieved now she’s won her battle.
And I know she is right.  I have to learn to compromise and to share, which is not going to be easy for me after being on my own, and always doing what I want. 

But it is a compromise I am more than willing to make, if it means I get Anastasia to share my life with me.


This morning, when Ana had gone to work and after I called Flynn’s office to make us an appointment for tomorrow evening, I forced myself go into my playroom. I have astutely avoided going in there ever since the terrible day that Ana walked out on me, which was, without doubt, the worst day of my entire existence.

But plunging me into total despair in that way led me to work out the horrifying significance of the leather belt that I had beaten her with, and that proved to be a crucial turning point in my acceptance that I had no option other than to change, to reform my ways. 

It showed me that by attempting to coerce Anastasia into accepting my uncompromisingly sadistic ways, I was guilty of perpetuating the cycle of abuse that had been initiated by the perverted pimp who had beaten me with an identical leather belt as a small boy. The victim had become the abuser. 

It had to stop, and Ana walking out on me was the wake-up call I needed.

Now that I've asked Ana to marry me, to live here at Escala with me, I have to face up to my issues, to work out what I'm going to do about my playroom, because I'm sure this is something Flynn will bring up at some point.

When we got back together, Ana agreed that she really enjoys kinky fuckery, so I don't think she will necessarily want me to get rid of everything in my playroom. There are plenty of experiences we can try together that I think she would really enjoy, which don't involve inflicting the extreme pain she fears. 

Maybe, in time, I can gently persuade her to be brave enough to try some scenes in here, but I know I must be very patient. I cannot ever take the risk of her being scared enough to run again. I cannot take the chance, however small, of me getting carried away in the moment, and then because of my deeply ingrained behavior, doing something too extreme for her to handle.

She has told me the canes and whips frighten her and are a hard limit, so I decided this morning that they will have to go. I also looked at the belt, seemingly innocently hanging there on the rack beside the door, and I felt a sense of revulsion spread through me. 

But however repulsed I was, I decided that perhaps I ought to leave the belt there, to serve as a reminder of what would happen if I ever got carried away again. It is the ultimate aversion therapy for me. I could never, ever hit her with that belt again. At that point the memories had overwhelmed me, and I’d left the room to go and get ready for work.

It seems that in my haste to escape from my unpleasant memories, I neglected to lock the playroom door, because this evening, after leaving Ana to her own devices while I spent some time catching up with my emails, I go in search of Ana, and eventually find her in my playroom. 

I’m really surprised, because I would have expected her to be extremely reluctant to revisit this room, and that she would have been anxious to avoid it at all costs, especially after her highly unpleasant encounter with Hyde today.

But no. I find her looking through some of the drawers that contain an extensive range of all the sex toys that I enjoy using. I stand quietly in the doorway, fascinated as I watch her reaction to what she finds. I imagine she hasn’t got a clue about most of the items, and already my mind has gone into overdrive. 

I get an immediate hard on just thinking about how pleasurable it would be to demonstrate to her all their various uses on her delicious body. But this is my worry; I am trying my hardest to change, to reform, but after so many years of being able to take my pleasure here in this playroom, in exactly whatever manner I choose, would I be able to keep myself under control?

Ana looks up to see me watching her, and seems embarrassed to be caught like this in my playroom, so she hastily explains that she was bored and curious. Such a dangerous combination and one that it would be my greatest pleasure to cure for her, although I know I must restrain myself.  

But I can’t deny how pleased I am to find her in here, happily rummaging through the drawers which contain all manner of kinkery fuckery delights. I take her interest as a good, positive sign, because I want this to be her playroom too, for her to share it with me. 

So I offer to enlighten her, to educate her about anything she wishes to know about, reassuring her that I'm not at all mad about her being in here. No, I am fucking thrilled that she is curious about it all, because it gives me hope that she will be open minded enough to try some of these things, seeing as she isn’t running away, screaming in horror.

“What’s this?” She holds up a silver butt plug.

“That’s a butt plug. Bought for you.” I explain.

I try to gauge her reaction. I know she feels hesitant about anal play, but as long as it is done with great skill and care, it can be immensely pleasurable, as I could happily demonstrate to her if she would let me. 

But it has to be her call – always. She has to feel confident enough to trust me, and I have to earn that trust.

“And this?”

“Anal beads. They have quite an effect if you pull them out mid-orgasm.”

“This is the butt drawer?”

“If you like.”

Ana flushes and slams the drawer shut. Not the best reaction.

“Don’t you like the butt drawer?”

“It’s not top of my Christmas card list,” she mutters, trying to pretend she isn’t shocked.

She carries on working her way through the other drawers. Next one contains vibrators – great for increasing the intensity of an orgasm, but not very creative or imaginative, in my opinion. 

Then Ana picks up a genital clamp, which she quickly drops back in the drawer when I tell her what it is, before going on to explore the nipple clamps.

“Some of these are for pain, but most are for pleasure,” I murmur, as I demonstrate how they work. 

My favorite pair has a pretty beaded chain between the two clamps, which can be gently tugged to increase the pleasure/pain experience. From her reaction, I think nipple clamps might have possibilities; if I start out very carefully with these, I think Ana might find them really stimulating and pleasurable.

“I like the look of these,” she whispers, and I fucking love that she is open minded enough to admit it. She flushes and squirms a little, perhaps because she is imagining how they would feel on her. Then she bites that soft, full bottom lip of hers, and I nearly groan out loud because of how turned on she’s making me.

“You know what that does to me,” I gently scold her, as I reach over to tug on her chin to release her bottom lip. She is not making this easy for me, being in my playroom and acting in this way.

“That’s a Wartenberg pinwheel,” I tell her as she picks up the next item.


I demonstrate by running the prongs of the wheel over the palm of her hand.

“Imagine that over your breasts.” Because that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

After briefly looking at the clothespins, Ana takes out the next item.

“Ball gag. To keep you quiet,” I tease. Fuck, I know she has issues about being gagged, but as I show her how it works, I can't help wishing she’d trust me enough to let me use one on her.

“You sound like you miss it,” she murmurs as I try to explain how I would love having her that dependent on me, have her trust me enough to hand over total control to me. Trust me enough to be Master Of Her Universe.

“It’s what I know.”

And it is scary for me to relinquish that kind of control, but I am getting there. But I can't deny that I will always enjoy being in control. It's the way I am, how I have always operated.

“You have power over me. You know you do,” she whispers.

“Do I? You make me feel…helpless,” I confess.

“No! Why?”

“Because you are the only person I know who could really hurt me.”

Only Ana has managed to break down the impenetrable walls that I had built around me to keep people out, to protect myself. If you don't let anyone get close, they can't let you down or hurt you. And I found out how incredibly painful letting someone get close could be when Ana left me. 

It very nearly broke me; it was only Flynn showing me a way forward that could work for us, that could lead to us getting back together, that saved me. But I still feel very vulnerable – Ana makes me feel vulnerable because I know she could still run if I get things wrong again.

“Oh Christian…that works both ways. If you didn’t want me…” Ana looks down as she twists her fingers in that nervous way she has that betrays her own insecurities. She really needs to talk to Flynn. “The last thing I want to do is hurt you. I love you.”

And as she reaches up to lovingly caress my cheek, I know she is totally sincere, and that I have to learn to trust her. She is as fearful of being hurt as I am, because she feels just as deeply as I do. We love each other.

“Have we finished show and tell?” I ask, to try and change the mood.

“Why, what did you want to do?” she asks coyly.

“Ana, you were nearly attacked today,” I remind her, as I gently kiss her. Only an insensitive brute would expect her to feel in any way amorous after what she’s been through today.


“What do you mean, ‘so’ ”

“Christian, I'm fine.”

“When I think what might have happened…”

I hold her tightly in my arms and breathe in her wonderful unique scent. I can't bear to think of that fucker so much as touching a single hair on her head, never mind the other filthy things he spoke about.

“When will you learn that I'm stronger than I look?” she whispers as she nuzzles my neck. Mm, that feels so good, baby.

“I know you’re strong,” I agree.

But even so, I know she has been through a horrid ordeal today, so I must restrain myself, allow her to recover. The last thing I want is for her to associate me in any way with that animal who wanted to rape her.

But despite my best intentions, when Ana gets my favorite spreader bar out of one of the drawers, one that has both ankle and wrist restraints, I find the thought of having her while she is restrained in this way incredibly arousing.  

“How does it work?” she asks innocently.

So it seems she is still intent on continuing with her sex toy tutorial. Maybe it will be a good thing. Maybe a great positive sexual experience will help to erase all thoughts of the sleazeball for her. So I decide to follow her lead.

“You want me to show you?” Oh baby, please say yes!

“Yes, I want a demonstration. I like being tied up,” she confesses in a husky whisper, as she turns those big blue eyes on me. Yes! She wants what I want. This is so fucking fantastic.

“Oh, Ana,” I groan.

But I don't dare use a spreader bar in my playroom, not with all the other equipment still in here. I fucking love using a spreader bar, so there is a chance I could lose myself, lose control and I can't take that risk. 

But maybe I can compromise - Flynn’s favorite word. I think Ana wants to try this as much as I do, because she has that telltale fuck-me-now look in her eyes. It makes her virtually impossible to resist.  

“Not here.”

I quickly make up my mind that it will be okay for us to go ahead and have a great fuck, just as long as I eliminate the risk of getting too carried away.

“What do you mean?”

“I want you in my bed, not in here. Come.” I lead her out of my playroom, and start heading downstairs towards the bedroom.

“Why not in there?” she queries, puzzled.

I stop and turn to her.

“Ana, you may be ready to go back in there, but I'm not. Last time we were in there, you left me. I keep telling you – when will you understand? My whole attitude has changed as a result. My whole outlook on life has radically shifted. I’ve told you this. What I haven’t told you is …”

How can I explain, make her understand my predicament, without scaring her, or making it sound as if I’m having a really hard time adapting, because I’m not, not really. Wanting to be with Ana completely overrides any other needs or concerns.

“I’m like a recovering alcoholic, okay? The compulsion has gone, but I don't want to put temptation in my way. I don't want to hurt you. I can't bear to hurt you, because I love you.”

I’m putting my heart on the line for her here. I'm telling her exactly what my fears are, but I hope she believes that the overpowering love I’ve discovered I'm capable of with her, means that I am totally sincere when I say I don't want to hurt her, despite the fact that I'm a sadist.

Ana’s standing on the stair above me, so we’re the same height as she launches herself at me so hard that I find myself pushed up against the wall, as she fervently kisses me, and twists her fingers in my hair.  So it seems she understands and is willing to trust me.

 “Do you want me to fuck you right here on the stairs? Because right now I will,” I breathe, so turned on, so ready to fuck her that I really could take her right here, right now.

“Yes,” she whispers, just as turned on as me. It’s always there. The electricity, the magnetism, the chemistry between us.

But I want to do this right. She deserves that from me, especially today, after what she’s been through.

“No. I want you in my bed.”

I scoop her up and throw her over my shoulder, which makes her squeal, so I give her gorgeous ass a nice, hard and very satisfying smack, which makes her squeal again, before continuing downstairs, taking the spreader bar with me. 

See, I am Master Of Her Universe.



It seems Ana is calling the shots once we reach the bedroom, because she’s down on her knees in front of me, undoing my pants before I even have a proper chance to react.


As she takes my length in her mouth, I close my eyes to revel in the sensation of her soft, warm, wet mouth enthusiastically sucking my cock. I try to restrain myself from grabbing her hair too roughly, as I flex my hips to push even deeper into her welcoming mouth. 

As she lovingly laves my sensitive tip with her tongue, she coyly looks up at me through her lashes with an expression of pure pleasure. She fucking loves doing this, just as much as I fucking love her doing it. Fucking perfect. 

But her impressive fellating skills mean that very quickly I'm on the edge of the cliff, about to fly over the edge.

“Please, I’m gonna come, Ana,” I manage to pant. But she doesn't stop, instead tipping her head back to take me even deeper, right into the back of her throat, clearly inviting me to continue.

So I let myself go. I thrust hard twice more, then explode powerfully into her mouth, as I grip the back of her head with both hands.

“Fuck! Anastasia…” I groan, as she greedily swallows every last little drop, then grins up at me salaciously as she licks her lips. She is becoming such a dirty girl, and I fucking love how she's revealing this side of herself. But only to me – no one else will ever get to see this side of her.

“Oh, so this is the game we’re playing, Miss Steele?” I grin at her, as I quickly get us both naked and then toss her onto the bed. Ana enjoyed taking control for a while, but now it’s my turn. Two can play at that game. And it will be one fucking amazing game because I am going to use the spreader bar on her.

I quickly cuff and secure both her ankles, making sure I don't fasten the buckles too tight, just tight enough so she can't wriggle out – because she is going to find this intense – very intense indeed.

“We’ll have to see how you taste. If I recall, you’re a rare, exquisite delicacy, Miss Steele,” I taunt her.

She looks fantastic with her legs spread about two feet apart, but that’s not enough. She is about to be surprised, as I push her limits just a little further. I think she will be fine, judging by her performance on me just now.

“The good thing about this spreader is, it expands,” I murmur, as I release the catch and extend the bar to spread her legs even further apart. “Oh, we’re going to have some fun with this, Ana.”

That’s why this is my favorite expander bar – it’s so versatile. And there are still more options to explore as I haven’t utilized the wrist cuffs yet. I must see how this goes down with her first; I mustn’t get too carried away, as I have to remember this is her first experience with this kind of restraint.  ‘I like being tied up’, that’s what she told you, Grey. I think we’re all good here.

I take hold of the bar, and quickly twist it to flip her onto her front, as she gasps in surprise.

“See what I can do to you?” I demonstrate, as I flip her onto her back again. I'm in total control now, and it feels good, really fucking good. And from the way Ana is panting and squirming, she thinks so too. Yep, she really gets turned on by being tied up, you lucky son of a bitch.

“These other cuffs are for your wrists. I’ll think about that. Depends if you behave or not,” I warn her, so she knows that I might up the stakes even further.

“When do I not behave?” Her voice is so husky and sexy as she tries to protest.

“I can think of a few infractions. Your cell for one.”

“What are you going to do?” she whispers.

“Oh, I never disclose my plans,” I tease.

I’ve decided to punish her by inflicting extreme pleasure rather than extreme pain, and I think this method of tormenting will really work for both of us. It will still be pushing her limits, just in another direction.

I crawl up the bed between her wide apart legs, and I fucking love seeing her totally exposed and open to me like this. She is so natural and beautiful, her delicate, soft, intriguing folds waiting for me to pleasure her at my will. 

There is no sight or smell more erotic than a woman who is aroused and ready to be taken, especially if, like Ana, she is helpless to prevent herself being explored by my eager fingers and mouth. 

“Hmm. You are so exposed, Miss Steele. It’s all about anticipation, Ana. What will I do to you?” 

She wriggles, as she instinctively tries to close her legs when I lightly run my fingers up the inside of her thighs – but of course she can’t.  

“Remember, if you don't like something, just tell me to stop,” I remind her, as I kiss her soft belly.

“Oh please, Christian,” she begs, as I continue to tease her legs with my fingers, but don't touch her anywhere more stimulating.

“Oh Miss Steele, I’ve discovered you can be merciless in your amorous assaults on me. I think I should return the favor.”

I am going to make her come hard, very hard indeed, just as she made me come so powerfully just now.

So I gently ease two fingers inside her. She feels fucking amazing, of course. Wet, slick and so inviting. It will be total heaven for my cock, but not yet. First I am going to demonstrate my total control over her, as I punish her with intense pleasure.

I start using my tongue with great effect on her clitoris, lightly swirling around, as I also use my fingers to expertly stroke her G spot at the same time. I know this will be intensely stimulating for her, especially as she is helpless to move away from my touch. 

But that’s the whole point. I watch her closely to judge when she has reached the limit of what she can absorb, as she arches her back and cries out at the intensity of the sensations I’m creating for her.

“I know, baby,” I whisper, as I ease up and just gently blow on her.

I’m not letting her come until I decide the moment is right. This is what I can do to inflict a punishment for her defiant and disobedient behavior. I can still dominate her, by being in total control of her pleasurable torment.

“Please,” she begs me.

“Say my name,” I order her.

I fucking love the sexy way she says my name, the breathy tone to her voice when she’s turned on like she is right now. No one else has ever said my name in that way, only Anastasia.

“Christian,” she rasps out.


“Christian, Christian, Christian Grey,” she cries out.

“You are mine.” I claim Anastasia. She is mine and mine alone, and I will do whatever it takes to keep her.

The time has come to end her torment, so I send her over the edge to her climax with a final expert flick from the tip of my tongue. And because it is the most intense, the most powerful and the longest orgasm she has ever experienced, she drifts into subspace, barely aware of her surroundings as her ecstasy goes on and on. Being restrained in this wonderful way has worked for Ana beyond my wildest dreams - and I'm not even done with her yet.

I flip her over onto her front. If it is possible, she looks even more fantastic from this angle. The soft full curves of her delectable ass are laid out in front of me, ready for the next stage.

“We’re going to try this, baby. If you don't like it, or it’s too uncomfortable, tell me and we’ll stop,” I reassure her, but all she can do is murmur as she is still coming down from her intense orgasm. 

Wow. Ana is so fucking responsive. I don't think I've ever seen a woman orgasm quite that intensely before. So what I'm planning next should send her to an even higher plateau, if I handle things very carefully. 

This is what I can do for her; this is what I can use my vast experience of fucking for. Planning and creating amazing sexual experiences for both us, not just me.

I pull her onto my lap.

“Lean down, baby. Head and chest on the bed.” 

She complies without a murmur, happy to let me continue to control her sexual pleasure. As she should. I pull both her hands backwards, so I can cuff them next to her ankles on the bar. This is the next step, the natural progression for a woman like Ana who enjoys being restrained. Hands as well as ankles.

“Ana, you look so beautiful,” I whisper in awe, while I sheath up with a condom. How many more days with these fuckers? Not long now.

For me, this is perfection. Total and utter control, with the most perfect view of Anastasia. I get to see every last little detail of her sweet, beautiful little pussy, and I also get to see her tight, puckered virginal ass, which I want to claim one day, when she’s ready for that step. 

For now I have to satisfy myself with just running my finger over that intriguing orifice, and I feel her tense up and gasp. I immediately reassure her that I am not going to take advantage of her. I understand that she feels vulnerable, and I'm certainly not going to abuse the trust she has placed in me.

“When you’re ready, I want this too. Not today, sweet Ana, but one day…I want you every way. I want to possess every inch of you. You’re mine.”

I ease my fingers round to check that she is still wet and slick enough for me to take her this way. I will be penetrating her very deeply in this position, so she must be ready for me. But Ana never fails – she is still so fucking wet and juicy for me.

So I slam deep into her, relishing her lushness that encompasses me.
“Aagh! Gently,” she cries out, so I immediately still.

“You okay?” I check, not wanting to hurt her, worried I’ve gone too far.

Of course my subs always used to take whatever I did to them without complaint, but they liked to be hurt, to be punished, so it was different. Admit it Grey, you still like it rough, just like that fucker Hyde. Each sub was just a suitable receptacle for your needs, so are you really any different from him?

“Gently…let me get used to this,” Ana whispers, not seeming to be upset, so I’m reassured.

I gently ease out of her, then ease back in several times, gently and slowly, to let her adjust to the angle and depth my cock can reach in this fantastic position. 

The slowness means I feel her walls gripping and expanding to take me, seeming to suck me in, encouraging me to fill her up completely.  I love feeling the tip of my cock come to the very end of her depths. It feels fantastic as we merge to fit together perfectly once more.

Ana groans loudly with pleasure each time I stroke in.

“Yes, good, I’ve got it now,” she murmurs.

So now I start moving faster, building the pleasure, the exquisite tension that can only be released when we fly over the edge together. I feel her starting to quiver again, and I know we are both close, so very close, and the joy I feel to be sharing this intense experience with my sweet girl, my sweet girl who loves to be tied up just for me, makes it an even more glorious release. 

She screams my name as she comes again, her tightness clamping and convulsing wonderfully around my cock to send me on my way too. Together we fly, as I scream her name too, exploding powerfully into her depths as we collapse together.


I lay her on the bed to release her from the restraints, then massage her ankles and wrists to ease any discomfort. I pull her into my arms, where she just lies, dazed, stunned and totally fucked – but in the best possible way.  

I cover us both up, as she drifts and falls asleep in my arms. I gaze in awe at her as she sleeps. She took that whole experience so well. She is amazing. She is my Anastasia. Now and forever. Always.

“I could watch you sleep forever, Ana,” I whisper as she stirs and I wrap my arms even more tightly around her. “I never want to let you go.”

“I never want to go. Never let me go,” she murmurs sleepily.

“I need you,” I whisper back.

I need Ana just as I need air to breathe. She is my lifeline, my reason for living.

As I indulge in one of my favorite occupations and watch her sleep, I muse about my plans for tomorrow.

I'm going to view the plot of land where we could potentially make a new home together, because the realtors have told me the place overlooking the sound has finally come on the market. 

I'm not telling Ana anything about it yet, in case it’s not suitable, but if I like it, I’ll take her there as a surprise, check to see if she likes it too before I go ahead and buy it. If she says yes, it could be where we spend the rest of our lives together.

And also tomorrow, I'm going to view the diamonds Cartier have procured for me – they didn’t hold anything I considered large enough in their regular stock. I've instructed them that money is no object; I’m only interested in the finest, highest quality diamond for Anastasia’s engagement ring, so they’ve been scouring the entire country to come up with a selection for me to pick from. And I’ve also told them that the ring must be ready for Saturday, because I have plans for that day which mean I need to have the perfect ring ready at my disposal.

But all these plans will be for nothing, if our scheduled appointment tomorrow evening with the good Dr. Flynn doesn't go well. He could potentially put a spanner in the works, if Ana is not reassured by what he says. 

She still has not given me any kind of an answer to my proposal yet, and she could still turn me down if Flynn scares her off in some way.  

But as she has insisted she wants to talk to him before she will give me an answer, I have no choice but to comply with her wishes, however fucking frustrating I find it. Maybe by this time tomorrow, she will have put me out of my agony and agreed to become my wife. 

That's what I'm pinning all my hopes on anyway. 

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