01 February 2013

Chapter 52 - Subjugation


If I thought getting Ana to agree to marry me was the end of all our problems I was sadly mistaken.

First off there’s my Dad, trying to insist I get Ana to sign some sort of prenup, which just proves he doesn’t get how it is between Ana and me. 

She is my everything. She is my whole world, the whole point of my existence. If she were to leave me, what would be the fucking point of keeping my money? All it would mean was I’d get to keep everything – but nothing that was actually worth having, if I didn’t have Anastasia in my life.

Not that she’d want my money anyway, but always the lawyer, Dad wants to prove he knows best, especially after our little chat about Elena. 

I always dreaded my parents finding out about our affair, because I knew it would be another thing about me they wouldn’t get. At least they don’t know all the sordid BDSM details of our relationship, although it was a close call when Kate found that contract paperwork and demanded to know all about it. 

Thank Christ Ana managed to silence her, because if my parents found out, I think they’d be so horrified they'd cut off all ties with me, and who could blame them?

Dad seems to think I should have known better about having a relationship with an older married woman, while Mom is furious with both of us. I hate upsetting and disappointing my Mom yet again because she really doesn’t deserve it. 

So all I can hope is that maybe she’ll get over it because she’ll be kept busy with helping arrange our wedding in a month’s time – another thing Dad disapproves of, but I just don’t see the point of us waiting around when we both know it’s what we want.

Initially I felt kind of bad about how things turned out for Elena, because she never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to. And that was one hell of a slap my Mom dished out to her. It was the first time I’ve ever seen her use physical violence against anyone. She never smacked us as kids, although I reckon I probably deserved it more than a few times.

I know all it will take is for Mom to drop a few subtle hints about how Elena has snubbed Anastasia, how she was attempting to spread nasty malicious rumors about her being after me for my fortune, for people like my dear sister to immediately leap to Ana’s defense and instruct all friends and acquaintances never to use any of the Esclava chain of beauty salons again.

Mia has never been a fan in any case, I think because Elena is the polar opposite of Mia’s naturally warm and exuberant personality, and that’s why she’s always referred to her as ‘The Ice Queen’, which Elliot picked up on too. I guess that’s why The Ice Queen was a more suitable friend for me with my frozen heartBut not any more, not since Ana has managed to thaw my heart.

There’ s never been any doubt about Mia’s loyalty to Ana – she's wanted to be her friend right from the first time they met, and I think her shy nature brings out Mia’s very protective and loving nature. 

As far as she is concerned, Ana is one of us now, and the Grey family always sticks together to look after their own.

And the same thing will happen with Kate and all her very influential Kavanagh family connections. Elena will be totally screwed, with just a few words well placed words from my Mom.


I’d asked Mom if we could have my old bedroom when we stayed over after my birthday party, rather than one of the larger guest rooms she’d probably have put us in, and to be honest it does feel kind of  weird being with Ana in my old bedroom. 

Weird, but in a nice way – like all my teenage fantasies come true. We’ve already made love in the boathouse, surrounded by all the perfumed flowers, so when Ana gets all embarrassed and mutters something about it being bad enough when Mrs. Jones changes our messy sex stained bed sheets for us, never mind having my mom do it, I’m happy for us to just talk as we cuddle up together.

“Thank you so much for my engagement ring, Christian. It’s beautiful, just stunning,” she says, as she gazes at it in awe, as it sits in the red Cartier box on the night stand next to the bed.

“You are very welcome. I'm glad you like it.”

“I hope it wasn’t too expensive. I’ll be scared to wear it,” she worries.

“Of course it wasn’t too expensive – nothing is too expensive for my girl. What’s a few million dollars here or there? You deserve the very best of everything. And I expect you to wear it all the time, all day, every day, to show the world that you belong to me. So you mustn't be scared to wear it.”

“And the gorgeous flowers. I loved all the flowers, and all the little lights. It was a wonderful surprise. It all looked so beautiful. When did you get to be so good at hearts and flowers, Mr. Grey?”  

“When I fell in love with you, Miss Steele,” I say, as I kiss her soft lips. “So, I take it you thought my proposal was a bit more romantic this time round?”

“It was the most romantic proposal I could ever have wished for, Christian,” she sighs happily. “It was perfect. And I trust your knee will soon recover from its submissive pose. I never expected that in a million years,” she giggles.

“We aim to please. And I find I like planning surprises for you. I love watching your face.”

“I like planning surprises for you too, even if mine are just silly little things compared to yours."

“They aren’t silly at all. They are perfect and very thoughtful. I particularly love my special key fob.” 

It is also on the nightstand, next to her diamond ring, with ‘yes’ flashing away. 

It’s just as valuable to me as that multimillion dollar diamond ring.

But I still want to get to the bottom of what had happened earlier between Ana and Elena. It takes a lot of wheedling to get her to tell me exactly what was said, what it was that made her throw her drink in Elena’s face.

“It doesn’t matter now,” she tries to insist. “I’d rather just forget about it.”

“Tell me,” I command, as I hold her chin firmly in my hand and look straight into her big blue eyes, knowing she’s unable to lie to me when I confront her directly like this. “I want to know exactly what she said.”

“She… she said I wouldn’t make you happy.” What would Elena know about happiness?


“That you have needs that I couldn’t satisfy.” Elena doesn’t think I can change, but she’s wrong. She doesn’t know the new me, the Ana converted model. And that’s what she hates.

“Anything else? Ana? I want to know everything she said,” I demand, as I keep hold of her chin, even as she tries to squirm away, so I know there’s more she’s keeping back.

“Okay, okay, Christian, if you must know all the gory details. I told her she was a sick child molester, who should be thrown into the seventh circle of hell.”

“Ouch. I guess that didn’t go down too well with her.” It’s what my mom thinks too. Ana and my mom think just the same.

 “You could say that. So then she accused me of being a mousy little gold digger.”

“She fucking called you what?” I growl.

 “You heard. So that was when I threw my drink in her face, and told her our relationship was none of her business. And that was when you made your entrance.”

The fucking bitch. She deserves everything she got from Mom and more. Thinking she always knows what’s best for me, interfering in things that don’t concern her is bad enough, but by insulting Anastasia, my fiancée, my future wife, Elena has stepped way out of line and now there can be no going back. 

She has forced me to choose sides, and there is no contest. Anastasia wins every time. I will always choose her.


In the morning as we get dressed, Ana looks at the tiny photo that still sits in the corner of my pin board here in my old room.

“Is this your birth mother?” she asks me very quietly.

“You mean the crack whore? Yeah, guess I never got around to throwing that old piece of rubbish away,” I state.

“You shouldn’t ever do that Christian, especially if that’s the only picture you have of her. Whatever happened, however shitty a mother she was, she’s still your birth mother. I’m sure she must have loved you in her own way, whatever her problems, and that’s why she never gave you up for adoption while she was alive, even though she found it such a struggle to look after you. Maybe we could get the picture restored and enlarged, and find a place for it in our new house?”

“Nope. I wouldn’t want to contaminate our new home with sick memories of her. I should just get rid of it, be done with it,” I insist.

But just like every other time I’ve thought about it, I still can’t quite bring myself to destroy the old photo, the only one of the crack whore  in existence. So I just leave it where it is, where it has always been, in a forgotten corner of a room from my past.

I know it’s only because I have my Ana with me that I’m able to sleep so soundly in here, because her presence helps to dispel the bad memories that always used to surface in this room in the darkness of the night, however hard I tried to stop them. 

So I'm glad we spent the night in here. It’s another tiny step towards reducing how many shades of fucked up I am. 

But there are still at least forty nine and a half shades to go.


It’s Mia who first spots Ana’s engagement ring at breakfast, when we’re all sat together at the table.

“Wow, it’s huge! It’s totally gorgeous! But I thought you said you were going to choose one together when I asked you about it,” she shrieks at me as she whacks my arm in her usual way, after she’s grabbed Ana’s hand to look at the ring more closely.

“I lied,” I grin at her. “Because you and your big mouth nearly spoilt the surprise I had planned.”

“So that’s what all the flowers in the boat house were about,” Mom laughs, as she too admires the ring, while Dad just peers over and doesn’t say much.

“It was really lovely and romantic of Christian to propose properly to me,” Ana whispers, as she shyly smiles up at me.

“Did he actually go down on one knee?” Kate wants to know.

“Yes, he did,” Ana beams, as Kate admires her ring too.

“Oh little bro, what did you go and do that for? She’d already said yes!” Elliot groans in mock horror. “Wow, little lady, are you sure you can carry a big rock like that around?” he says, as he fingers the large diamond.

“You were gone ages out there, what on earth took so long? I gave up and went to bed when Kate and Elliot went up. It must have been one heck of a proposal, seeing as Ana had already said yes and you’d already announced it to everyone,” Mia persists.

“I expect they went for a walk to enjoy the view, as it was such a lovely evening,” Mom frowns at Mia, obviously not wanting her to pick up any hint of the traumatic confrontation we’d had, which was why I’d been happy to stay out of her way for the rest of the evening. 

It was a good job we’d circulated round all the guests earlier and made sure we’d spoken to everyone. I was only sorry she and Dad hadn’t gone to bed by the time we eventually came back in, but I would have had to face my Dad at some point, so at least it got it out of the way I suppose.

Making love to Ana in the boat house helped to erase the shocking scene with Elena and Mom. And it wasn’t just a quick fuck like our first time in the boathouse. I’d been so angry with her then, but this time round we were both very happy. And I remembered to lock the boathouse door behind us so my annoying sister couldn’t walk in on us.

But what’s more than annoying now is the tactless way Mia reads out the article in the Seattle Nooz in front of everyone at the breakfast table. 

‘Word has reached us here at the Nooz that Seattle’s most eligible bachelor, the Christian Grey, has finally been snapped up and wedding bells are in the air. But who is the lucky, lucky lady? The Nooz is on the hunt. Bet she’s reading one helluva prenup.’

I glare at my sister, but the damage has been done. The prenup has reared its ugly head again. 

I can see what’s going through Ana’s mind as she sits there looking down as she nervously knots her fingers, especially when Dad has to jump on the bandwagon about it too, not content with already trying to lecture me last night.

Ana immediately offers to sign anything we want because she has no interest in my money, but the way it makes her feel, the way she suddenly thinks Dad sees her as a gold digger, makes me so fucking angry, especially now I know that's also the accusation Elena threw at Ana. 

He has no right making her feel that way, even if his intentions are supposedly well meant.

That's what Mom tries to tell me a couple of days later when she rings me, hoping the dust has settled.

“Christian, you know your father thinks the world of Ana,” she assures me.

“He has a funny way of showing it,” I reply brusquely.

“I know it comes across that way, but you know he really does think it would be in Ana’s best interests as well as yours if you had a prenup, because it would protect her against any accusations of being a fortune hunter,” she argues.

“I don’t give a f… I really don’t care what other people think, Mom. They can all go to hell. Has Dad put you up to this? Is he just trying a different tack maybe?” I ask suspiciously.

“No, of course not, Christian. I just hate there being any kind of bad feeling between the pair of you, especially when this should be a happy time, with all your wedding plans to make,” she protests.

“Then tell him to drop it, and we’ll get along just fine. No prenup. Not now, not ever," I state.

I don’t disclose the fact that my own lawyer has also broached the subject when he was drawing up my new will, giving me exactly the same advice as my father. 

He got very short shrift from me too, and I think he quickly realized he was treading on very thin ice, and that I would have no hesitation in firing him on the spot if he continued to argue against my wishes.

“Very well, Christian,” Mom says, before her tone brightens. 

“So, we’ve managed to clear the weekend of the 16th July, which is one month after your birthday. I’ve spoken to Reverend Walsh, and by chance it turns out he is free, so he could perform the ceremony. I think you’ll really like him – I’ve found him to be very approachable and likeable in all our dealings with him through our charity fundraising connections.”

“Sounds fine by me, Mom,” I agree. 

My previous lifestyle as a BDSM Dominant didn't really lend itself to my having many dealings with church officials, so I’m happy for us to be guided by Mom for our choice of minister. 

What I do know is that I want everything to be done in the proper, time honored, old fashioned, traditional way - the full works.

“He’ll need to meet both of you, of course, because apart from the practical arrangements, such as what form you would like the ceremony to take, what type of vows you’ll be making, all that kind of thing, he explained that an essential part of his role is to ensure that you both understand the seriousness of the commitment you are making,” Mom tells me.

“Fine. Whatever. I'll instruct Andrea to contact him to schedule in a date,” I sigh, as Mom and I finish our call with me promising to get back to her as soon as Ana and I have had a chance to discuss in more detail what we want for our wedding.

Finding time at the moment is hard. Because I’ve decided I want us to have a long honeymoon, I'm already having extra meetings with everyone to try and get things organized, to enable me to run my empire from wherever I am in the world.

I have full confidence that Ros is perfectly capable of handling most things day to day, but there’s no reason why I can’t still keep my finger on the pulse by checking in at least daily. 

I’ve ordered Barney to set in place all the necessary computer equipment I’ll need to take to enable me to securely check in from wherever we’re based in the world.

I’ve also given him the green light to go ahead and get our fire suppression systems upgraded in the server rooms at Grey House. He’s recommended a state of the art Argon system, because it’s ideal for use in areas containing valuable equipment that could be damaged by water – such as our server room. 

Argon is an inert gas that’s completely safe both for humans and the environment. Because it’s non-corrosive and doesn’t produce any toxic by-products, no down time will occur due to it being discharged in the event of a fire. 

Naturally, it’s also the most fucking outrageously expensive system it’s possible to install, but it will be worth every penny should the unthinkable happen and we have a fire. 

Since the incident with Charlie Tango, I’m taking every opportunity to put in place preventative measures against the unthinkable – because that incident proved that sometimes what should be impossible can still happen.

I haven’t told Ana, because I don’t want her to worry, but the initial reports from the Eurocopter specialists indicate that Charlie Tango was probably sabotaged.  At the moment we don’t know who did it or why, but we are keeping the investigation in house to keep it all under wraps.

So the increased security I’d already ordered Welch and Taylor to put in place is going ahead, and is proving to be a logistical nightmare to organize for our wedding and then our honeymoon, when we will be travelling abroad in several different locations. 

But however challenging it may be for them to organize, they are under strict instructions not to involve Ana with any more of the details than are strictly necessary to ensure her safety. I want her to be mostly unaware of what is going on in the back ground, so that she can just concentrate on enjoying our wedding and honeymoon, although I'm not telling her where we’re going because I want it to be another surprise. 

Like I told her, I love planning surprises for her, and our honeymoon is certainly going to be a massive surprise when she finds out everything I've got planned. 

Of course Taylor needs to be fully apprised of all the details of our planned itinerary. Gail is also one of the very select few in the know, to enable her to pack everything for Ana. I’ll also be sending Caroline Acton at Neimans a very long shopping list to ensure Ana will have everything she could possibly need. 

My wife will want for nothing.

Since setting up my business, I’ve never taken any kind of a long holiday before, and I don’t think I could fully relax if I wasn’t able to keep track of all my business concerns, because I just fucking love what I do. It’s the way I am, how I function. Control in all areas of my life. 

But I think I can achieve a reasonable balance on our honeymoon by checking in with the office and working for a short period each day, while still having the pleasure of taking my adorable new wife to places she’s only dreamt about seeing up to now. There are going to be so many exciting new firsts for us to share.

But I can’t resist taking advantage of the opportunity to set up some valuable face to face business meetings, in some of the more distant locations I’d never normally have time to travel to. 

I've always found I can achieve so much more in person – put it down to my charismatic charm if you will. I can gauge someone’s response far more accurately when I can look them in the eye and read their body language, rather than conversing by email, or phone.

In any case, I’m sure Ana can happily spend an hour or two having some beauty treatments, while I’m busy setting up valuable new business contacts.


Elena tries to get in touch with me again, to apologize for any ‘misunderstanding’, but having heard what she said to Ana, I don’t reply to any of her messages or take any of her calls. 

My lawyers have set about dissolving our partnership, and once I’ve signed the papers handing everything over to her, all our dealings will be at an end. She should consider herself lucky that she gets to keep the business, although since my Mom and Mia are now singing the praises of Franco’s new salon, it’s pretty clear to everyone that they have fallen out with Elena and I have no doubt her business will suffer as a result. 

So it transpires I’m well out of the business side of our association, as well as the personal side. I consider being vindictive and somehow interfering in her relationship with Isaac, but in a light bulb moment work out that the worst possible punishment I can give to Elena is to simply cut off all contact with her.


"Have you read through the wedding vows I printed off for you ahead of our meeting with Reverend Walsh tomorrow evening?” I ask Ana, as we sit down to the boeuf bourguignon that Gail is serving us.

“I have,” Ana says quietly, as she picks up her knife and fork.

“So do you prefer the really old original 1662 prayer book version, or the more modern 1922 revised one? Personally, I prefer the older version where we give our ‘troth’. I really like the old, solid traditional words,” I say.

We’ve both been so frantically busy at work that this is the first chance we’ve had to sit down together to discuss our wedding vows. There is so much to plan and agree for the wedding in such a short time. 

We have at least agreed on the color theme. I told Ana how when she first fell into my office, her sweet blushing face reminded me of a pale pink rose, so we’ve agreed our theme should be pale blush pink, and  that all the floral decorations should be a mixture of pale pink and cream roses, just like her beautiful skin.

But frustratingly, Ana refuses to discuss the design of her wedding dress with me, even though I have made clear my preference for her to wear lace and silk in soft ivory, rather than cold white. 

Kate’s mother, who it turns out is a well known and highly respected fashion designer, is designing and making Ana’s wedding dress for her.

So I rang Diane Kavanagh to tell her to send me the bill, to ensure she was aware there was no need to worry about expense, and I instructed her to use only the very best materials for Ana’s dress. 

However, when I went on to state my preferences, specifically that I thought a fitted lace design would suit Ana’s slender frame far better than one of those huge meringue style dresses, she got pretty shitty with me.

“Mr. Grey, it is not up to the groom to choose the bride’s dress,” she told me frostily. “That would rather spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it?”

“But surely the whole idea is for the bride’s appearance to please the groom on their wedding day, so I'm just trying to be helpful and give you a few pointers.” And I fucking hate surprises for anything as important as this.

“You’re just going to have to trust us, I'm afraid. I can assure you that I have many years of experience in dress design, so I think I'm more than capable of advising Ana in her choice of the most suitable style of wedding dress,” she insisted firmly.

 I’ve always assumed Kate got her tenaciousness from her father, Edward Kavanagh, who runs Kavanagh Media, but maybe she got a double dose, as it’s perfectly possible she also inherited the trait from her mother, who refuses to budge in the matter of discussing Ana’s dress design with me.

Now all the females have closed ranks, and I can’t even get a hint from Mia about what they’ve got planned. Unfortunately, with our tight time scale, I can’t insist Ana gets her dress made elsewhere to ensure it is to my liking. 

I’ll try not to be disappointed if I don’t like the design, because I know Ana would still look beautiful even if she wore an old sack, but it’s frustrating when I know it would be so much easier if everyone involved would only let me guide them.

But at least I can count on Franco to steer Ana into having one of the hair styles I’ve sent him pictures of, so hopefully at least that will definitely be to my liking on the day. I want her to wear her hair up, so I can see her elegant neck and delicate ears. 

It has certainly turned out to be great timing for Franco to have left Elena’s salon to set up on his own, as he is likely to benefit hugely following the fallout from her extremely ill judged verbal attack on my fiancée.

So now I notice that Ana isn’t actually eating anything, she’s just pushing her food around her plate with the fork.

“Eat,” I urge her. “So, tell me, which vows do you prefer?”

“Can’t we choose something more modern, or maybe write our own vows?” she suggests, as she glances over at Gail, who is busily clearing the dishes away.

“Why would we want to do that? Don’t you like the idea of repeating the words that couples have been using to get married for hundreds of years?”

“No, I don’t, actually, Christian. Not if it means having to promise to obey you. Maybe if you just omitted that word…”

“But that’s the whole point, Ana! Of course you have to promise to obey me. How can I look after you and keep you safe otherwise?”

 As Ana throws her fork down and looks up, I see her eyes blazing furiously at me.

“I thought we’d sorted all this out before. What makes you think that if I didn’t sign up to obey you before, that I would suddenly agree to it now? Or is that your plan? Do you think that if it’s all out in the open and I agree to obey you in front of everyone, that will give you carte blanche to completely dominate and control every aspect of my life? That’s not treating someone as your equal, your partner, your wife, it’s no better than treating them as your… your… chattel… your possession… your slave! It’s…it’s… subjugation!”

There’s a clatter in the sink as Gail drops a pan in there and hastily makes an exit from the kitchen, as she senses an impending storm is about to break. She’s always the very soul of discretion when Ana and I argue, which is quite often when I think about it.

“Now you’re being ridiculous, Ana. That’s not what it means at all. As your husband, it will be my responsibility to take care of you and make sure that you are safe at all times, just as I promised your step father I would. I want to share everything I have with you, but this lifestyle comes at a price. There are plenty of evil sleazeballs out there who will stop at nothing to get money, and undoubtedly they would use you in any number of sick and perverted ways to get what they want from me. Now, I don’t want you to have to worry about any of that, so I will take care of everything, but I have to know you will obey me absolutely when I tell you to do something for your own safety, without having to explain exactly why each time. It’s far easier this way. It’s for the best.”

“No, it isn’t. You are treating me as if I can’t think for myself, as if I'm just a little dumb woman and you are the superior male. To me, marriage is about being equal partners, and if you can’t see that, then I think we have very different ideas about what being married means.”

“So are you saying that you don’t trust me enough to obey me?  Because that’s what it comes down to, Anastasia. You are still so young and innocent and naïve, and I love that about you. But you wouldn’t listen to me about Jack Hyde, would you? If I hadn't stepped in, you would have happily gone away with him to New York where he would have taken advantage of your vulnerability. Don’t you get it? I don’t want you to lose your beguiling innocence and sweetness, because it’s part of who you are, part of the girl I fell in love with. 
And I don’t want you to have to know all about the sick and depraved things he would have done to you. So if you had just trusted me and obeyed me when I told you not to go to New York with him, it would have been for the best, wouldn’t it?”

I’m trying my best to keep calm and explain logically to Ana why she has to agree to obey me, but she is still so infuriatingly fucking stubborn, and continues to argue back.

“Don’t you see you’re acting just like my dad in being so over protective? But I'm not a child any more. I have to live in the real world, take risks, make my own mistakes, so I can learn and grow from them. You can’t lock me away and wrap me up to protect me all the time.”

“That’s not what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to make sure you can do everything you want, but always in safety. I wish we could always do everything together, so that I’m always there to protect you, but I know realistically that isn’t always going to be possible. So I have to take steps to ensure your safety, and I have to know you will always comply. Ana, I love you so much, you are my entire world, and I would never forgive myself if something happened to you because I hadn't looked after you properly.”

“Oh, Christian! I love you too, and I get it, I really do, after what happened to you with your birth mom, but I'm not like her. I can take care of myself.”

Ana suddenly comes over and moves my arm so she can squeeze herself between my legs as I remain sat on the bar stool. We’re about the same height now, as she throws her arms around my neck, kisses me and hugs me tightly.

“Look, why don’t we talk this through with Reverend Walsh tomorrow, get his perspective on it?” she suggests.

“Okay, Ana, we’ll see what he has to say on the matter,” I agree, thinking that as the vows I want to use are the original ones from the Book of Common Prayer, he’s bound to support my wish to use them.

“I do love you very much, Mr. Grey,” Ana whispers as she kisses me, while she loosens my tie and then slowly slides it off.

“You haven’t eaten your dinner,” I scold her, even as I can feel my cock rapidly stirring into life.

“I’m not hungry – for food,” she says in her husky sexy voice, as she unbuttons my shirt. “But I’m starving – for you.”

“We can’t have you starving, now can we, Miss Steele?” I answer as I suddenly scoop her up in my arms, and head straight for the bedroom, passing by Gail, who tries to hide the smile on her face. Yeah, so we’ve gone straight from blazing row to desperate to fuck. Nothing new for us.

I throw Ana down on the bed.

“Take all your clothes off. Now,” I order, as I stand there with my arms folded.

“And I suppose you’re expecting me to just obey you?” Ana challenges me as she lies there, all sexy rumpled hair and disheveled clothes.

“Yes, I am. Do as you’re told. Strip for me.”

“I’ll strip for you… but only if you strip as well. I want to see you naked too,” she says, as she unbuttons the grey silk blouse she’s wearing, then slips it off to reveal the pretty white lacy bra underneath that’s showcasing her fantastic breasts.

“You want it, you got it, baby,” I tell her as I undo my cuff links to slip off the shirt that she’s already undone. So now I’m standing there in just my pants, with a huge tell tale bulge straining at the fly.

She kneels up on the bed to unzip her grey pencil skirt and then slides it off to reveal her stockings and tiny white lace panties.

I groan out loud at how fucking hot she looks.

“Your turn,” she whispers, as she lies back on the bed and spreads her legs apart. She’s left her black Louboutins on because she knows how much I fucking love seeing her legs in stockings and heels.

I kick my shoes off, then quickly remove my pants, boxers and socks in one swift action.

“I’m naked first. I win,” I grin, as I move to the bed and kneel between her legs.

“You cheated,” she giggles.

“I know. Shocking the lengths some people will go to in order to get what they want.”

“And what is it that you want, Mr. Grey?”

“These,” I say, as I remove her bra so I can lick and suck each of her pretty pink nipples in turn, as she groans and arches her back up towards me.

“And this,” I say, slipping my hand inside her panties, as I continue to suck hard on each nipple in turn. “Oh Ana, always so wet and welcoming for me.” 

I slip my finger inside her, slowly finger fucking her as I  work my way down, kissing her soft belly while she grabs and pulls at my hair.

Then I expertly stroke and circle her clitoris with my finger tip, at just the right speed and exerting just the right pressure to keep her on the edge of an impending orgasm, stopping each time I feel her getting too close.

“Christian, I want you,” she cries out. “Please. Inside me. Now.”

“Patience is a virtue. All in good time.”

I’m relentless. Time and time again I tease her, always stopping before she can gain any release, until I'm sure that she is desperate.

Then I suddenly kneel up.

“Sit up.”

Ana looks bewildered, as she lies there panting with need.

“I said sit up, Anastasia. Do as you are told. You have to learn to obey before you can have me inside you.”

“Oh, it’s like that, is it?” she says, slowly smiling at me, as she realizes what my game is.

“Yes it is. Suck me.”

I kneel above her, my cock right in front of her mouth.

“With pleasure, Sir,” she says, as she takes me between those soft full pouty lips of hers, and gently cups my balls in her hand, as she turns her eyes to gaze  up at me through those long lashes.

This is just how I pictured her when we first met. Her smart mouth silenced because it’s full of my cock.

I hiss as she sucks hard to take me in deep, then releases me, then sucks hard again, over and over. I close my eyes and groan with pleasure. 

She is so fucking good at this. She eases back so she can lick and tease the sensitive underside of my tip. Then she bobs her head up and down so I'm popping in and out of her mouth, and I have to grab hold of her head to stop her.

“Enough. I don’t want to come yet,” I order, as I push her back down on the bed and pull her panties down, but leave her stockings and stilettos on. 

I show no mercy as I head down to  suck and lick her clitoris to bring her back to the edge of climaxing, as she thrashes and moans under me, before I suddenly stop, move up her body, then thrust my cock in hard.

"You were a very good girl. You obeyed me. You pleased me. So you now can have me." 

“Yes, yes, Christian. More, give me more, don’t stop,” she begs, as she grips and digs her nails in my butt to try and pull me in even deeper.

I keep stroking in, faster and harder and deeper, feeling her quivering and trembling, as she quickly builds to her orgasm.

“Christian!” she screams, as she flies over the edge, taking me with her. I find my release deep within her, pulsing intensely as I feel her wet silkiness clamping tightly around my length. It goes on and on, until finally, we gradually come back down, as she lays totally sated in my arms.

“See, everything goes so much better when you just do as you’re told and obey me, Miss Steele,” I smile as I kiss the top of her head.

“You tell yourself that’s what just happened if you want, Mr. Grey,” she murmurs back sleepily.

Ana might be joking about it now, but the subject of her obedience is one that cannot be ignored, not when it so important in ensuring her safety. 

So I have no doubt that it is going to continue to be a contentious issue for the foreseeable future.

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