19 June 2012

Chapter 16 - Preparations

I go for a run early on Sunday morning, having had another restless night, largely in part because I've had a practically constant hard on thinking about my first scene with Anastasia in my playroom later today. 

I've been planning out every last detail of how I want it to play out. With all my previous subs, I just planned what I wanted to get out of a scene; my sub has always gotten her pleasure from knowing she's pleasing me. That's the deal with an established sub, that's what she signed up for, that's what she expects.

But with Anastasia, it's different because she still has doubts and needs convincing that this lifestyle is for her, or she may walk away. And I don't want her to do that, in fact I can't have her doing that. 

So I'm planning our first scene to ensure that it's mind-fuckingly amazing for her. Hell, I'll enjoy it too, so it's a win/win situation for Christ's sake, so why is it niggling at me? 

Because it's not how a Dominant does things is it?

When I get back from my run, I shower and have breakfast, then I email Anastasia to give her all the access codes and information she'll need later. I tell her not to be late; I hate being kept waiting, but so far she's been punctual, and I sure hope that will be the case today.

Then I try to put all that out of my mind and get on with some work in my study. I'll be otherwise occupied after this morning, so I want to get everything up straight as far as possible business wise. As usual, I have several deals at various stages of negotiation, as well as information regarding possible new areas to move into. 

Such as Publishing. 

Not an area that I'd considered before, but since Anastasia's told me that's what she wants to get into, and that she has interviews at two of Seattle's publishing houses, it's now become of interest to me.

From the research Ros has completed, I know there are four publishing houses in Seattle. I could potentially buy all four if I wanted, but that really wouldn't make good business sense. 

Since I first set up Grey Enterprises, Ros has been my right hand man – well, woman really, but since she's got more balls than most men, I don't really think of her as a woman. I assume she and Gwen have a Butch/femme lesbian relationship, but I've never pried. As long as it doesn't interfere with her work, it's none of my business what Ros gets up to in her own time, and Gwen's a great lady who never complains about the long hours I demand from Ros.

Her specialty is digging up all the facts, figures and most importantly the dirt about potential acquisitions, which she then reports back to me. As far as the publishing houses are concerned, turns out the one that offers the most potential is the smallest one – Seattle Independent Publishing or SIP. Profitable but stagnating; complacent, short sighted management who are not moving with the times, not looking for new areas to expand into. 

Exactly the kind of company with hidden potential that I like to buy.

As part of our standard research, Barney tried hacking into their systems, and managed it easily. It means their security is appallingly lax and will need to be addressed urgently if I do take it over. But this weakness has enabled me to discover that Anastasia has an interview with Mr. J. Hyde of SIP on Monday afternoon. 

I won't interfere, as I don't want to give a hint to anyone that I'm interested in acquiring the company; and I'm also curious to see if Anastasia will be successful on her own merit at interview. But I'll know before she does if she's going to be offered a job, and I'll immediately set in motion buying the company. Hell, I'm probably going to buy it anyway, as it really is an excellent investment opportunity.

The other company I've discovered Anastasia has an interview with is of less interest to me. Barney had a harder time hacking into their systems, but he still managed it of course – the guy's a fucking genius. It's a large conglomerate with offices based round the country, and is not as attractive an acquisition as SIP. 

But if Anastasia gets a job there, I will go ahead and buy that one, it'll just take a little longer. My gut feeling is that SIP will appeal to her the most as it's small, quirky and unconventional. It also champions local authors, which I imagine she likes. 

So if she gets a job offer from them, I think she'll take it, and that will suit me just fine. But I can do no more for now; I have everything in place to act once I know which way the dice are going to fall.

So now it's nearly one o'clock, and I'm ready and impatient for Anastasia to arrive. I sit and read the Seattle Times while I'm waiting, looking through it for something I've been expecting to make an appearance.

And here it is. I idly wonder how much the photographer got paid for his scoop of the first ever picture of Christian Grey out in public with a woman at the WSU graduation ceremony. Hats off to him - he spotted a golden opportunity and he took full advantage of it. I was at a public function and he asked my permission, so I have no problem about it. 

Anastasia looks a little startled in the picture because she was taken by surprise, but I have to say we make a great couple.

At exactly one o'clock, Anastasia arrives and is ushered in by Taylor, who then makes himself scarce. She's wearing the purple dress again; the dress that I frustratingly never got the opportunity to peel off her the last time she wore it. She looks stunning and literally takes my breath away. She just stands in the entrance of the living room, rather shy and unsure of herself. I go over to her.

"Hmm… that dress," I whisper appreciatively. "Welcome back, Miss Steele."

 I lean down to gently kiss her soft lips, and I hear her breath hitch at our contact. The tension is already there, building between us, and a large part of me wants to take her straight to my playroom to get on with ripping her clothes off to fetter and fuck her. But I restrain myself. All in good time, Grey.

"Hi," she whispers, as she blushes.

"You're on time. I like punctual. Come." I take her hand and lead her over to the couch to sit next to me.

"I wanted to show you something."

I hand her the Seattle Times, opened on page eight where our picture is.

"So I'm your 'friend' now," she laughs once she's read it.

"So it would appear. And it's in the newspaper, so it must be true," I smirk. Hopefully she'll see that I'm not embarrassed to be seen out with her. Proud is more like it.

I turn to look at her now that she's finally here. I use the excuse of tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear to touch her, and I feel that inevitable spark between us. It's always there.

"So, Anastasia, you have a much better idea of what I'm about since you were last here." Although you still don't know the whole story.


"And yet you've returned." Even after I gave you a pretty harsh punishment spanking. Brave girl.

She nods shyly. You still don't seem very sure, so why haven't you run while you still could?

"Have you eaten?" With what I've got planned for you, you'll be needing plenty of energy.


This displeases me because she's supposed to be eating regular meals, but I don't want to start scolding her already.

"Are you hungry?"

"Not for food," she whispers, as desire flares in her eyes. My cock jumps straight to attention.

"You are as eager as ever, Miss Steele, and just to let you into a little secret, so am I," I whisper in her ear. I breathe in her scent, which is as heavenly as ever. "But Dr. Greene is due here shortly."

"What can you tell me about Dr. Greene?" she asks rather nervously.

"She's the best Ob/Gyn in Seattle. What more can I say?" Only the best for you, baby. Whatever it takes.

"I thought I was seeing your doctor, and don't tell me you're really a woman because I won't believe you." What?

"I think it's more appropriate that you see a specialist. Don't you?" And a female. I'm the only man who gets to touch you there. Mine only.

Then I remember Mom's dinner invitation for this evening. Thinking about Mia and her boundless enthusiasm, I wonder if Anastasia might find my family rather overwhelming. But Mom was insistent that I ask her, and at least if Ana knows Kate will be there that might reassure her, to have someone else that she knows too.

"Anastasia, my mother would like you to come to dinner this evening. I believe Elliot is asking Kate, too. I don't know how you feel about that. It will be odd to introduce you to my family." My family will sure as hell be finding it odd.

A strange look passes over her sweet little face.

"Are you ashamed of me?" she asks.

There it is again, that low self-esteem. Ashamed of her? Hell no.

"Of course not."

"Why is it odd?"

"Because I've never done it before." Ever. Another first Miss Steele.

"Why are you allowed to roll your eyes, and I'm not?" 

Was I?

Her question takes me by surprise. I'm allowed to do whatever I want baby, that's just the way it is. And nobody gets to spank me.

"I wasn't aware that I was."

"Neither am I, usually," she snaps back. Tough shit, Anastasia. All you have to do is to learn not to roll your eyes at me and be respectful. Not a lot to ask is it?

The moment is interrupted by Taylor appearing at the doorway.

"Dr. Greene is here, sir."

"Show her up to Miss Steele's room." I instruct him. "Ready for some contraception?"

I stand up and hold my hand out to Anastasia, but she looks at me in horror.

"You're not going to come as well, are you?"

A picture of Anastasia doing a scene with a woman suddenly appears unbidden in my head. How interesting. I don't mind this, in fact, I'm finding it incredibly horny. I file that very surprising piece of information away for future reference; it's far too soon to consider anything like that with her yet.

"I'd pay very good money to watch, believe me, Anastasia, but I don't think the good doctor would approve," I laugh. The impression I got over the phone from Dr. Greene is that she doesn't approve of me, and is only here because of the very large charity donation I bribed her with.

Ana takes my hand, and I pull her into my arms. I kiss her deeply, conveying my deep longing for her. Very soon now.

"I'm so glad you're here. I can't wait to get you naked," I whisper as I rest my forehead against hers, my fingers entwined in her hair. My need for her is virtually overpowering, but I somehow manage to tear myself away so that we make our way to Anastasia's room.

Dr. Greene is waiting there, and is pretty much how I imagined her. An ice cool, slim, elegant blonde, probably in her early forties.

Dr. Greene

"Mr. Grey." We shake hands.

"Thank you for coming at such short notice."

"Thank you for making it worth my while, Mr. Grey. Miss Steele." She smiles, but it doesn't really reach her eyes as she looks at me, only when she looks over at Anastasia. 

So Dr. Greene is that rare brand of woman that my looks have no effect on. In fact, she clearly hates my guts, that much is obvious. But no matter; she's a professional, here to do a job, not join my fan club. She stares pointedly at me, so I reluctantly take my leave.

"I'll be downstairs," I murmur.

I go down and try to concentrate on some reading and research. I put on some music - Villa Lobos, an aria from Bachianas Brasileiras, one of my favorites.

 They seem to be taking an age up there, and I wonder what on earth can be taking so long. I suppose it means the doctor is being thorough and I approve of that. Hopefully Anastasia won't have any medical issues that will prevent her from taking the pill. Sex will be even better when I don't have to use a fucking condom. Once that barrier is removed, I know I'll find the pleasure of fucking Anastasia even more heightened and intense, if that's possible.

Finally they come back downstairs.

"Are you done?" I turn the music down and wander over to them.

Dr. Greene looks me straight in the eye.

"Yes, Mr. Grey. Look after her; she's a beautiful, bright young woman," she lectures me.

What the fuck? She's warning me? She thinks I'm coercing or abusing Anastasia or something? Well aren't you Grey?

"I fully intend to," I mutter.

"I'll send you my bill," she informs me brusquely. She gives my hand a very firm shake, and then she turns to Anastasia.
"Good day, and good luck to you, Anastasia," she smiles at her, then Taylor escorts her out.

"How was that?" I ask Anastasia.

"Fine, thank you. She said I had to abstain from all sexual activity for the next four weeks."

What! What on earth could be wrong…? Then I see Anastasia grinning.


Oh joking are we? Two can play at that game. I give her my cold harsh Dominant look, so she thinks I'm seriously displeased with her. I see her quail, and I'm pleased at the power I have over her, if just a look can affect her in this way.

"Gotcha!" I say, as I grab her waist and pull her to me, then kiss her. "You are incorrigible, Miss Steele."

All I want to do is get her naked and ready for the fuck of her life, but I know that has to wait just a little while longer.

"As much as I'd like to take you here, now, you need to eat and so do I. I don't want you passing out on me later." Believe me, you'll be feeling lightheaded from all the fucking I've got planned.

"Is that all you want me for – my body?" she whispers.

"That and your smart mouth," I whisper back as I kiss her again. I can feel control slipping, and I don't want to spoil my carefully planned out scene. So I break away and head for the kitchen while I still can. Christ, her power over me is so strong.

We eat our lunch – she seems to enjoy the chicken Caesar salad that Mrs Jones left for us, because I'm delighted to see she eats up all hers to finish before me. Keen, so keen. I like this. It pleases me.

"Tell me – what method did you opt for?" I need to know these things.

"Mini pill."

"And will you remember to take it regularly, at the right time, every day?" She really will have to be organized with the mini pill, we can't afford to take chances, and this is all new to her.

"I'm sure you'll remind me," she blushes.

"I'll put an alarm on my calendar," I reply, only half joking. I will need to keep a check on this; maybe a shot would have been better, less chance for a slip up. I really wish I could have been in on the consultation to give my views, but there was no way Dr. Greene would have agreed. Anastasia was her patient and her only concern, she made that crystal clear to me by her attitude and comments.

We finish our meal, and the atmosphere between us changes. The time has come. 


I'm beyond aroused already. But I have to be sure.

"Do you want to do this?" You can still say no. It'll kill me, but it has to be safe, sane and consensual. That's the deal, always.

"I haven't signed anything."

"I know – but I'm breaking all the rules these days." I've realized it wouldn't stop you walking anyway. It's just a piece of paper.

"Are you going to hit me?" Goes with the territory. Pleasure and pain, hand in hand. But you'll be able to take it.

"Yes, but it won't be to hurt you. I don't want to punish you right now. If you'd caught me yesterday evening, well, that would have been a different story." I wanted to beat the shit out of you.

I see a look of horror on her face. I have to spell it out to her, be honest, or this is not going to work.

"Don't let anyone try and convince you otherwise, Anastasia. One of the reasons people like me do this is because we either like to give or receive pain. It's very simple. You don't, so I spent a great deal of time yesterday thinking about that."

"Did you reach any conclusions?" she whispers. There is no easy answer, so I gave up and stopped over-thinking things.

"No, and right now, I just want to tie you up and fuck you senseless. Are you ready for that?"


"Good. Come."

I take her hand and head up to my playroom.

This is it.


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