19 June 2012

Chapter 8 - Firsts

Mostly I fuck my subs in my playroom. But sometimes, when I've been working in my study for a while over the weekend when my sub is around, I might call her down to relieve my tension. She will know that if she is called to my study, she is to come in wearing just her panties and kneel beside my desk. 
When I pause what I'm doing to sit back and nod to her, she is to come between my legs as I sit at my desk, undo my pants and fellate me. I like to be deep throated, and I prefer a sub who is prepared to swallow. 

When she is done, she does my pants back up, gets up and returns to her room without ever speaking or looking up at me. Occasionally, I might instruct her to lean over my desk so that I can spank and fuck her hard from behind, if I'm feeling particularly frustrated, if a deal isn't going well.

My sub always does all the cooking and meal preparations over the weekend. Sometimes I might decide to quickly fuck her over the worktop in the kitchen if I feel like it, or maybe instruct her to bend over and hold her ankles so that I can take her that way if I prefer. She will always do exactly as I instruct her immediately and without hesitation, or she knows that I will punish her.

Other than that, fucking of subs takes place in my playroom. Never in my bed, or anywhere in my bedroom.

Until now.

I feel a certain kind of responsibility as Anastasia's first lover, and I don't want her memory of her first time to be in my playroom. Everyone remembers their first time, and it just doesn't seem appropriate. So although I've never had sex in my bedroom before, somehow it seems right that we head there. Okay, I'm not going soft in the head. I don't want to scare her off.  This is just a means to an end right, to ensure that Ana ends up as my sub? For this prize, I can adapt and make exceptions. Fucking, making love, or a mixture of both, it all amounts to the same thing in the end doesn't it?

Nothing about this evening is anything like my normal routine. It's not just Ana who is experiencing things for the first time.

We gaze intently into each other's eyes the whole time. Her beautiful blue eyes are shining with desire and excitement, showing me, telling me, that she really wants me. And I have little doubt that my eyes are telling her exactly the same thing.

"You are one brave young woman, I am in awe of you," I whisper as I kiss her and bite that delicious lip. "Please, Ana. Let me make love to you."

"Yes," she whispers, and I'm ecstatic as I lead her into my bedroom, although I can't help noticing that she is shaking with nerves.

"I assume you're not on the Pill?"

By the expression on her face it's apparent she's not. Shit. That means using condoms. I hate condoms, but I never take risks, so there's no alternative apart from sending her away. That's sure as hell not going to happen.

Good job I've got a box of condoms here in my bedroom. I keep a supply so that I've always got some to hand out to Elliot. I worry about him, because he's such an in-the-moment kind of guy that he'll happily fuck any girl he meets, without bothering to check on her sexual health. So far, he's escaped getting anything too serious, or knocking anyone up that we know of, but I know Mom worries about him too, so I try to make sure he's prepared whenever I can. Now it turns out that I'm the one who needs to be prepared.

I remove my jacket, shoes and socks, then set about undressing delicious Miss Steele. I murmur to her as I do so, trying to relax her. All the time we're still looking at each other, staring into each other's eyes.

I kiss her lips, then gently kiss across her jaw, her chin, then her soft delicious mouth again. I remove her jacket, then unbutton and remove her shirt. As it falls to the floor, I see she is wearing the blue lacy Agent Provocateur bra I ordered Taylor to get – I'm pleased to see it's a perfect fit for her beautiful breasts. Her pale flawless skin is simply exquisite, as I knew it would be, and I want to touch it, to kiss all of it.
I want to see her thick chestnut hair loose, so I let it down and it's glorious as it cascades around her shoulders.

"I love brunettes," I murmur, as I twist my fingers through it to hold her head still while I kiss her again. Always brunettes. This time it's a deep, demanding kiss and she responds, her tongue meeting mine in a passionate, erotic dance.

As we continue kissing, I pull her hard against me so that my erection gets a touch of the connection it's craving. She grips my arms, and then reaches up to twist her fingers tightly in my hair to pull me down to kiss her. I'm surprised to discover that I actually really like her doing this. Who knew?

I move her towards the bed, then drop to my knees in front of her, so that I can lick her navel and nip her soft, sweet skin from one hip to the other. I know this will tantalize her and I'm going all out with every trick I know to arouse and prepare her. From her groaning and heavy breathing I know I'm working her up into a frenzy that will have her begging me to fuck her. But I'm not done yet.

As I remain kneeling, I unbutton her jeans and slowly slide them down, all the while continuing to stare into her eyes, both of us unwilling to look away to break the spell.

Then I run my nose against her panties to smell her natural, female musky smell. The smell of arousal, of sex, of need. A basic primal, instinctive smell. It tells me that she wants me, that she is ready for me. Her smell is intoxicating and drives me totally fucking wild.

I push her back on the bed, dispense with her shoes and socks, then run my tongue and teeth along the soles of her feet, knowing this will surprise her, because the very core of her sex will react strongly to this stimulation. It works; Ana is so fucking responsive, she is moaning and writhing on the bed for me already.

"Oh Ana, what I could do to you," I whisper in delight. I remove her jeans as she lies back on the bed, and she looks wonderful lying there in her pale blue lacy bra and panties. A real natural beauty, the whole package.

"You're very beautiful Anastasia Steele. I can't wait to be inside you," I whisper. Now I want to see how she looks when she has her orgasm.

"Show me how you pleasure yourself," I order. She looks puzzled. "Don't be coy, Ana, show me."

"I don't know what you mean," she shakes her head at me.

"How do you make yourself come? I want to see."

"I don't."

For fuck's sake! Seriously, she's never even had an orgasm?

"Well, we'll have to see what we can do about that," I chuckle.
I'm going to have all the pleasure of her sexual awakening. I'm going to give her her first orgasm. How fucking exciting. Oh Miss Steele, you have so much to learn, there is so much I can show you. First I need to see how easily I can make you come. You seem very, very responsive.

I take off my jeans, then I spread her ankles apart and crawl between them. She's squirming all over the place, so I tell her to keep still, but she finds it hard. I kiss my way upwards, then flick both of her fantastic breasts out of her bra but I leave it on, to keep them bound and pushed up ready for me to play with. Her deliciously pretty pink nipples stand out proudly. I'm going to have such fun with those.

"Very nice," I whisper as I gently blow on one soft nipple while I roll the other in my fingertips. By her groan and the way she is gripping the sheet under her, I know this is resonating intensely in her very core, just as I meant it to. She is so responsive, so easy to work up. Next, I suck one nipple very hard, while I harshly tweak the other between my fingertips. 

Pain and pleasure, hand in hand - the first lesson.

She nearly leaps off the bed, so now I think I can make her come just by doing this. She is so sexually responsive that I can't understand how the hell she's managed to remain a virgin this long, but then maybe that's why she's so responsive – I'm unleashing all of her repressed sexual needs. 

I don't care, whatever the reason, I fucking love doing this to her while I watch her sweet face. I keep relentlessly working on her nipples, and I can feel her body working up to her release, even though she doesn't understand what's about to hit her.

"Let go, baby," I whisper, then nip her nipple with my teeth and pull even harder on the other with my fingers to send her over the edge to her very first orgasm. As she convulses in ecstasy, I kiss her deeply to claim her cries as my reward.

She slowly comes down from her high, and I smile at her, satisfied beyond belief with her response. She looks up at me in stunned awe as she struggles to catch her breath.

Yeah baby, that's what all the fuss is about. And there's plenty more to come. But I'm going to have a lot of fun teaching you to control it, only allowing you to come if I say so. Or I will have to punish you. Yes, so much fun.

I can't wait much longer to fuck her, so I check if she's ready for me by slipping my finger inside her panties. I groan out loud when I find out how wet she is and all I want is to be inside her. But first I finger fuck her so she's really desperate, to get her even more aroused and begging for me.

It's time. I can't wait any longer. I have to be inside her.

I take her panties off, and then my boxers so that my rock hard erection is released. I push her legs apart so that I can kneel between them as I roll on a condom. I see the scared look on her face when she sees my length. Yeah Miss Steele, I'm a big boy alright and you're going to take every last bit of this. But I have to remember she's a virgin, so I reassure her that she will stretch to take me. 

She looks so good naked, but different to how I'm used to my women. She's still in all her natural glory, she hasn't waxed or shaved. I'm surprised to find I rather like it; until now, I've always insisted my subs must be fully divested of all body hair.

And then I position myself ready to take her.

"You really want to do this?" I ask her one last time.

"Please," she begs me.

"Pull your knees up," I instruct, and she immediately obeys without hesitation.

I position my tip at her wet, inviting entrance, and I can feel her soft sweet folds just begging me in.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Miss Steele," I warn her. "Hard."

I've never fucked a virgin before, but of course I know it will hurt her, so I figure it's best not to be hesitant or half-hearted about it.

One really hard, decisive thrust, and I've ripped through her virginity. She cries out, but I continue to slam all the way in, right up to the very hilt before I stop and pause.

And on some deep primeval level, I am triumphant. I have claimed her. Anastasia is now mine.

Christ, she is so fucking tight. I'm totally encased by her silky, velvety softness clamping tightly all around me. Fucking hell.

"You're so tight," I groan. "You okay?" She nods as she grips my forearms. I remain still, to let her acclimatize, but also so that I can savor the exquisite sensation of being inside Anastasia.

After a moment, I tell her I'm going to move. I slowly ease back, groaning at the intense pleasure I feel as her silkiness strokes me on the way out. Then I thrust back in again, causing her to cry out again, but I can sense that she is okay, she doesn't want me to stop.

I pause, buried deep inside her again; we are a perfect, bespoke fit. A tiny voice from the hidden depths of somewhere unknown, whispers to me that this woman is mine. We are meant to be together, our paths are entwined. That's why I feel her calling to me so strongly, why I can't resist her. This is so much more than just fucking, this is a magical melding, a cleaving between us. That's why she waited for me to claim her virginity, why she needed me to awaken her sexuality. I try very hard to ignore this ludicrous, ridiculous voice, and push it to the back of my mind.

"More?" I manage to whisper.


I thrust in again to feel her glorious lush tightness. It's pure fucking heaven. It's never felt as good as this before.


"Yes," she begs me now, so I know she's ready for much more. I continue thrusting in and out as we find our rhythm together, her hips rising to match each of my thrusts as we begin to build and climb together. I alter my angle slightly to make sure I'm stroking her G spot as I slide in and out. I'm rewarded as I feel her start to quiver… I kiss and bite her lip … I feel her stiffen …

"Come for me, Ana" I whisper, and she obediently, gloriously, does. She is already incredibly tight around my length and then I feel the waves and spasms of her orgasm tightening and clenching around me fiercely. With one final sharp hard thrust, I'm sent over the edge into an intense climax as I empty myself into her, calling out her name as I do. Fucking mind blowing.

As we both slowly come down from our explosive release, I let my forehead rest on hers as I catch my breath. I gently kiss her as I withdraw, causing her to wince. She seems to think it amusing when I enquire if I've hurt her, and the irony is not lost on me.

"Seriously, are you okay?" I probe, as I tenderly tuck a soft little strand of hair behind her ear. I want reassurance that this has been a good first time experience for her. She's smiling, but doesn't answer me. I need to know, she must tell me, it's suddenly very important to me.

"I'd like to do that again," she shyly whispers her answer, and I smile in relief.

Thank Christ. If she's that keen, it was as good for her as it was for me. She has no idea how amazing that was for me. How our connection made it so much better than my usual type of fucking. What the hell is going on here? That was just boring vanilla sex. I've always believed I needed much more than that to feel satisfied.

"Would you now Miss Steele? Demanding little thing aren't you? Turn on your front."

Good job I'm a fast reloader. Basic position number two coming right up. I love fucking from behind.

I unhook her bra, run my hands down the silky skin of her back, and then caress the curve of her gorgeous, perfect behind. I imagine what it will feel like to first gently rub her cheeky little ass, then suddenly spank her hard. Later Grey, she's not ready for that yet. Don't risk frightening her off now.

I like that I can totally pin her down on the bed in this position. It means Ana won't be able to touch me, so I relax and remove my shirt when she queries why I still have it on.

"So you want me to fuck you again? Well this time I'm going to take you from behind, Anastasia," I gloat as we start again. 

This is so much fun, so many things to try out with her.
I grip her hair at the nape of her neck to hold her still as I position myself, and then reach my hand round to massage her clitoris.

"You are mine, only mine. Don't forget it," I whisper, so turned on by the knowledge that no other man has ever touched her in this way before.

I breathe in her intoxicating smell around her hair line. I think I'm becoming addicted to her. I'm just like a drug addict, and she's exactly my brand of heroin.

"You smell divine," I whisper.

Once again she is very responsive to my touch, as I continue to rub around her nub in little circles.

"Keep still," I order as she tries to move her hips in response. 

I step things up another notch as I use my thumb to stroke the front wall of her vagina, a technique guaranteed to send her wild, a fact confirmed by her loud groaning.

"You like this?" I tease, as I thrust in and out with my thumb and continue to circle her with my finger. She feels so wet already, she's so responsive, and I really, really like that.

Now I try another little naughty trick with her.

"Open your mouth," I command, then thrust my thumb into her mouth to let her taste her arousal for herself. It will shock her, but it is so fucking sexy.

"Suck me, baby," I tell her next. I want to feel her fellate my finger. She doesn't disappoint as she sucks hard on my thumb.

"I want to fuck your mouth, Anastasia, and I will soon," I whisper in delight at how she's performing.

I think it's shock at my words that makes her bite me, which amuses me but is not what I told her to do. I pull her hair to warn her and she releases my thumb.

"Naughty, sweet girl," I whisper, as I sheath up ready to start fucking her.

This time we are going to go really slowly, and I'm going to give her the first lesson in how I control her pleasure, I control her orgasm.

I slowly ease into her, all the way in, really deeply from behind. She feels just as tight and hot and lush as the first time. I slowly circle my hips when I'm inside her so that my length stimulates every bit of her, every sensitive nerve ending, then I slowly pull out. She groans loudly. I slowly repeat this over and over again. She feels fucking amazing, and it takes all my considerable control to prevent me from just slamming into her.

Very quickly I feel her start to quiver and tremble, so I pull back and wait. I want to keep her just on the tantalizing edge of her release.

"Oh no, baby, not yet," I tease. 

Once she's calmed down, I start again. We repeat the process again and again. Orgasm control requires considerable skill. Tease and denial is a classic Dominant technique for training a sub. I'm a real expert at it, and soon she is begging me to let her come.

But not yet. I want her sore. I want her to think of me every time she moves tomorrow. I want her to remember that she is totally mine, because only I have been here. So I continue, slowly entering, circling inside her and then withdrawing.

"Please, Christian," she begs again, almost beside herself with need.

"What do you want, Anastasia? Tell me," I command. Now she understands that I am in control, only I can give her the release she craves. I repeat my actions again, slowly entering, grinding round inside her and then withdrawing. "Tell me."

"You, please," she pleads with me. Next time she will call me 'Sir'.

She has said the right words, so to reward her I slowly start to increase the rhythm.

"You. Are. So. Sweet. I. Want. You. So. Much," I growl as I thrust harder and quicker.

Finally I allow her to climax. "Come for me baby."

She has an intense orgasm that causes her to scream out my name even as she's trapped face down on the bed where I'm lying on top of her. Wave after wave of her strong orgasm milks and sucks at me, and inevitably my release quickly follows hers with a couple of final hard thrusts.

I collapse on top of her gasping for breath. Shit, that was so incredibly intense again.

"Fuck. Ana."

This girl is simply a natural at sex.

I pull out and roll onto my side of the bed.

She is so thoroughly fucked that she just curls up on her side and crashes out, exhausted and overwhelmed.

I glance at the clock – I see it's well after midnight. So now I can truthfully say that I have fucked her into tomorrow, just as I've wanted to do ever since Miss Anastasia Rose Steele first fell into my office.

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