21 September 2012

Chapter 36 - Masquerading

“Can I help you, Mr. Grey? I assume there is some purpose to your visit other than to gawk mindlessly at me.”

I’ve come to find Anastasia before she gets dressed, because I’ve got an idea for a little bit of kink I think she might enjoy this evening. I’ve found her in the walk-in closet where she’s just reaching up for the silver satin dress I guess she’s planning to wear tonight, and I’ve walked in just in time for the best private erotic show a man could wish for. Anastasia in sexy lingerie.

So now I’m stood there transfixed.  I swear my heart misses a beat. She looks stunning in her new underwear. Simply stunning.  Her slim figure is being shown off to perfection in a black bustier corset that gives her a fantastic sexy cleavage, with tiny silky panties to match that only just cover the bare essentials. Her long, slim legs are encased in thigh high silk stockings.  I can’t take my eyes off her.

“I’m rather enjoying my mindless gawk, thank you, Miss Steele,” I manage to utter. I always knew she’d look good in designer lingerie, but this is beyond all my expectations. “Remind me to send a personal note of thanks to Caroline Acton. The personal shopper at Neiman’s,” I elaborate when I see Ana’s puzzled look.

Yep, Ms. Acton is excellent at her job. She’s done a mighty fine job of fulfilling my shopping brief. And I'm glad it seems Ana’s picked out the silver evening gown to wear tonight, because that’s my favorite, the one I would have picked if she’d asked me. It’s a simple design but beautifully cut, and I think the silver will suit her coloring, especially with her blue eyes.

“I’m quite distracted,” I confess. What man wouldn’t be?

“I can see that. What do you want?”

She’s acting as if I’m a nuisance for interrupting her preparations.  Well let’s just see her reaction when I show her the little present I’ve brought.

I pull the silver Ben Wah balls from my pocket, and see her eyes widen.

“It’s not what you think,” I reassure her, when I see her slightly apprehensive expression.

“Enlighten me,” she murmurs.

“I thought you could wear these tonight.” I can see the idea sinking in.

“To this event?”

She seems shocked as I nod at her. Really? The girl who decided not to wear her panties the first time she went to meet my parents at their house is shocked by my suggestion?

“Will you spank me later?”

“No. You want me to?” I chuckle, because fuck me, she actually seems disappointed. I guess she’s confused. She’s scared of pain, but knows she was turned on by being spanked, so she doesn't know what she wants. “Well rest assured I am not going to touch you like that, not even if you beg me.”

I’m not taking any chances on screwing things up again. I'm not planning on revisiting that place again anytime soon. No pain, no punishments, no risks. Vanilla only. Well, kinky vanilla. We both enjoy that.

“Do you want to play this game? You can always take them out if it’s too much.” I hold up the balls to tempt her, knowing what a success they were when we used them before. 

That’s the beauty of Ben Wah balls – they work great with or without a spanking. Simple, easy and effective. A perfect sex toy. She’ll end up desperate for me to fuck her, and naturally I’ll be only too happy to help her out.

And it’ll help distract her and keep her mind off the Leila situation. I’ve given strict instructions to the team that the extra security is not to be intrusive, and that I don't want Anastasia to be worried unnecessarily. 

Should any issues or concerns arise during the course of the evening, they are to be immediately directed either to Taylor as Team Leader, or to myself as the Principal - but not to Anastasia. As far as she is concerned, the close protection team must merge into the background and not exist, whilst all the time monitoring every aspect of her safety. Having her distracted by the silver balls should certainly help with this.

I'm delighted when she shyly agrees to use them.

“Good girl. Come here, and I’ll put them in, once you’ve put your shoes on.”
 I want to see those sexy legs of hers in the sky high Louboutins, especially now she’s got stockings on. Ana in stockings and stilettos. It doesn't get much better than that. I fucking love stockings, and I fucking love stilettos.

I hold her hand to steady her as she puts them on. So sexy. Her gorgeous legs seem to go on and on. I’m normally much taller than her, but she’s nearly up to my shoulder now.

She has such great legs. Slim but shapely. Fuck, but she looks every bit as sexy as I imagined, and then some, but she seems unaware of the effect she’s having on me – I already have a rock hard erection. I have had since the moment I walked in and saw her.

I lead her over to the bedside. I want to look at her, to drink her in, so I can think about this all evening while we’re out. I get a chair and place it in front of her, while I sit behind her on the bed as she stands in front of me.

“When I nod, you bend down and hold on to the chair. Understand?” I’m struggling with coherent speech. That’s the effect she’s having on me.


“Good. Now open your mouth.” I think she’s expecting the silver balls, but instead I slip my index finger in.

“Suck,” I command her. She does – hard.  I nearly groan out loud. 

My imagination goes into overdrive as she uses her impressive fellating skills on my lucky finger. I put the silver balls in her mouth to make them warm and wet in preparation for where they’re going next. Then the naughty, sexy girl bites down on my finger, when I try to withdraw it with the balls. I can’t help grinning, even as I shake my head at her. 

She always seems to have a surprising edge about her that catches me unawares, and I fucking love that. But now I need to place the balls, before I lose control of myself and end up taking her right now.

I nod at her. She bends down and grasps the side of the chair. The sight before me is magnificent. Her perfect ass, with just the little silk panties covering her modesty. I carefully move the panties to one side, then slowly slide my finger inside her and circle it round to check she’s ready for the silver balls. And she most certainly is – she feels fantastically wet, and all I can think about is how easily I could slide my cock inside her instead of my finger. 

But I just about manage to keep myself under control, reasoning that by denying myself now, we can have some mind-blowing sex later when the silver balls have worked their magic.

I gently insert the balls, one after the other, deep inside. Then I smooth her panties back into place, and reverently kiss her fantastic bottom. Mmm, it’s so smooth and soft and rounded. I want to bite it… I want to spank it… I gaze down at her long legs encased in the silk stockings, and run my hands up from her ankle to her thigh, gently kissing the soft exposed skin where the lacy stocking tops end.

“You have fine, fine legs, Miss Steele,” I murmur in admiration.

No one else gets to see this wonderful sight, only me. No one else will know what she’s wearing under her full length gown tonight, only me. This wonderful creature belongs to me. She is mine. All this is just for me, and that is such a huge turn on.

I stand up and grab her hips to pull her back hard against my erection.

“Maybe I’ll have you this way when we get home, Anastasia." And all the other ways I want you too. "You can stand now."

I lean over her and kiss her shoulder. I have another gift for her, and as I take it out of my pocket, I just pray she’s going to accept this one as nicely as she did my first offering.

“I bought these for you to wear to last Saturday’s gala. But you left me, so I never had the opportunity to give them to you.” 

I debated whether or not to give the earrings to her. They serve as a very poignant reminder of the living hell I was going through at exactly this time last week, because she had left me. 

But I decided that if she did accept them, it would be a sign that we really have moved on from that. The earrings will be a token of my second chance, of the new future she’s given me. So I'm really hoping she isn’t going to be difficult about receiving this gift from me, as she so often can be about these things.

“This is my second chance,” I murmur nervously. If she rejects them, I’ll have to take that as a bad omen.

Anastasia reaches for the box and opens it tentatively. She gasps as she sees the  diamond drop earrings. They are a simple, timeless, classic design. Naturally each diamond is of the finest, flawless quality as I specified, although I doubt Ana will realize this. But I will know, because I only want the very best for my girl.

“They’re lovely,” she whispers, awestruck. “Thank you.”

She really does seem to like them, so I’m suitably gratified – and relieved.  The second chance earrings have been graciously accepted, and now she is happy and smiling.  So I'm happy and smiling too. That’s exactly what should happen when you give someone a gift – you should both gain equal pleasure.  I kiss her shoulder in delight. My instincts were correct. Going ahead and giving Anastasia the earrings was the right thing to do.

“You’re wearing the silver satin dress?” I confirm with her, so I know which of the three masquerade masks to give her that Mia got for me.  I had her get me one to match each of the new dresses Ana had to choose from, just in case she didn’t opt for the silver one.

“Yes? Is that okay?”      
“Of course. I’ll let you get ready.”

With that, I muster every last bit of self-control, and walk out of the door without a backward glance, to head for my bedroom to finish getting ready.


I’m standing in the hall going through the final details of tonight’s arrangements with the Close Protection team. All three of the new operatives are highly experienced guys who have been on the circuit for a while, so know the routine. 

All are armed, which I’m not comfortable about, but Taylor is adamant it's essential for them to do their job properly, and I guess if I'm expecting them to protect us from a potentially armed, potentially hostile, unbalanced, fixated female, he has a point. He always carries in any case. Guns are a subject we don't really see eye to eye on.

I agreed to the evasive driving techniques tuition he strongly recommended I complete, because I still like to drive myself sometimes. I actually quite enjoyed that, but I refuse to be trained to use a gun. My parents have always been vehemently anti-gun, and I’m with them on this one. The more weapons there are about, the higher the risk of gun battles, with all the subsequent mortalities and injuries.  But as Taylor and his team could be risking their lives for us, I reluctantly bow to his recommendation that the security detail all carry weapons.

Taylor has fully briefed the team with regard to the vehicles we will be using tonight – all are fitted with ballistic bullet resistant glass, run flat tires, foam filled gas tanks, and armor protection as standard. All members of the team are fully trained in every type of tactical and evasive driving technique.

Each man will be wearing a covert two way earpiece with a PTT - Push To Talk switch concealed in their sleeve for effective communication. These state of the art, high spec devices will hopefully not be too obvious to anyone, in particular Ana or my family. I’ve warned my Dad that I’ve stepped up my security, but haven’t elaborated or gone into too much detail to explain why, just that Taylor recommended it.

As I’m speaking, I suddenly realize that I no longer have the full attention of the men. They all appear to be staring over my shoulder at something or someone behind me, their faces lighting up and their jaws slacking slightly.

I turn round to see Anastasia anxiously standing there waiting behind me. She looks beautiful. The men quickly pull themselves together and manage to stop gawping at this vision of loveliness, but I think maybe they get why I'm being so protective of her now. 

She looks enchanting as she shyly stands there in her gorgeous strapless silver gown, but also very delicate and defenseless. No question, she needs us to look after her.

Ana doesn’t relax until she sees me smile at her – and I realize it’s my approval she’s nervously waiting for. I have to remember that this is a girl who normally lives in jeans and converse, rather than diamonds and designer gowns.

So I wander over to her and bend down to kiss her hair. She smells divine, as usual. 

“Anastasia. You look breathtaking.”

She flushes as she glances over at the security detail. Most women would relish being admired and the center of attention of a group of men, but it’s obvious she’s embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“A glass of champagne before we go?” I suggest, to help relax Ana, but also to give the men time to prep the vehicles, ready for us to depart.

As she eagerly agrees, I nod to Taylor. Ryan and Reynolds are going ahead first to do another final security sweep, while Taylor will be driving us over, with Sawyer riding upfront with him.
Ana’s hurried off to the kitchen, so I follow and retrieve the bottle of champagne from the fridge.

“Security team?” she asks, seemingly relieved to be away from the spotlight.

“Close protection. They’re under Taylor’s control. He’s trained in that too.” Ana seems to like and trust Taylor, so hopefully she’ll be reassured if she knows this team is under his command.

“He’s very versatile.”

“Yes, he is.” But enough about him. “You look lovely, Anastasia. Cheers.”  

I like the way she’s tucked her hair behind her ear on one side.  It means I can see the diamonds in her earring catch the light as she turns her head. I want to buy her lots more diamonds, if she’ll only let me. She deserves the very best of everything, and I can give her that.

I’m wondering if the silver balls are having any effect on her yet. How long will she be able to last, before she needs me to satisfy her, I wonder? Christ, just that thought means I’ve instantly got an enormous hard on again.

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine, thank you,” she smiles sweetly at me. Hmm, it’s early days yet, Miss Steele. Just you wait.

“Here, you’re going to need this. Open it.” I hand her the velvet pouch, which contains a silver filigree masquerade mask that has a plume of cobalt blue feathers. Mia has done us proud, as she usually does with things like this. She has a very good eye.

“It’s a masked ball,” I explain, as I see Ana’s look of confusion.

“I see.”

“This will show off your beautiful eyes, Anastasia.”

“Are you wearing one?”

“Of course. They’re very liberating in a way.” 

Taylor is not thrilled though. Masks make it that much harder for the team to spot Leila, should she try to make an appearance.  Neither is he thrilled by the prospect of the concluding firework display, because the noise would provide perfect cover for a gun attack. He’s recommended that we leave before they commence. I’ve told him I’ll decide about that later.

I glance at my watch. Ryan and Reynolds need a bit more time to complete their security sweep, so to delay our departure, I offer to show Ana a room in my apartment that I realized earlier she will probably really like, bearing in mind her love of books.

“You have a library!” she squeals in excitement when I take her to the room directly below my playroom. I never get round to reading the books in here these days, which is a shame, as it contains a fine collection of all sorts of first editions. So Ana is more than welcome to browse through and read any of them if she wants to.

It also contains my billiard table.

“Yes, the balls room, as Elliot calls it. The apartment is quite spacious.  I realized today, when you mentioned exploring, that I've never given you a tour. We don't have time now, but I thought I’d show you this room, and maybe challenge you to a game of billiards in the not-too-distant future.” And then fuck you right here on the table. I’m finding the idea of fucking you in lots of different places other than my playroom very stimulating. It’s giving me hours of fun, dreaming up all the ways I can take you, in so many different places, Miss Steele.

Ana grins at me. I imagined she’d maybe say something about not being able to play pool, and then I could offer to teach her. I’d really enjoy all that leaning over the table together, with her sexy ass rubbing against my cock. But instead, from the look of glee on her face she has other ideas, and seems to be hiding something from me.


“Nothing,” she says quickly, trying to wipe the smug look from her face.

Shit, maybe she thinks she can actually beat me at pool? Silly girl. I nearly laugh out loud at the thought of that, but I don't steal her thunder.

“Well, maybe Doctor Flynn can uncover your secrets. You’ll meet him this evening.”

I think it’s probably best to warn her, because I’m not sure what John has planned for this evening, only that he’s threatened to steal her away from me at some point. He’s naturally very curious to meet Anastasia, after all he’s heard about this young woman who’s had such a profound effect on me.

“The expensive charlatan?” She immediately seems nervous for some reason.

“The very same. He’s dying to meet you.”

The good Doctor Flynn threw down the challenge for this evening, so now I’ll just have to wait and see what he comes up with.


We’re pulling up outside my parents’ house, and it’s time to put our masks on. Mine is black, which suits my dark personality. Ana’s blue eyes look enormous, highlighted as they are by her pretty silver mask, and I can tell that she is very nervous, probably because she’s never attended this kind of event before.

“You look beautiful, Anastasia,” I reassure her as we leave the car. 

I’ve promised Taylor I'll stay by Anastasia’s side as much as possible, to make his job easier. This is no hardship, because there’s no place I’d rather be tonight. 

I’m also the best person to give him an early warning if I think I see Leila anywhere around, although I'm pretty confident I could handle her, should she make an appearance.  She was a natural born submissive, and I was her Master.  I don't believe that is something that would suddenly change, so I’m pretty sure she would still obey my commands. However, I would prefer not to have to put my theory to the test.   

Anastasia and I are photographed as we make our way in along with the hordes of other guests, and I make a mental note to be sure to get copies of these, to add to my collection of our official pictures. The few pictures I have of us together were very precious to me when we broke up. They are even more precious to me now that she has given me a second chance.

 My parents always pull out all the stops for this annual event, as it’s one of the main sources of income for the Coping Together charity. I support it wholeheartedly, although it dredges up all sorts of unwelcome memories, when I hear about the various projects they’re involved with. So my Mom, being the wonderful, kind, sensitive person that she is, doesn’t usually involve me too much on that side of things. But she knows she can count on me for any kind of support for this charity, as well as several others that they support. Making generous donations to deserving charities is the least I can do with my considerable wealth.

I notice Ana looking rather pensive, so I hope she’s not brooding about Leila. I smile and pass her a glass of champagne, then lead her over to the large white pergola, where a string quartet is playing, and people are congregating. Another thing I’ve promised Taylor is to try to keep to the contained areas, so the security detail can monitor the crowds more effectively.

Then the force of nature that is my baby sister is suddenly upon us.
“Christian!” she yells, as a blur of pink launches herself at me.
I see Taylor subtly speak into the radio concealed in his sleeve, as he stands in the sidelines. No doubt he’s reassuring the team that this is my sister, not my hostile stalker. She doesn't fit the profile anyhow – Mia is tall and curvy, very unlike Leila’s small, petite build.

“Ana! Oh, darling, you look gorgeous!” she hugs Ana, and I'm glad she seems genuinely pleased to see my shy girlfriend, as she befriends her and takes her under her wing.  Mia has a very kind nature, even if she can be rather overwhelming at times. “You must come and meet my friends.  None of them can believe that Christian finally has a girlfriend.”

Ana is dragged over to meet Mia’s group of friends. I'm not far away, and even with their masks, I recognize them all anyhow, including that sour faced bitch, Lily.  I don't know why Mia is still friends with her. She’s a nasty piece of work, but that’s Mia for you – she’s very loyal. Having said that, I can see her having words with her miserable friend, so I decide its time to go rescue Ana, much to her obvious relief.

We do the rounds and circulate amongst the elite of Seattle. I keep Ana close by my side the whole time. I'm constantly scanning the crowds to make sure I don't see anyone that vaguely looks like Leila. I wouldn’t put it past her to somehow sneak in, even though Taylor and Welch have meticulously gone through the list of guests and staff. I hope Ana isn’t aware that I’m doing this, but I think she is probably far too overwhelmed by everything going on around her to notice. She’s also had a few glasses of champagne, which is fine, although I am keeping track of how many she’s had.  And the silver balls must be having an effect on her by now, giving her something else to think about. Being fucked by me. All in good time.

But she still has enough wits about her to fend off an inquiry about a hostile takeover at SIP from old man Eccles, who has somehow picked up a rumor about the proceedings, which I’m pissed about. How the fuck has that gotten out already? But I keep my displeasure hidden. Poker face. Give nothing away.

“I’m just a lowly assistant, Mr. Eccles. I wouldn’t know about these things,” Ana declares innocently, as I keep my expression bland and disinterested. Good girl, Ana. So you can lie, but I suppose what you said was more or less true. Best type of lie – stick as near to the truth as you can.

Then it’s time to take our places for the meal.  I make a show of checking the seating plan, but I already know we’re sat at a table in the center with mostly family members. Taylor had it checked out as part of his security sweep, to give him a heads up about where best to position the security detail. Out of the corner of my eye, I see them as we head for the table. They’re on the case.

Mom’s face lights up when she sees Ana, as we approach together. Mom looks very elegant in a green gown. She is still a very beautiful woman, even in her fifties. She’s a beautiful person inside and out, with such a pure and wonderful heart. My beloved Mother.

“Ana, how delightful to see you again! And looking so beautiful, too.” She’s clearly thrilled and delighted to see my girlfriend again, which makes me feel very proud. I’m surprised by how important it is to me that Mom likes and approves of Anastasia. I’m an adult; I live my own life in my own way, without needing her approval, for God’s sake.

Ana commented to me before that my Mom must be proud of me, which if true, is misguided. If she knew the truth about you and your sick, depraved ways, she certainly wouldn’t be proud of you in any way at all would she, Grey? Shame you can’t be the son she deserves. But at least she has Elliot and Mia.

“Mother.” I stoop down to kiss her on both cheeks.

“Oh Christian, so formal,” she scolds. But I just can’t be more openly affectionate like Elliot or Mia. It’s not me. They are far more deserving of her love, aren’t they? Best keep yourself on the edge of your family so they aren’t contaminated by your dark soul. The outsider looking in, that’s your place. But maybe Ana could be your link to their world?

My grandparents are here tonight. They are amazing for their age, full of character and wit. I haven’t seen them for a while, but I’ve no doubt they’ve heard all about my girlfriend. Perhaps I should have warned Ana about them to prepare her, but it’s too late now. Grandmother Trevelyn is all over her like a rash as soon as I introduce her.

“Oh, he’s finally found someone, how wonderful. And so pretty! Well, I do hope you make an honest man of him,” she says as she grabs Ana’s hand.

The poor girl is now totally overwhelmed. Jeez, is it really such a miracle to my family that I’ve finally got a girlfriend? I’m not even thirty yet, for crying out loud, and I’ve been busy empire building.  Just because I’m not like Elliot with a new girl every week, it’s not that unusual, is it?  They don't know what else I've been occupying myself with.  I could have just been busy collecting stamps or something in my spare time for all they know. Yeah right. As if. The Dominant Philatelist.

Mom quickly steps in to rescue Ana.

“Mother, don’t embarrass Ana.” Ana shoots her a grateful look, and my Mom smiles back at her reassuringly. A natural born mother hen, always clucky and protective, that’s my Mom. Now it seems she’s adding an extra member to her brood.

Then my Grandfather feels obliged to join in and give us his views.
“Ignore the silly old coot, m’dear. She thinks because she’s so old, she has a God-given right to say whatever nonsense pops into that woolly head of hers.” 

My Grandparents love each other to bits, but they bicker constantly. I’m used to it, but I'm not sure what Ana will make of it. She’s never mentioned any of her grandparents, so I'm guessing they are no longer alive. Nothing came up on her background check, so it’s something I’ll have to ask her about.

Luckily Mia now diverts everyone’s attention by introducing her date. Her date? How come I didn’t know about this? She’s only recently got back from Paris, so where did this Sean suddenly appear from?  I shake his hand as I quickly size him up. He seems rather young and immature, so I’m not sure he’s man enough to take on Mia. Perhaps he’s just a convenient date for tonight. I’ll have him checked out later.

Mom’s old friends Lance and Janine complete the numbers at our table, but I haven’t seen my Dad yet. Ana is safely sat between me and my Grandfather. I see the security detail are skillfully placed for monitoring all access to our table, but are safely out of Ana’s sight. Good. Out of sight, out of mind.

Dad’s absence is soon explained when he takes to the stage, wearing a gold Punchinello mask that can't disguise his easily recognized, tall and distinguished presence. He's still a good looking guy; he and Mom still make a great couple together, even after being married for over thirty years.

He makes his usual speech, about everyone digging deep into their pockets for a cause that is close to their hearts, before he hands over to the Master of Ceremonies. Then he makes his way over to our table to join us.

“Good to see you again, Ana,” he says, as he kisses her on both cheeks. So he really does approve of her. Believe me, it would be crystal clear if he didn’t. He’d be perfectly polite, but he’d be using his cold and distant lawyer persona instead.  

But greeting Ana warmly and kissing her on both cheeks is most definitely an unmistakable sign of approval from my Dad. So everyone in my family likes and approves of her.

Except Elena, maybe? But she’s not family, even though she knows a lot more about me than they do. I know she means well and is just looking out for me, but it’s a good job she’s not here to stir things up with Anastasia. We've got enough going on at the moment, thanks to my wayward ex sub. But I have to remember that Leila is ill; she can’t help it.

The proceedings get going. Mia enthusiastically volunteers to be our table head. As the MC asks for signed dollar bill donations for the draw later on, I see a look of panic on Anastasia’s face.

 I’m guessing it didn’t occur to her to bring any money, because she’s no idea what usually happens at these events. These fund raisers are aimed at the very wealthy; high rollers who have no problem with making large donations, so she’s way out of her league. But it’s no problem; my family are all aware of her background and circumstances, so no one will be expecting her to contribute, and as her escort, I’ve got it covered.

“Here,” I pass Anastasia a hundred dollar bill, along with my Montblanc fountain pen for her to sign her name, in preparation for the draw later.  I always use a decent quality pen. I figure if you’re signing a multi-million dollar deal, it’s worthy of a decent signature, not some cheap, blotchy biro effort.

 “I’ll pay you back,” she whispers, as she takes the note and signs it. No, you fucking well won’t, Miss Steele.

I make no comment; I have no wish to start an argument in front of everyone, but if she starts again once we are back home, I will let her know in no uncertain terms that repayment is not an option. I thought we’d got past all this nonsense when she accepted my gift of the earrings, but it seems not.

I see her looking in confusion at all the different glasses for the various wines, for each of the numerous courses of our meal. She needn’t worry – I will be guiding her and ensuring she doesn’t drink too much – just enough to keep her relaxed. I like being her mentor. Not quite the same as being her Master, but still.

The sides of the tent are drawn back, to reveal the wonderful view of the sunset over Seattle and Meydenbauer bay.  I’ve always thought it would be great to maybe live somewhere overlooking the bay one day, especially when I’ve been out sailing, looking back at the exclusive properties.

I have my people constantly on the lookout in case a suitable property becomes available.  I know these places are usually snapped up, so I’d have to make up my mind quickly if one did come up. If it was in the right location, I’d probably go ahead and buy it anyway, just to acquire the plot of land. Houses can always be redesigned or even demolished and rebuilt, especially when you have a brother with a company that specializes in such projects.

 I see Ana admiring the view – I wonder where she would like to live eventually, what sort of place would appeal to her, because she can’t go on sharing with Kate forever. I wonder how she’s going to get on staying at my apartment – I hope she will be comfortable.
Escala suits my tastes and lifestyle, but perhaps she will find it masculine and functional. That’s partly why I showed her the balls room, or the library as she called it, because I thought she’d like it in there. I hardly ever use it, so I’m thinking maybe it could be a room for Anastasia to use whenever she wants and maybe it will make her feel more at home. Hang on a minute, Grey. She’s only staying a few days until Leila is tracked down, isn’t she?

“Hungry?” I murmur to her. She knows I’m not referring to her appetite for food. Those silver balls have been in place for quite a while, so she must be feeling the effect. I’m hoping she’s hungry for a certain part of my anatomy.

Very,” she whispers back, as she boldly meets my gaze. My cock jumps straight to attention. The silver balls are having the desired effect - on both of us.  But it’s not possible for us to escape just yet, so our desires must continue to simmer for a while longer.

My Grandfather catches Ana’s attention and he chats away happily to her.  He’s a wonderful old gentleman, and he manages to relax Ana, as she listens to him reminiscing about his family - they were originally from England, and Trevelyan is an old Cornish name. 

 She seems genuinely interested, rather than just being polite, and I guess the old boy senses that, as he smiles warmly at her.

Mia takes her turn to command everyone’s attention with some stories and as I thought, her date, this Sean, is no match for her as he hardly says a word. He won’t last. Not many guys can keep up with Mia.

Grandmother is not going to be outdone. I swear she’s getting more caustic as she’s getting older, as she makes some pretty cutting remarks about Grandfather. But I guess he’s used to it, and he gives as good as he gets, most of the time.

I have an interesting conversation with Lance, my Mom’s friend. He’s a very successful business man, but all he's interested in is profit, it seems. So he questions the wisdom of my decision not to patent the latest technology GEH has developed for producing the first wind up cell phone. He says we’re at risk of losing out financially big time.

The man clearly just doesn’t get my philosophy. For me, one of the major advantages of being as successful as I am, is that it puts me in the position of enabling the lives of the less fortunate. Some may call me a philanthropist, but don’t get me wrong. Despite my impoverished start in life, I'm not one great big charity. I’m happy enough making a healthy profit from buying a company and turning it round to increase turnover and profit, with the added benefit of hopefully providing valuable extra employment along the way.

That’s how I balance out and justify having a lifestyle most people can only dream of attaining. I believe in spending my wealth freely, as I regard it as redistribution of money. Take my boat, which many see as a frivolous luxury. But building it provided very welcome employment at my shipyard, as well as providing me with a boat I love to sail to relax and unwind. A win/win situation and sound economic sense.

But I've never forgotten what it’s like to be hungry and abused, so I feel it is my duty and my responsibility to give something back, by supporting as many deserving charity fund raising events as I can, as well as any other suitable projects that I'm asked to back. But I don't make a song and dance about it for publicity, because that’s not the reason I do it.  

These fund raising evenings are seen as useful business opportunities by many, and I have no objection to some networking, as long as people aren’t too pushy or objectionable. 
Tonight, those that I'm interested in doing business with, or who might prove useful to me at some point in the future, I introduce to Anastasia. 

Naturally everyone is very curious about my date, and it won’t do any harm to finally quash the rumors that I’m gay. I have no problem with folks choosing whatever lifestyle suits them, be it gay, straight, bi - whatever. Makes no difference to me, and who am I to judge anyway? But seeing as I’m most definitely heterosexual, that’s how I want to be referenced. Anything else is just a misrepresentation of who I really am. I have a beautiful girlfriend now, and I want to show her off to the world.

So I have no interest in a few approaches from enterprises that were hoping to use me to promote themselves on the basis that I was gay. I’m not rude, but I make it plain I'm not interested, as I pointedly introduce them to Anastasia.

There are always hangers on and sycophants.  I can't stand these people. They name drop and then expect me to be impressed. I'm not. Just because someone was at Harvard with someone I knew, they shouldn’t expect me to be interested in backing their business, purely on that basis. I don't waste my time with these people. I cut them short and don't bother to introduce them to Anastasia.

The food is delicious, and I’m pleased to see that Ana eats well. She seems to have regained her appetite, and will hopefully soon regain some of the pounds she lost when we broke up. 

After the desserts have been served, the draw is made and Mia’s date Sean is the lucky winner.  I hope that’s the only thing he’s going to be pulling tonight.  I don't think Mia is that interested in him, is she?

But when Anastasia makes it clear that she needs the powder room, all other thoughts disappear from my mind.  At fucking last. A chance to reap the benefits of the silver balls.

“I’ll show you,” I offer, having already planned out where I want to take her.

As Ana stands, all the men round the table also politely stand, so we can't make a discreet escape together. But that’s okay, because it’s perfectly acceptable for me to show Ana where the powder room is, as she is not familiar with the layout.

But then my little sister has to interfere. What is it with Mia? Does she have some sort of an inbuilt anti fuck radar that detects and then intercepts my plans to get Ana laid?

“No, Christian! You’re not taking Ana – I will,” Mia bossily orders.

As we are sitting with my parents and my grandparents, I have no option but to accept defeat, even though we’re both desperate by now. It’s really fucking frustrating, but what can I do? Ana looks as gutted as I am, as she is led away by Mia, with Taylor and Sawyer following at a discreet distance.  What a wasted opportunity, but hopefully another will present itself before too long.

When she returns, it’s time for the auction. I pass Ana a list of the auction prizes, which she studies with interest.

“You own property in Aspen?” she screeches at me, like it’s a crime or something. Why? I shush her to keep her voice down while the auction is going. People are looking at us.


“Do you have property elsewhere?” she whispers furiously.

I nod, but signal this is not the time or place for this discussion.

“I’ll tell you later,” I whisper back, while everyone is applauding the successful sale of the first lot. “I wanted to come with you,” I grumble.

I’m still pissed that my plans for a quick but satisfying fuck have been thwarted. Maybe Ana should have waited for a more opportune moment to visit the powder room.  Right now, I think we’re both feeling very deprived.

But we can't really talk or plan anything while the auction is proceeding, so we just have to sit things out for now. The bidding moves on to my place in Aspen. Then fuck me, I can't believe my ears at what happens next.

Just as the MC is preparing to close the bid, Ana suddenly pipes up. What does she think she’s doing?

“Twenty four thousand dollars!” she calls out.

Everyone in my family turns to look at her in astonishment, because they know she doesn’t have that kind of money to throw around.

But I know what she’s doing. That fucking check for that fucking piece of shit she called her car, that’s what this is all about.  She still thinks she can defy me, even though I made my wishes perfectly clear to her, by transferring the funds directly into her account.  She’s paying me back. She’s making me so fucking furious that I’m really struggling to keep my cool. 

How fucking dare she do this. I wanted her to have the money. And now she’s just gone and given it all to charity, just to prove a point. Would you rather she spent it all on designer purses instead, Grey?

“I don't know whether to worship at your feet, or spank the living shit out of you.” I say quietly. I am furious with her.

“I’ll take option two, please,” she whispers back. What? You’re volunteering for a spanking?  

I think she’s just trying to appease me. She’s acted impulsively once again, and is now realizing that I am seriously pissed with her. But I can’t deny that despite what I said earlier about not spanking her even if she begged me, the idea of giving her a well-earned punishment spanking is very appealing, feeling as frustrated as I do right now. But she must be feeling even worse than I am, after having the silver balls in for so long without any kind of relief.

“Suffering, are you? We’ll have to see what we can do about that,” I murmur as I run my fingers along her jaw. 

I can tell she’s feeling very uncomfortable, as we sit together to watch the rest of the auction. So I tease her, to heighten her arousal. I drape my arm around her and stroke her back.  I take her hand and kiss it, before I bring it to rest seemingly innocently on my lap, but actually resting it against my erection, so she’s in no doubt that I'm more than ready for some action. At first Ana is shocked by my boldness, but then relaxes as she realizes no one can see what we’re up to.

So then she starts to play the game. She lets her fingers caress my cock, which feels so good, but makes it even harder to remain impassive. But I have to, and I do like a challenge. My erection gets even harder under her touch, but she doesn’t stop, even as the bidding starts for my parents' place in Montana. But when everyone applauds, we have to join in to avoid arousing suspicion that we are up to no good. Shit. We have to make our escape. Now.

“Ready?” I mouth to her over the applause.

“Yes,” she mouths back, with a big smile on her face.

“Ana! It’s time!”

What the fuck? Mia again? When did Ana agree to participate in The First Dance Auction?  What is Mia’s game? She’s deploying that inbuilt anti fuck radar again.   Little sisters can be so fucking annoying at times.

I scowl at Ana, only to see that she's having a fit of the giggles. I don't think this is funny at all. I had plans, and I don't appreciate them being thwarted again. Frustration makes me bad tempered.  I glance at Ana again, who is now giggling loudly, like a silly schoolgirl. She looks so sweet and funny that my temper subsides.

“The first dance will be with me, okay? And it won’t be on the dance floor,” I murmur in her ear, nuzzling the soft bit of her neck just behind her earring.

“I look forward to it,” she murmurs back, as she gently kisses my mouth, and gazes into my eyes from behind her mask.  I feel myself smiling at her, as my bad mood recedes. I’m really glad she’s here with me tonight. Everything is just so much better when I’m with her, even when things don’t go to plan.

As we reluctantly tear ourselves away from each other, I realize we have an audience. Most of my family is staring at the two of us from behind their masks, which looks kind of eerie.  My mother and my grandmother are positively beaming, while my grandfather gives me a sly wink from behind his mask, and a thumbs up sign. Even my hot shot lawyer dad has a big, benevolent grin plastered over his face. 

I guess they aren’t used to seeing me like this… seeing me happy. I’m not really used to it myself, if I'm totally honest. But it’s a nice feeling all the same. I could get used to feeling like this.

“Come on, Ana,” Mia breaks the spell to drag her by the hand and lead her onto the stage.

I'm very surprised that Ana volunteered herself for this auction, knowing how shy she is and how she hates being the center of attention. No doubt it was all Mia’s idea. That bossy sister of mine has a lot to answer for.  No matter, I will be making the winning bet for Ana. There is no other possible outcome. She will be taking to the dance floor for the first dance with me – no one else.

Anastasia looks very uncomfortable up on the stage, and I see her and Mia whispering together, as the first three women are auctioned off for between four and five thousand dollars each. The standard, easily reclaimed, IRS tax deductible amount.

Next up, it’s Anastasia’s turn. She looks mortified, as if she wishes the ground would open up and swallow her, as Mia shoos her over to the center of the stage. It’s really quite funny. Ana participating in an old fashioned auction, being sold off like a slave, but all above board because it’s for charity. I fucking love the idea of her as my slave. My personal sex slave. Yes, please.

Once I’ve won Ana, I'm going to get her out of here no matter what, so we can finally get on with relieving our tension in the time honored fashion of a good, hard fuck.  It’s what we’re both desperately in need of.

I don't mess about. I hardly wait for the MC to finish his ridiculous sales pitch before I place my bid.

“Ten thousand dollars.”  

I bid twice the amount the other ladies went for, just to make it clear that no one else need bother to bid. Ana’s worth every cent. It’s for charity. And yeah, its tax deductible.


I hear the gasps of shock, as everyone turns round to see who has dared to bid against me.

When I see the tall guy arrogantly standing there, with a black face mask similar to mine, I know who it is straight away.  The good Doctor Flynn is taking this opportunity to test the extent of my possessive nature. I hadn’t noticed John before, so I guess he’s been keeping a low profile to give him the element of surprise. This is what he’s come up with to try and steal Ana away from me. It seems he’s decided to risk some of his ill-gotten gains from charging his exorbitant fees.

I acknowledge him with a wry smile, and he nods back at me.  Game on. I see by Ana’s face she’s worried, because she has no idea who he is, but it’s okay.  John’s not a real threat, this is just a little game between us. And if Coping Together makes some extra money out of us, so much the better.  We can both afford it. The MC is thrilled at the sums of money being bandied about – Anastasia less so. Never mind. She’ll get over it.

“Twenty.” I up the stakes. How far are you prepared to go, John? Shall I call your bluff?

“Twenty five,” he counters, as I stare at him. Okay, time to conclude this business. But I like your style, John. Very amusing.

“One hundred thousand dollars.” Game over. I win.

There are audible gasps again from the crowd. This is way beyond the amount that’s normally bid, but I don’t care. No one, not even John, is going to steal Anastasia away from me.

John laughs at my over the top bid, and holds his hands up in defeat, as I smirk at him. He shakes his head in mock regret, and bows chivalrously as the MC concludes the sale.

I wonder what his top bid would have been? Makes no difference.  I was always going to win, as he well knew, so his money was never at risk in any case. I wonder if Rhian, his wife, realized that, otherwise she’s probably going to be pissed with him. But she’s a pretty sharp cookie, so I’m guessing she figured it out, even if he didn’t fill her in in advance. 

Now I step forward to help Anastasia down from the stage, thankful that this time Mia is safely occupied, because she has to remain on stage until it’s her turn to be auctioned off. I eagerly lead Ana towards the marquee exit, having given Taylor a signal. I warned him that at some point we would to be heading to where I'm taking her now, so that he could complete a security sweep of the location, although I’m certain there is no way Leila could possibly know about this place.  He and Sawyer are discreetly following at a distance, constantly eyeballing the vicinity around us.

“Who was that?” Ana wants to know the identity of the mystery man.

I look down at the beautiful woman I’ve just won at auction. I don't want to waste any time on explanations right now, because I know she'll have lots of questions once I tell her who it was. We have a very tight time frame, and I don't intend to waste a second of it.

“Someone you can meet later. Right now, I want to show you something. We have about thirty minutes until the First Dance Auction finishes. Then we have to be back on the dance floor so that I can enjoy that dance I've paid for.

“A very expensive dance,” she mutters disapprovingly.

“I’m sure it will be worth every single cent,” I smile at her.

I’m leading her back into the house. I’m taking her somewhere private, very private. Somewhere I’ve never taken anyone before.  Another first. 

My old bedroom. It's located up on the third floor. No one ever comes in here, so it should be perfect. And it has a lock on the door.

“This was my room.” 

I open the door and let her in.

I don't come in here very often any more. So many memories are invoked. Some good, some not so good. I’ve never sneaked a girl in here, because I’ve never brought a girlfriend home before. 

Somehow I don't think my Mom would object these days, but I’d still rather she didn’t find out. Hopefully Taylor would head anyone off anyway, as I know he’ll be lurking around nearby.

All my old posters and pictures are still up on the walls – Mom hasn’t changed or removed anything, especially not my prized Guiseppe DeNatale signed poster. He was my kick boxing hero, and Mom knows how thrilled I was when I got it. It was my pride and joy for a very long time. It’s nice that she’s left it there.

She’s always said, no matter what, this will always be my home and my room if ever I need it.  So now I'm taking her up on this.  Right now, I need this room to complete some very urgent business.

“I’ve never brought a girl in here,” I admit to Ana.


I shake my head, as I make my way over to her.

“We don't have long, Anastasia, and the way I'm feeling right this moment, we won’t need long. Turn round. Let me get you out of that dress.” I've had a rock hard erection most of the evening, so now I'm in major need of some relief.

Then I whisper in her ear.

“Keep the mask on.” 

It will add another quirky, sexy element.

She moans in anticipation as I brush her skin to eagerly undo the zip of her dress, impatient to peel it off her to reveal what’s underneath again. I’ve been replaying that picture of Ana in her underwear over and over in my imagination this evening, and now finally I get to see the real thing again, as I help her step out of her dress.

I remove my jacket, and then pause to stare hungrily at the sight before me. Ana in her basque, panties, stocking and heels. She looks even sexier than I remembered, if that’s possible. I remove my bow tie.  I have plans for it.

“You know, Anastasia, I was so mad when you bought my auction lot. All manner of ideas ran through my head.  I had to remind myself that punishment is off the menu. But then you volunteered. Why did you do that?”

“Volunteer? I don't know. Frustration… too much alcohol… worthy cause,” she shrugs. As she looks up, I can see frank, carnal desire. She badly needs me to ease the ache that is undoubtedly burning within her. 

“I vowed to myself I would not spank you, even if you begged me.” And I meant it, truly I did.

“Please,” she begs me.

Christ, she really wants this. It’s a dream come true, but I don't want it to turn into a fucking nightmare.  I can't risk losing her. But now I think she’ll be really upset if I don't spank her before I fuck her.

“But then I realized, you’re probably very uncomfortable at the moment, and it’s not something you’re used to.” Not used to waiting for sexual gratification are you, baby?

“Yes,” she breathes.

“So, there might be a certain… latitude. If I do this, you must promise me one thing.” Can’t deny I’m always going to be eager to spank her fantastic sexy ass. Even so...


“You will safe word if you need to, and I will just make love to you, okay?”


She’s panting with need by now. She’s desperate to feel the smack of my palm on her delectably soft bottom.

But am I taking advantage of her? Am I contriving things just so I get to spank her again? Or is this a mutually beneficial, consensual agreement between two like-minded adults?

Fuck it. She’s begging me to spank her, for Christ’s sake, what more do I want? And I will stop if she says so, immediately. But otherwise, I'm just going to fucking well enjoy it and stop over-thinking things.

I lead her over to the bed, throw back the duvet and sit down. I grab a pillow and place it on the bed. As Ana stands next to me, I tug her hand, so that she falls across my lap. I adjust her, so that her body is resting on the bed, her chest on the pillow, with her face turned to one side. I gently sweep her hair out of the way, and then run my fingers through the feathers on her mask. Another first.  I’ve never fucked anyone while we were both wearing masks before.

“Put your hands behind your back.”

I use my bow tie to tightly bind her wrists.  I know she likes being tied up, so this will make it even better for both of us.

“You really want this, Anastasia?” Final check.

“Yes,” she whispers.

“Why?” I’m still trying to figure her out, to understand her.
I use my palm to caress her silky panties that still cover her gorgeous soft cheeks, to warm and prepare her skin before I start her spanking. She whimpers at my touch, because it heightens her senses and her anticipation of what is to come. She is already highly aroused from the silver balls, so I'm sure this is going to be amazing for her, but I must remain fully in control of myself and not zone out, just in case it all becomes too much for her. But I think she can handle it, because this is the first time she has really wanted it as much as me.

“Do I need a reason?” she moans.

“No, baby, you don’t. I'm just trying to understand you.”  But enough talking. We don't have much time. 

Ana still has the Louboutins on, and from this angle the sky high heels make her legs look incredibly long and sexy in the stockings. I love the soft, pale, band of skin that is revealed just above the lacy stocking tops. 

I hold her securely in place as I give her the first good hard spank just above the junction of her thighs. The slapping sound as my palm makes contact is fantastic. She moans loudly, but with pure erotic pleasure. So I repeat the action in exactly the same place, for maximum effect. She groans even louder this time. She is loving this, and so am I. We are so fucking perfect together.

“Two. We’ll go with twelve.” She can handle this. She needs this. I’m not risking eighteen though.

In between each smack, I caress her sweet cheeks.  The next time, I hit her slightly to one side, and then to the other. Now she’s nicely warmed up, I peel her panties off.

I keep up the rhythm as I smack her hard, with a closed palm. This is a punishment spanking, so it needs to be this harsh. And it feels so fucking good. I love spanking her beautiful ass like this, seeing it turn the most wonderful shade of pink.

And I know she finally understands the pleasure and the release the pain I'm inflicting gives her. She is really enjoying this and I'm thrilled about that. There is real hope for us.  This proves that we can find a way forward. We are so fucking amazing together.

“Twelve.” When I complete the final spank, I caress her bottom again, and then as she remains prostrate over my lap, I slowly sink two fingers inside her, circle them round and then round again.

 That’s all it takes for her to explode into an immediate and very intense orgasm. I feel her muscles inside convulsing, wave after wave, clenching and tightening around my fingers as she moans loudly and writhes in pleasure. I like feeling her like this, but my cock is desperate to be in her now.

“That’s right, baby”, I murmur, as I untie her wrists, while she lies on my lap, panting and recovering. “I’ve not finished with you yet, Anastasia.”

 I ease her knees onto the floor so she’s leaning over the bed. I kneel behind her and undo the zip on my pants so my cock can spring free. I get the condom packet out of my pocket, rip it open and quickly sheath up.

“Open your legs,” I growl at her.  I need to bury myself deep in her. As she moves her legs apart, I caress her glowing, spanked bottom, and then I ease into her. She feels so fucking good. After all the delays, this is exactly what I need.  Her warm, wet walls surrounding and gripping my length, feeling like a long, sweet, special kiss from her.

“This is going to be quick, baby,” I warn, as I grab her hips in preparation. I ease out and then continue, slamming back into her hard, again and again, driven by my raging need to fill her with every last bit of my aching, desperate cock. Ana cries out, but it’s because she still wants more from me, as she pushes back to meet each thrust, to drive me into her deeper still.

This is just too good, too crazily good, and it’s all going to be over very soon if she doesn’t stop grinding herself against me in that intensely hot way.

“Ana, no,” I warn her, but she just can't help herself. She’s too wound up after the silver balls and then the spanking. I’ve well and truly let the genie out of the bottle - she’s way too needy to be able to control her strong urges, so I give up trying to resist her.

“Ana, shit,” I cry out as I let go and explode into her, which makes her come again. We ride it out together, wave after wave, until eventually our orgasms subside and we start coming back down to earth.

She’s shattered and wrung out. She just lies there as I withdraw from her, and gently kiss her shoulder. I put my arms around her and rest my head against her back, just above the top of her basque.
Gradually our breathing calms, and I move. We have to get back.
“I believe you owe me a dance, Miss Steele,” I murmur, as I kiss her back.

“Hmm,” she says sleepily. But there’s no time for a post coital nap, as I ease her back onto my lap from the edge of the bed.

“We don't have long. Come on,” I urge, as I help her to stand up.

She grumbles, but starts to get herself together, as she scoops up her panties from the floor. Those, and her dress, are all that she has to put back on. Great easy fuck dress. I like it. Once I’ve used the bathroom to clean myself up, I put my bow tie back on. Ties of all sorts have proved very useful of late, as excellent improvised bondage devices.

I see Ana looking with interest at my pin board, as she slips her dress back on.  God, I look so young in the photos on there, and very much the sullen, moody, difficult teenager. 

That was pre Elena. She set me on a much more even keel, and for that I’ll always be grateful to her. I suppose that’s why she still feels protective towards me, why she still feels the need to take control and sort out my life for me. Well, not any more. She needs to realize that, and hopefully she has after our last conversation.

“Who’s this?” Ana asks, as she stares at a small picture tucked in the corner of the pin board.

Shit. That photo. The only one I ever had of the crack whore, the only link to her.  I guess that’s why I can't bring myself to throw it away, although I didn’t take it with me when I moved out. It’s like a moment in time, just stuck there – not going forward, not going back. It just gets left where it is and ignored, so I don't have to deal with it.

“No one of consequence,” I mutter. I really don't want to talk about the photo and spoil our evening.

“Shall I zip you up?” I offer, as I slip on my jacket.

“Please. Then why is she on your pin board?”

“An oversight on my part. How’s my tie?” I smile at her, as I hold up my chin, so Ana can sort it out for me. I could easily manage it myself, but I like having her fuss over me.  And it will hopefully distract her from asking more questions.

“Now it’s perfect.” Ana says, as she gives it a final adjustment.

“Like you,” I murmur. I can’t resist catching hold of her to kiss her. She’s irresistible. “Feeling better?”

“Much, thank you, Mr. Grey.”

“The pleasure was all mine, Miss Steele.”


We dance the first dance together as the band play ‘I’ve got you under my skin’. Very appropriate.

As Ana relaxes and lets me lead her around the dance floor, we can't seem to stop smiling and grinning at each other, because we’re having so much fun. I like to dance – well, I like to dance with Ana, because I like having her in my arms.

We laugh and joke as the easy banter flows between us, and it’s as if we’re in our own private world where no one else exists. That is, until the song finishes and our bubble is burst, as we’re interrupted.

“May I cut in?”

So Flynn's not given up. He still wants to steal Ana away from me for the second dance, even if he didn’t manage it for the first.  He’s a persistent bastard, I’ll give him that. Behind Ana’s back, I see Taylor looking at me in askance, but I shake my head to let him know this is fine, no intervention required. He hasn't recognized John from behind, but there's no threat here.  Friend not foe.

“Be my guest. Anastasia, this is John Flynn. John, Anastasia.”

I see the look of surprise on her face as she works out that it was the good Doctor Flynn who was my rival for her at the auction. 
I leave them to it, and step back to watch them dance together. I wonder what he’s going to say to her.  He can’t say too much can he, because of professional confidentiality?

I wonder if he’ll manage to pick up on Ana’s insecurities and low self-esteem in the few minutes they’ll spend together – probably not.   But in any case, he is one of the very few men that I'm not jealous about her dancing with - well not much anyway.

John’s different. He’s almost like family I guess.  I trust him with my most terrible inner secrets, so I figure I can trust him with my girlfriend for one dance. And he’s very happily married with two young kids, not that that stops some sleazeballs. But John’s one of the good guys. That’s why he gets invited to things like this benefit at my parents’ house. He’s one of my inner sanctum of trusted acquaintances.

Initially, Ana looks rather shy as she dances with John, but he chats away to put her at ease – that’s his job after all. Soon, they’re laughing and joking together – I hope it’s not at my expense, although I suspect it probably is.

When the music finishes, I’m immediately there to reclaim my date.

“It’s been a pleasure to meet you, Anastasia.” John smiles warmly at her. Looks like her shy charm has worked its usual magic and won him over. Then he disappears back into the crowd, and I pull her into my arms for the next dance. John and I will be speaking later at some point, and then no doubt he’ll give me the benefit of his opinion on Ana.

“He’s much younger than I expected,” she murmurs. “And terribly indiscreet.”

“Indiscreet?” I don't like the sound of this.

“Oh yes, he told me everything,” she says.

What the fuck? Perhaps he felt obliged to warn her about my deepest, darkest shit, perhaps he felt it was his duty to protect such a sweet young woman from a perverted individual like me.

“Well, in that case, I’ll get your purse.  I'm sure you want nothing more to do with me,” I say quietly. Shit, I didn’t see this coming.

“He didn’t tell me anything!” Ana has come to an abrupt halt, and there's a note of panic in her voice. So I think she was just teasing me. Thank Christ for that. I pull her back into my arms.

“Then let’s enjoy this dance.” I smile happily down at her, as I spin her round the dance floor. We dance for two more numbers, just having a good time together.

I’ve always  spent events like this talking business with like-minded entrepreneurs, then taking my leave as early as I can get away with, before going back and working on into the early hours - unless I had a submissive lined up to relieve my tension. I can’t say that I’ve ever spent any of these social evenings just relaxing and enjoying myself.  

But tonight, that’s exactly what I’m doing, because I'm with Anastasia. I'm having fun, because of her, and I can't imagine not having her by my side in future. Now, it would seem so deathly dull without her.

Anastasia tells me she needs the restroom.

“I won’t be long,” she assures me.

I glance over at Taylor. He and Sawyer follow her at a discreet distance, their eyes constantly scanning and assessing, as she makes her way out.

I head over to get a fresh drink, and then have a word with a couple of business acquaintances.

Then I'm interrupted by Ryan, one of the new security team.

“If I might have a quiet word, sir?” he raises his eyebrows, and nods his head towards an empty corner. He’s discreet, I’ll give him that.

“What’s up? Is there a problem?”

“Nothing to worry about, sir, but Taylor has asked me to inform you of a…situation that’s developing regarding Miss Steele, which he thinks you should be made aware of.”

“What kind of a situation?”

“Miss Steele has been approached by a Mrs. Lincoln. Taylor felt you should be apprised of this meeting.” Ryan’s face is impassive, but he's aware that this is not going to be welcome news. Shit.

“What the fuck is Elena doing here? Where are they?” Shit. Shit Shit.

“He reports that they are sat together at the dinner table in the marquee, where Miss Steele had apparently returned to collect her purse.”

Perhaps this isn’t as bad as I feared, if the two women are sitting down and quietly talking together. Perhaps Ana has realized that Elena is not the terrible spectre she always makes her out to be. I can but hope, but in any case I need to check this out for myself at once. There may be some damage limitation required.

I arrive just in time to see Ana marching towards the exit of the tent. She looks furious, livid in fact. Shit. Shit. Shit.

I look over and see Elena, and I think I catch an almost smug expression on her face before she notices me.  

What’s that all about? She raises her hand in greeting and beckons me over, just as Ana sweeps past me. I ignore Elena to follow after Ana. Taylor and Sawyer have now magically melted into the background. They know the shit has already hit the fan, so it’s a waste of time trying to duck.

“Ana,” I call out. “What’s wrong?”

She stops and turns round. I study her face to try and work out what exactly has gone on.

“Why don't you ask your ex?” she hisses at me. The vehemence in her tone leaves me in little doubt that the exchange between her and Elena did not go well. I think it’s fair to say these two ladies are never going to be BFFs. Would’ve made my life much easier if they had.

“I’m asking you.” Whatever’s happened, I expect her to be civil to me and answer my question.  I've told her before; I can't change my past. Elena and I go back a long way. But what on earth has she said that has upset Ana so much?

We glare at each other, and I can see Ana battling to control her temper. That’s a feeling I know very well. Finally I see her take a deep, calming breath before she speaks. 

“She’s threatening to come after me if I hurt you again – probably with a whip,” she snaps at me.

So Elena’s just doing her overprotective thing. That’s not so bad - unnecessary of course, but that’s just her way I guess, after all these years of looking out for me. And the idea of her coming after Ana with a whip is really quite funny.

“Surely the irony of that isn’t lost on you?” Come on, baby, where’s your sense of humor?

“This isn’t funny, Christian!” She’s experiencing a humor by pass apparently.

“No, you’re right.  I’ll talk to her.”  I try my best to stifle my amusement.

“You will do no such thing.” Excuse me? Are you forbidding me to see her?

Anastasia stands there with her arms folded, looking like thunder. She is still seriously pissed off.

“Look, I know you’re tied up with her financially, forgive the pun, but….” Then she’s lost for words and gives up. “I need the restroom.”

She glares at me, and I sigh. What am I supposed to do here?

“Please don't be mad. I didn’t know she was here. She said she wasn’t coming.” I try to calm her down – she really is acting very childishly. Unquestionably, Elena brings out the worst in her.

 I run my finger along her soft bottom lip that is stubbornly pouting as I talk. “Don't let Elena ruin our evening, please, Anastasia. She’s really old news.” We were having such fun, weren’t we?

I gently kiss her to try and win her round. She sighs in resignation, as she regards me with those beautiful eyes from behind her mask. I think maybe we’re over the worst now.

“I’ll accompany you to the powder room so you don't get interrupted again.” I think that’s the best option, under the circumstances.  

We don't speak as I lead her across the lawn to the temporary restrooms, but I think she’s calming down. Feisty little Miss Steele has quite a temper. Appearances can be deceptive. It’s all part of the intriguing package I guess.

“I’ll wait here for you, baby.”

As she disappears, I retrieve my cell from my pocket, and wander a little distance away so I won’t be overheard. Taylor and Sawyer have the restroom exit covered from where they are standing.

“What the fuck are you playing at, Elena?” I cut to the chase.

“There’s no need to be like that with me, Christian. I was only trying to get to know your new girlfriend. Offer her some friendly advice, that kind of thing. But Anastasia bit my head off. She was really quite rude to me in fact.”

“She said you threatened to come after her if she hurt me again.”

“I just thought she should be aware of how affected you were last week, when she broke things off with you. I wouldn’t want her to think she can keep doing that to you, toying with your feelings, not when you’re so emotionally vulnerable. Believe me, Christian, I know how fickle and thoughtless these immature young girls can be. So I thought Anastasia should know that I won’t just stand back and watch you go through that again.”

“Ana knows what I went through last week.  And it wasn’t just me. She went through hell too.”

“If you say so, Christian.”

“I do, Elena. And I don't need you to fight my battles. I told you – Ana and I will work things out together, in our own way.”

“I know that’s what you said, and I know I said I wouldn’t interfere…”

“Why did you change your mind? I thought we’d agreed.”

“I’m just trying to help, because I have a lot more experience in these matters than you. And because I know you better than anyone else, I thought Anastasia might actually be grateful for some help from me, but instead she just threw my offer back in my face.”

“Well, leave her alone.”

“I just want to make sure you're going to be happy, but if that’s really what you think’s best…”

“This is the first regular relationship I've ever had, and I don't want you jeopardizing it through some misguided concern for me. Leave. Her. Alone. I mean it, Elena.”

“You can't possibly think I’d do anything that might spoil this new romance of yours, Christian?”

“No, of course not.”

“I sincerely hope you think more of me than that, after all we’ve been through together.” 

Now it’s Elena who sounds pissed with me, but I can't worry about that, because Ana has returned and is watching me like a hawk.

“I have to go. Goodnight.” I finish the call before Elena has a chance to respond.

“How’s the old news?”

“Cranky. Do you want to dance some more? Or would you like to go?” I check my watch. “The fireworks start in five minutes.”

Anything, let’s do anything rather than argue about Elena again. Please.

“I love fireworks.”

“We’ll stay and watch them then. Don't let her come between us, please.” I put my arms around her and pull her close to me.

“She cares about you,” she mutters.

“Yes, and I her… as a friend.”

“I think it’s more than friendship to her.”

“Anastasia, Elena and I… it’s complicated.  We have a shared history. But it is just that, history. As I've said to you time and again, she’s just a good friend. That’s all. Please forget about her.”

I kiss her hair and fervently hope this will be an end to it. What more can I say, what more can I do?

Ana finally says no more on the subject, and so we wander back to the dance floor, hand in hand, where the band is still playing.
I see my dad making his way over to us.

“Anastasia. I wondered if you’d do me the honor of the next dance.”

As she shyly agrees, I let her go, and Dad takes her out onto the dance floor. She looks a little nervous as they start to dance, when the band strikes up with ‘Come Fly with Me.’

I take the opportunity to speak to Taylor.

“Miss Steele wants to watch the fireworks display, so we’ll be staying for it.”

A pained look passes over Taylor’s face.

“Are you sure that’s wise, sir?”

“I really think you’re being overcautious in your risk assessment regarding Miss William's intentions. But in any case, I'm going to be shielding Miss Steele the whole time, and there are four of you to monitor the crowd.”

“As you wish, sir. But can I request that the team is allowed to move in closer? And please, let me decide when the most opportune moment presents itself for you both to exit the crowd, so that I can ensure the team is best placed to provide the most effective coverage for you both.”

“Agreed,” I sigh reluctantly. It’s nearly the end of the evening.  So far, I don't think Ana has been aware of the extent of the security presence; the team has done well. I must let them do their job for this final part of the evening.

Taylor heads off to organize his team.

I hear the music coming to an end, so I wander over to collect Ana from Dad.

“That’s enough dancing with old men,” I tell her.

“Less of the ‘old,’ son.  I've been known to have my moments,” he protests, as he winks fondly at Ana and wanders off.

“I think my dad likes you,” I mutter. I wonder what they talked about?

“What's not to like?” she teases, as she looks up at me through her lashes.

“Good point well made, Miss Steele. Dance with me,” I whisper as the band strikes up ‘It Had to Be You.’

“With pleasure, Mr. Grey,” she smiles back at me, as we sweep across the dance floor again.


At least everyone has taken their masks off now to watch the fireworks, so that makes things slightly easier for Taylor and his team.

Ana seems to shiver when she notices Taylor. I’m guessing he’s an unwelcome reminder about the whole Leila situation, so I pull her closer to me, as I stand behind her and put both my arms around her shoulders. Effectively I’m her human shield now.

As the firework display starts, I watch Ana’s delighted face, and I’m glad we stayed, because she smiles and grins in childish delight at each new volley.  I can’t remember the last time I actually bothered to stay and watch the fireworks, but now I’m enjoying them too.

“Oh, Christian… that was wonderful,” she beams at me when they finally finish, and I bend down to kiss her. I love seeing her happy like this, but I can tell she is very tired now.

“Time to go.”

But Taylor signals that he wants us to hold back. Something has made him uneasy.  Crowds like this make him very nervous. He wants to make sure the security detail have everything covered before we make our move.

“Stay with me a moment. Taylor wants us to wait while the crowd disperses. I think that firework display probably aged him a hundred years.”

“Doesn’t he like fireworks?” she asks innocently.

I’m glad Ana’s such an innocent. I'm glad she doesn’t realize Taylor was worried Leila might try to shoot her under cover of the fireworks, although personally I think he’s overreacting to the perceived threat. I know he’s just doing his job, but I'm pretty sure Leila wouldn’t hurt anyone. 

But I decide to change the subject before that inquiring mind of Ana’s figures any of this out.
“So, Aspen.”  I bring the subject to up to distract her, and thankfully it works, as she suddenly realizes that she hasn’t paid for her bid.

We finally manage to make our escape, after saying all our goodbyes to my family. Anastasia seems rather bemused and taken aback by their very affectionate farewells – at least she is spared my grandparents over exuberance, as they have already left.

And when I see how friendly Mia is towards Ana, even suggesting they hit the mall together next week, which is the ultimate accolade from her, I almost forgive her for constantly thwarting our plans this evening, especially when she accepts without too much protest that we are not staying for the music session with the DJ.

“I like seeing you this happy,” Mia tells me, as she kisses my cheek. My sister is such a sweet girl. And hell, I like me this happy too.

“What did you mean about a big day tomorrow?” Ana asks, as we make our way back to the car.

“Doctor Greene is coming to sort you out. Plus, I have a surprise for you.”

I’m hoping her curiosity about the surprise will deflect any upset about me arranging the doctor, without running it by her first. Well I did kind of mention it before, and she didn’t object. That’s good enough, isn’t it? 

“Doctor Greene!” She stops in her tracks. Shit, she’s going to kick off.



“Because I hate condoms.”  

Only for Anastasia would I have persevered with them this long.  A good fuck is so much better without a condom, any guy will tell you that. Unless he suffers from premature ejaculation, and needs that barrier to slow him down. But I don't. That’s not a problem I’ve had since I was an over keen fifteen year old. So why carry on using condoms, when there are other much better options? But does Ana’s inexperience mean that she doesn’t understand any of this? Does she think I'm just being a selfish, priapic bastard?

“It’s my body,” she insists, annoyance clouding her pretty face.

“It’s mine, too,” I whisper. 

Because I know her body better than she does. Ana shouldn’t forget that before she met me, she was a virgin, who didn't even know how to pleasure herself. It’s only thanks to me that she’s now experienced so many fantastic orgasms. All her pleasure belongs to me. Every single orgasm she’s ever had is down to me. Thanks to my skills, she’s been introduced to a whole new world of immense sexual pleasure.  So hell yeah, I think it’s fair to say that her body is mine.

She gazes up at me, and then reaches up to slowly pull my bow tie undone.  I try not to flinch, but it’s hard. I’m still not used to being touched like this. Then she undoes the top button of my shirt.

“You look hot like this,” she whispers.

I think she is trying to tell me that if her body is mine, then by the same token, my body is hers, which means I have to allow her to touch me.  It’s a fair exchange, I guess, and I really am doing my best to let her, now she has the lipstick boundaries to guide her. 

“I need to get you home. Come.” She can gladly have my body all to herself, as soon as we get back.

As we get in the car, I see Taylor looking immensely relieved. We have made it safely through the evening, and are now in the bullet proof safety zone of the Audi SUV, where he no doubt feels much happier and in control.

Then Sawyer hands me an envelope, as he mutters a few discreet words. Apparently, one of the waitresses handed it to him to pass on. It’s addressed to Anastasia, so I give it to her. I’m sitting right next to her in the back of the car, so I’ll get to see what it’s about when she opens it.

“It’s addressed to you. One of the staff gave it to Sawyer. No doubt from yet another ensnared heart.” Some other fucker better not be sending her love letters.

Ana opens it straight away, and her eyes widen as she reads it.

“You told her?”

“Told who, what?”

“That I call her Mrs. Robinson,” she snaps.

“It’s from Elena? This is ridiculous. I’ll deal with her tomorrow. Or Monday.”

What the fuck does Elena think she’s doing? What is her problem? What on earth does she possibly think she can achieve with all this meddling? Her intentions might be well meaning, and she might think she's helping, but actually all she's doing is making problems between Ana and me.

I've no idea what she's put in her note, but I could not have made my wishes any clearer when I told her to leave Ana alone and stop interfering just a few short minutes ago, and now she goes and does this? She's completely overstepping the mark. 

I’m seriously pissed with her now, and I don't even want to talk to her. She can just go to hell, because I'm fed up with her meddling. The last thing I want is for her to spoil the surprise I've got planned for tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it, and I can't wait to see Ana's reaction. So Elena can just fuck off and leave us alone. She really has gone too far this time.

Ana seems somewhat mollified by my reaction to the letter, and stuffs it in her purse. As she does so, she retrieves the silver balls and hands them back to me.

“Until next time,” she whispers, with a sexy little smile.

I smile back and gently squeeze her hand. Those silver balls have certainly proved to be a very potent device and must be used with great care in future. I want her needy for me, not for them, so I shall be keeping them strictly under my control. I will decide when she can use them, at a time that I deem appropriate –  when I want her hot for me to fuck her. I love the idea of her having to sit quietly at a function, all the while having those silver balls arousing her, until she’s begging me to take her anywhere of my choosing. 

My imagination is conjuring up some pretty wild scenarios for us. All the more reason to get her contraception sorted – condoms are such a fucking hindrance to being spontaneous and adventurous.
It’s hard to believe what a highly sexual creature the recently virginal little Miss Steele has turned into, in such a short time. She was just waiting for me to unlock her sensuality. 

I trust her implicitly, but the undoubted sexuality she is now unconsciously radiating, is making her irresistible to virtually every male she comes into contact with. But she’s still unaware of the effect she has, so I shall have to be extra vigilant on her behalf.  I'm really glad she staying with me at Escala. Very glad indeed.


Anastasia’s so tired that she falls asleep in the car on the way back. I love watching her sleep. She looks so young and sweet and carefree.

All too soon we’re back, and I have to wake her.

“Do I need to carry you in?” I ask, but she shakes her head, as she yawns and rouses herself.

In the elevator, she's so tired , she’s virtually sleeping standing up as she leans on me, and can do little more than nod to answer me when I talk to her.

“Come, I’ll put you to bed,” I lead her by the hand as we exit the elevator, but we are abruptly stopped in our tracks.

Sawyer holds up his hand to halt us in the foyer, as he listens to something coming through on his earpiece.

“Will do, T,” he replies into his hand piece. 

“Mr. Grey, the tires on Ms. Steele’s Audi have been slashed and paint thrown all over it.”


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