19 June 2012

Chapter 9 - Mama Grey

I wake up and stretch contentedly, feeling refreshed. Looking at the time, I'm surprised to see that after I came back to bed last night with Anastasia, I slept deeply for several hours. So it seems it's not just a one off fluke that I sleep really well when she's in my bed. 

I frown as I reach over and realize that she's gone, but as I can hear noises coming from the vicinity of the kitchen, I relax as I guess she's making some breakfast.

In any case, I've instructed Taylor to intercept her and alert me if he sees, via the security CCTV, that she's attempting to leave unaccompanied. As he has full responsibility for all security, he is always fully apprised with details of any guests overnighting in my apartment - it's a very rare occurrence. Of course as I told her yesterday, Ana is free to leave whenever she wishes, but I don't want her running without the chance for me to talk to her, to try and change her mind.

As I get out of bed and throw back the covers, I notice again the blood stain on the sheets. It brings to mind how in olden times, proof of a woman's virtue on her wedding night was a prized possession, a trophy even. Mrs Jones will no doubt see the bloodstain too, and maybe think that I've stooped to a new level of depravity by deflowering a young virgin in my bed. 

But having worked for me for the last few years, Gail knows that whatever goes on in my apartment is always completely consensual. I don't think either she or Taylor would be prepared to work for me if it was any other way, however much I paid them, although I know it's always possible to employ staff that would be prepared to turn a blind eye.

But evidence of sexual activity in my bed will be a first, and she will no doubt be curious. However, she won't make any comment to me - that's why she and Taylor have worked for me for as long as they have. Discrete. Loyal. Efficient. Trustworthy. Good at keeping their mouths shut and not speaking out of turn. These are all essential attributes required by my inner sanctum of staff. Being as close as they are, Gail and Jason will no doubt discuss it between themselves and probably feel sorry for the girl in question, but they know me well enough to understand that I would never have forced her to do anything against her will.

I make my way to the kitchen, then quietly sit down to watch Anastasia, finding myself mesmerized.

She is dancing her way round the kitchen as she's mixing something in a bowl under her arm. She's wearing the white shirt I discarded last night – with nothing on underneath I realize, as she reaches up into the cupboard, and I see one of her delicious cheeks peeking out. She looks very young, very cute, and sexy as hell.

I can see she's got headphones in, so I assume she's listening to an iPod. She's also singing along, in a sweet little voice. It's obviously a song she knows very well, and from the emphasis she's putting into the lyrics, one that seems to resonate pretty strongly with her.

So you think you got it all worked out...
You got your hot pants on, you got your arse right out...
Think that you are something new and special...
Me and my drab dress we don't do at all...
I spent so long trying to fit the prototype...
I don't care...anything you can do I can do better...
All you girls, you look and flip your hair, you wonder why I'm still here...
So you've got your little groups and gangs...well I don't wanna be in that game...you've got the wrong girl...coz I'll be flying higher
You're superficial, I'm a misfit...so what we don't look the same...
You're superficial, I'm a misfit...
But that's okay...

Hmm, fascinating. Amy Studt's 'Misfit' if I'm not mistaken. Is that how she sees herself, as someone who doesn't fit in? I recall some of the intimidating gangs of girls from college, all superficially pretty in a blonde and tanned way and so fucking bitchy. Maybe they're the type Ana is thinking about. I must have a look through her playlist, see if I can pick up any other clues about her from her choices. She is so shy and self contained that I find it difficult to read her, although sometimes I think I can second guess what she's thinking.

She was quite perceptive about the piece of music I was playing on my piano last night when she came and found me in the early hours. I'm glad music seems important to her, that she seems to like the pieces I play or have on in my car. Music is an integral part of who I am. I escape into it, it helps calm me when I need to think things through.

Learning to play the piano brought me back to life when I was a child. I think my mom secretly has a theory that perhaps my biological father was some sort of a musician. Whatever. The crack whore probably never even knew which one of her many punters got her knocked up. Most likely, whoever he was, he never even knew of my existence. We'll never know, and I really couldn't give a shit.

I quietly go and sit at the breakfast bar. Whatever Ana's cooking sure smells good. When she sees me, she freezes and stops dancing.

"Good morning Miss Steele. You're very energetic this morning," I tease, as she blushes and looks embarrassed.

We eat the breakfast she's prepared, and she seems pleased that I asked Mrs. Jones to get in some of her favorite tea - Twinings English breakfast. I take pride in remembering little details like these – it can often make or break a deal.

Clearly my desire for her to remember how I claimed her body as mine last night has been successful, because she winces as she sits down. That'll be all the fucking then.

I find myself amused at her pithy comeback when I enquire just how sore she is.

"Well to be truthful, I have nothing to compare this to. Did you wish to offer your commiserations?" she snaps.

Actually, I'm trying to assess where to continue with her basic training. Seeing as I've wanted to fuck her mouth ever since the day she fell into my office, I suggest maybe we try oral skills. She nearly chokes in shock.

"That's if you want to stay," I check, unsure now if I'm pushing her too hard too fast. I really don't want to risk losing her; I'd rather slow down than scare her off. Last night was... well it was the best night I can remember in such a very long time. I want many more nights with her like that.

She tells me she'd like to stay for today, but has work the following day. I promise to get her to work on time, but she really seems keen to get back, making the excuse that she needs clean clothes. Even the offer of getting her some more clothes doesn't sway her to stay another night.

Frustratingly she insists she wants to be home this evening. I'm beyond disappointed, but realize I cannot make her stay. She is so fucking independent and self-contained. Most women would be thrilled with the offer of some new clothes, but not Miss Steele.

Now she stops eating, saying she's not hungry, having hardly eaten anything at all. It makes me so fucking angry to see food go to waste. If, like me, you've experienced near starvation, it seems incredibly selfish and wasteful when people don't eat good food that's right in front of them. Ana is already very slim and fragile looking, so I can't stand the thought of her not eating enough, starving herself. I must check that she has no history of anorexia or bulimia.

As we clear away, I tell her we'll take a bath after breakfast. I find both showering and bathing very pleasurable. To be warm and clean are more basic luxuries that people take for granted.

Then fucking interfering Katherine Kavanagh calls on Ana's cell, checking that she is okay, clearly fishing for information about what happened last night. Ana says very little, but tells her that she'll see her tonight. She clearly feels torn about what she can say to her friend. She tells me she wants to ask Kate about sex, so is that okay now she's signed the NDA?

Seeing as how I assume Kate has been with my brother again last night, I'm really not comfortable with Ana discussing our sexual activities with her friend. She has me as her point of reference, she can ask me anything. I can tell her everything she needs to know.

"Does your family know about your... um predilection?" she queries.

"No. It's none of their business."

And this is the crux of my dilemma. This is the problem with my potential new sub mixing with my family. I've always managed to keep these two worlds completely separate, but now they're crossing over and colliding in a most confusing way. I tried to figure this all out in my head last night as I watched Anastasia sleeping.

Elliot knows about Ana, and is probably going to hear a lot more about her thanks to Kate. Should I worry about this as I can sense that Ana is sincere when she says she won't tell anyone, not even Kate, anything about us? My gut feeling tells me to trust her, and it rarely lets me down about things like this.

Maybe I can kind of do the girlfriend thing with her some of the time as well as have her subbing for me. Is this possible? If it isn't, then the alternative is that I have to let her go, and I know that I can't. I just can't. So maybe I have to stop over thinking this and just see what happens. This freaks me out because I like everything planned out and controlled. I don't like surprises. I really could do with a session with the good Doctor Flynn, but he's out of town, so I can't see him just yet.
Before I make any assumptions about whether or not we are going to continue with whatever this is between us, I need to find out what Ana thinks about last night, seeing as she crashed out exhausted after her third orgasm, before she could say very much.

"How was last night for you?" I ask, anxious to discover her assessment of things. I think it went very well indeed, but I mustn't assume Anastasia feels the same, especially as she seems keen to leave. Is she planning to run?

"Good," she whispers shyly, then smiles her wonderful smile at me. I'm stupidly pleased and also relieved by this response.

"Me too. I've never had vanilla sex before. There's a lot to be said for it. But then maybe it's because it's with you," I confess, as I run my finger across that pouty bottom lip of hers. Elena always told me that vanilla sex would never be enough for someone like me, and I've never doubted that she was right – until now.

I shake my head to get rid of all these thoughts and lead Ana towards the bathroom.


After our session together in the bath, I'm even more confused by Ana, she is such a contradiction. She really seems to have no idea at all about just how beautiful she is – she's very slim, has lovely long legs, a gorgeous ass and her fantastic tits are about the most perfect I've ever seen, the type that men dream and fantasize about. But she hangs her head, so shy and self-conscious, uncomfortably standing naked in front of me when I want to take pleasure in looking at her. She almost acts as if she's ashamed - maybe she has some self-esteem issues?

Then when we're in the bath, she completely takes me by surprise when she suddenly takes the initiative and brazenly gives me the most fantastic, mind blowing oral sex. It starts off when I show her exactly how I like my cock handled and pleasured. Next thing I know, she's gone down on me. Fuck! The full works, sucking, licking, deep throating me to perfection, no gag reflex at all. She even lets me come in her mouth and then just effortlessly swallows.

She tells me this is the first time she's ever done this, and I can tell she's being truthful. She's just a natural, and what's more I can see she really enjoyed doing it and is turned on big time. I can't believe how amazing this girl is. Her mouth fucked me, rather than me fucking her mouth, which should maybe worry me, but it doesn't. It was just great to have someone who liked doing this as much as I liked having it done, and I have to award her the most well deserved 'A' in oral skills.

Christ, I really want her to say yes to our arrangement even more now. We are just so fucking good together.

After this performance, I definitely think she is ready for me to take things to the next stage with her, as we move back to my bedroom.

"Trust me?" I ask.

She looks at me with those big blue eyes and nods.

I freaked a little with her last night when she tried to touch my bare chest because she doesn't understand about my no go areas. I'll feel more relaxed when I know her hands can't stray. We may not be in my playroom, but I can improvise. I go into my closet and grab a silver grey silk woven tie. This should do the job just fine.

"Knit your hands together in front of you," I order, and I can feel the thrill of being in total control again course through me as I bind her wrists together very tightly. I love that she looks so sweet and young with her pigtails, and that excites me even more. I lie her on the bed and push her hands up over her head. Now I can give her the first lesson in the Dom/sub way of doing things.

"Keep your hands up here, don't move them, understand?" I instruct her firmly.

She looks at me in surprise, and I think she feels intimidated. Good.

"Answer me."

"I won't move my hands," she whispers.

She still finds keeping still so difficult as I kiss her all over her body, but she has to learn control, to do exactly as I tell her. So when she disobeys me and moves her hands to try and touch me, I tell her off and slowly start all over again, knowing that she is feeling frustrated by this slow, sensual attack on her. I'm building up to give Ana her first lesson in the art of Cunnilingus.

I love performing Cunnilingus on a woman. It takes time to learn the skills required, to know exactly the right spot to concentrate on, to know how much pressure to use, to understand and gauge how just the gentlest flick of the tongue can give so much pleasure – pleasure that can so easily be withdrawn each time her climax approaches. This gives me total and absolute control over her. I can dictate exactly how much pleasure I am willing to allow.

Anastasia is so aroused and responsive that she nearly convulses off the bed when I gently suck and then circle her clitoris with my tongue. She smells and tastes so fucking sweet, she's just divine. I swirl my tongue round and round to increase her pleasure because I've decided to reward her performance in the bath.

Next up is the Venus butterfly – my tongue on her clitoris, my finger in her vagina, and she nearly comes right there, but I hold back, I want this to last longer for her. She's so wet and ready that I know she can't hold out much longer. I move my finger round inside her to match the actions of my tongue. She explodes loudly as her senses splinter and shatter, screaming out my name as her orgasm rips through her.

It's my turn now, so after quickly sheathing up, I ease into her lushness, feeling the exquisite tightness once more. I hold back at first to check she's okay, that this isn't too sore for her, but she begs me to carry on. So now I really pump hard into her, faster and faster, hitting her sweet spot and pushing and pounding into her again and again, because I really want, I really need her to come again, so I carry on until finally I feel her quivering again.

"Come for me baby," I call out, and she explodes around me again. I can feel her clenching and squeezing my length, so I know I've succeeded, that I've forced her body to respond to me again. I need every fuck between us to be totally mind-blowing so that she will be compelled to agree to be my sub.

"Thank fuck," I groan, as I give a final thrust and come hard to release into her.

As we recover and start to regain our senses, she looks up at me in a state of sex induced stupor.

"See how good we are together. If you give yourself to me, it will be so much better. Trust me, Anastasia, I can take you places you don't even know exist" I whisper seductively, hoping my sexual prowess will help bind her to me.

Then we both suddenly freeze as we hear voices just outside my bedroom door.

I realize with horror that it's the unmistakable sound of my mother, in full overprotective and concerned mode, determined to march right in to see me. Taylor is doing his utmost to tactfully and discretely head her off, but she seems to be under the impression that there is something wrong with me, that clearly I must be ill or something as I'm still in bed at this time of day.

It's only when Taylor finally tells her that I'm 'not alone', that I have 'someone with me', that the penny drops for Mom, and it's clear she's taken completely by surprise by this disclosure. It's obviously never occurred to her that she might catch me in flagrante delicto in my bedroom. Until I met Anastasia, that would have been the correct assumption.

"Shit! It's my mother," I tell a shocked Anastasia. I hurriedly withdraw and she winces. "Come on, we need to get dressed – that's if you want to meet my mother."

I jump out of bed, quickly dispose of the condom, then throw on my jeans, going commando for the sake of expediency.

Of course straight away I suspect who I have to thank for this unannounced visit from Mom. No doubt my dear brother Elliot has somehow been stirring things up, just enough to get her racing over here without so much as a phone call to warn me. I'll deal with him later.

I look over at Ana, who is still in a state of horrified shock.

Short of keeping her hidden away here in the bedroom, I'm going to have to introduce her to my mom. And as I look at her, I realize that she is not a girl to be ashamed of or hidden away, and it's not as if I have to lie or make up any stories about how we met. It was all perfectly innocent and above board.

"Another first," I mutter, bemused.

"Christian, I can't move," Ana panics, as her wrists are still bound up with my tie. "Perhaps I should stay here. I don't have any clean clothes."

"Oh no you don't, you can wear something of mine. Anastasia, you could be wearing a sack and you'd look lovely. Please don't worry. I'd like you to meet my mother," I reassure her, as I release her and point out where my clothes are.

Actually, I'm really quite relaxed and happy about her meeting Mom. Elliot is right in one respect – Mom is going to be ecstatic to find out I have a girlfriend, which is what I decide Ana will be as far as my family are concerned. I can hardly introduce her as my potential submissive after all.

It's cool, because I'm pretty sure Ana is exactly the kind of girl Mom would like to see me with, and I'm always thrilled to do anything that will make her happy.

However I can't help teasing Mom just a bit. Taylor didn't actually specify the gender of the person here in my bedroom with me...

I look at Ana and can see that she is still worried and unsure about meeting my mom.

"I will expect you in that room in five minutes, otherwise I'll come and drag you out there myself," I warn her as I pull on a T shirt.

If my 'guest' doesn't make an appearance, it's only going to make Mom convinced that I'm hiding my gay boyfriend, or even worse some kind of rent boy that I'm ashamed of. Of course I know that because she is such a wonderful and tolerant person, she would always accept whoever I chose to be with, but I really want Mom to see sweet, natural, beautiful Miss Steele all for herself. Then maybe she can relax a bit about me, no more 'gay repressed celibate' Christian for her to worry about.

I walk out to see Mom sitting on the edge of the couch, so I go over, kiss her cheek and then casually sit next to her.

"Hi Mom, this is an unexpected pleasure."

I wait for her to say something, knowing she must be burning with curiosity.

"How are you Christian?" she asks, as she studies my face closely and then glances towards my closed bedroom door.

"I'm good thanks. How's Dad?" I ask, seeing her hesitate as she wonders how to bring up the subject of who might be in my bedroom, as she knows how hostile I can be about discussing anything personal. I'm enjoying this little joke far too much to put her out of her misery just yet.

"He's as busy as ever, you know what he's like," she replies absent mindedly.

"Mia's due back soon isn't she?" I say next.

"Yes, that's right she is, and she's asked if you can pick her up from the airport, if that's alright darling. I think she's missed you while she's been in Paris."

"Yeah, I've missed her too, and I've already said I'll be there to pick her up when she emailed me."

"That's good then." Mom smiles, and then looks again towards my bedroom door.

The door slowly opens, and I watch Mom's face closely to see her reaction as Anastasia nervously makes her way out.

I hear a sharp intake of breath as her eyes widen in shock. Clearly this beautiful young woman was not who she was expecting at all, and I see her shoulders sag in relief. Heavens above, it's a sweet young woman! Christian isn't gay after all! Hallelujah, he finally has a girlfriend!

Ana looks stunning, even though she's just grabbed my shirt to cover herself up. Her face is clean and fresh with no hint of makeup. Her lovely blue eyes are sparkling, and her cheeks are flushed, no doubt due in part to her very recent orgasm. She looks sweet, natural and rather endearingly shy.

"Here she is," I say as I stand up to make the introductions. See Mom, I'm not gay. You really don't need to worry about me.

I can tell Mom is over the moon as she gives Ana a huge warm smile and stares at her in wonder. I think there may even be tears in her eyes.

"What a pleasure to meet you." Mom manages to get the words out. She looks delighted and thrilled as they shake hands.

"Call me Grace," she insists to Ana, much to my surprise. Usually only very close friends and family get to call her by her first name.

Next she wants to know how we met, and I tell her about Anastasia interviewing me for the student paper at WSU, and how I'm conferring the degrees there this week. Ana will be one of the graduates of course.

Then Ana's cell phone rings, and she wanders off to the kitchen to answer it. 

I'm trying to listen to her call while I'm still talking to Mom. My good mood is dampened somewhat when I realize she's talking to the photographer. What the fuck is she doing even taking his call after the way he treated her? I hope this doesn't mean she still has feelings for him. Now I wish I'd taken the fucker down the other night when I had the chance.
As Ana finishes her call and comes back into the room, I force myself to tune back into what Mom is saying.

"And Elliot called to say you were around – I haven't seen you for two weeks, darling."

"Did he now?" I reply dryly. Yep, just as I thought, it was fucking Elliot who got Mom hot footing it over here under some false pretext. Interfering nosy bastard, he should just mind his own business.

Mom is reassured now that she has seen that her worries were unfounded, so she makes her excuses and prepares to take her leave. She clearly doesn't want to interrupt what she sees as my blossoming romance with this perfect young woman for a moment longer.

She looks again at Anastasia with what seems like awe, and I'm really pleased that she obviously likes and approves of her.

"Anastasia, it's been a pleasure. I do hope we meet again," she tells her enthusiastically as she takes her hand and shakes it. Don't hold your breath, Mom. I'm working on it but she hasn't signed up yet.

Taylor shows Mom out, no doubt heaving a huge sigh of relief that he managed to stop her from actually walking right in on us in the bedroom. Disaster and my wrath successfully averted.

Then business matters intervene that need to be sorted, and our bubble is burst. We need to get moving for the long drive back to Portland. I hand Ana the contract to read later, and suggest she does some research on the internet. I can see by her face this poses some sort of problem.

For fucks sake, turns out she doesn't even have her own computer. Well I can soon rectify that, no sweat. She certainly can't use her friend's laptop to look up the kind of thing I'm suggesting. I reluctantly agree that she can discuss her general sexual queries with Kate, but insist that I don't want anything mentioned to my nosy brother.

While I'm in my bedroom getting ready to leave, I get my cell and call Elliot.

"What the fuck did you say to Mom to get her rushing over here this morning?" I ask with no preamble.

"Morning little bro, how are you this fine day?" Elliot replies in his usual laid back manner, and I can hear the teasing humor in his voice. Clearly he's not in the least bit surprised to hear from me. He'll be wanting to know whether all his shit stirring has had the desired effect.

"Elliot, stop pissing around. What did you say to her?"

"I just happened to mention that you were around in Seattle."

"And? What else, what did you say to get her to turn up here out of the blue so bright and early this morning?"

"I may have just mentioned how worried about you I was, how reclusive you were, how I hoped you weren't becoming depressed. Just the kind of things a concerned brother should confide in their Mom about," he tells me as he snickers. "So, did she get to meet Ana? Does she know she's your girlfriend?"

"Oh yes, they've met, and thanks to you I think you could say she's in little doubt about her being my girlfriend," I reply dryly.

"What... you don't mean... she didn't catch the two of you...in bed... did she?"

He takes my silence as affirmation.

"No way! Oh Christian, that is priceless! Better than I could ever have hoped for," he roars with laughter. "So you did get laid. About fucking time if I may say so. I wasn't sure what was going on between you two, and Kate wouldn't tell me anything, even when I told her you never usually date. Way to go little bro."

"Fuck off Elliot. And no more meddling in things that don't concern you, okay?"

"But Mom was stoked right? I mean Ana's a real sweetheart, I bet she really liked her didn't she?"

"Yeah, I think Mom was pretty happy actually. What's not to like about Ana?" I begrudgingly agree, smiling to myself as I recall the expression on Mom's face.

"See, big bro knows best," he brags. "And if you need any tips about how to make a girl scream and beg for more in bed, just ask me."

"Like I said. Fuck off Elliot."

I terminate the call, certain that my brother won't be able to resist meddling again given the slightest opportunity.

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