19 June 2012

Chapter 13 - Having a Spanking Good Time

On the drive back from Anastasia's apartment that evening, I'm feeling pretty damn good about how things have gone today. Ana's agreed to sub for me, and now I can concentrate on reinstating some order back in my life.

With just a few minor alterations that I think I can handle, I'm well on the way to getting my addiction to her under control and manageable. I know who I am again.

I'm hopeful that we can make this arrangement between us work, even if it does mean bending some of the rules. The essence of the understanding between a Dom and his sub will still stand, even if she is sort of my girlfriend for maybe one day a week. I followed Flynn's advice, I compromised and this is the result. I got what I wanted.

So okay, against the rules, I did come over to see her during the week, but that was necessary to sort out the soft limits.

 And okay, I didn't intend to stay this long - Taylor's been waiting for me since nine and it's now gone ten thirty - but shit, it was worth it. Worth staying to give Ana that well deserved spanking and a second fuck.

I've already pretty much got our first scene planned out so we can get started on Ana's training when she comes over on Sunday, especially now she's told me about her erotic dream. I'm delighted to find out she dreamt about me using a brown plaited leather riding crop on her, and I'll sure as hell be doing my best to ensure that dreams really do come true for her.

She needs to get some contraception sorted out, so once she has her period, which I found out is due next week, she can hopefully start taking the pill – that's the method I prefer my subs to use. I won't leave this to chance, I'll get the top ob/gyn to come and sort her out. Then I can stop using condoms, which I fucking hate.

Yep, all in all things went pretty much to plan today, and now my sweet girl is ready to comply with what it takes to fit into my life.

I knew she'd enjoy the Bollinger I brought over with me, and that after a few glasses – or tea cups in this instance - she would relax and open up a bit more.

It's a shame she's still somewhat difficult and defiant about accepting the first edition books, but of course I get my way about them, because in the end, she doesn't have the nerve to return them to me. The quote she attached to them was pretty amusing and clever I have to admit:

"I agree to the conditions, Angel; because you know best what my punishment ought to be; only – only- don't make it more than I can bear!"

I really like that she has such a sharp and witty mind. But it backfired on her in the end, because like I tell her - I'll be easier on her if she just accepts the fucking books. Thinking she's so clever about donating them to charity – that was not my intention, and she knows now that it'll displease me, so it's not happening.

I'm pretty pissed to discover that she had a couple of interviews lined up that she hadn't told me about. I don't like the insolent tone she uses or her reluctance to tell me which publishing houses they're with, in case I use undue influence or interfere. She will have to learn that I need to know about things like this as soon as they happen, so I can have the necessary checks and controls in place to ensure she will not be putting herself at risk in any way. No matter though; I let it drop for now, because I can easily find out where her interviews are, no sweat. She will be none the wiser, and I will take whatever action I deem necessary.

We pretty much get the sexual acts soft limits agreed with no major problems. She says 'no' to any kind of fisting – that's fine, I can live with that, as it's not something that particularly rocks my boat. She's pretty hesitant about any kind of anal sex, so I reassure her that it really can be immensely pleasurable if introduced with careful training and preparation, as naturally I would do. She really ought to at least try anal, but I guess we can work up to that. 

Something to look forward to.

I'm not used to going through every detail of things like sex toys – my previous subs have always been fully conversant with these things. But it's kind of fun, and all part of the fact that I will be initiating and controlling her in all things sexual, in exactly the way I choose. And I fucking love this.

We've already agreed that suspension is a hard limit for her, but the rest of the bondage acts don't seem to present so many issues for her. I  think there's even a gleam of excitement in her eyes as we go through them to clarify a few details, so I'm thinking this shows potential, maybe this will be her thing, which fucking thrills me too. And I'll take under advisement her nervousness about gagging. But I'm sure that once I've gotten her trained, I'll win her over to trust me enough to gag her. Bound and gagged - all part of the scene, baby.

Ana gets really nervous again when we talk about punishment and pain. She was never disciplined this way as a child, so she has no real clue about it, which is a shame because it's making her reluctant. She's overthinking it and letting it get out of proportion in her head. But that's okay; I'll take it slow and we'll build up gradually. We'll get there in the end, I'll ensure that.

Then I bring up the subject that she'd mentioned earlier. 


I explain what's been going through my mind, what might be possible. I'm still very uncertain about any of this, but seeing as my family and the press already know about Ana, I'm going to have to go with it anyway. Actually, I'm surprised that doesn't worry me as much as I thought it would. So I tell her,

"Outside of the time you're my sub, perhaps we could try. I don't know if it will work. I don't know about separating everything. It may not work. But I'm willing to try. Maybe one night a week. I don't know."

I can see my offer has really surprised Ana, and that she's pretty happy about it. 

So fucking ace negotiator that I am, I use it to my advantage to get her to accept my graduation present. I will try 'more' if she graciously accepts the car, which otherwise I just know she's going to be difficult about. Genius.

I go easy on her when she says she will only accept it on loan, but of course it won't be. My subs always get to keep the car, however things turn out. Taylor will take her old Beetle piece of shit away tomorrow. 

That's after he's surreptitiously replaced the rotor arm from the distributor that he took off last night after I instructed him to temporarily disable her car. Taylor's quite the grease monkey; turns out he's into all that shit with old car and bike engines, I found out a while ago. If Ana had tried to use her old car today, it would have turned over but not started, but it wouldn't have been obvious what was wrong even if she'd looked under the hood.

I figured her stepfather would be driving her to the graduation ceremony anyway, which turned out to be the case. I'm glad I got to talk to Ray for a few minutes on his own today. It meant there was at least an element of truth in my claim to have discussed with him buying her a new car. Glad we saw eye to eye about women drivers. Ana has to have a new safer car for my piece of mind, I haven't the time to be worrying about shit like this. Giving the new car to her as a graduation present just provided a convenient excuse to replace her old one.

After all the arguing, and all the talking through the soft limits, I'm ready to just about fuck her right there on the hood of the car, so it's time to move things back into the bedroom. I want to make sure we've ticked all the boxes with her basic sex training, ready for the next stage to commence. 

I really can't wait for us to start playing.

So to complete the full set of vanillas, I give Ana a pretty fine fuck with her on top. I have to say I hadn't anticipated just how gratifying this position would be – not only is it very deep and stimulating, but I get to watch her ride me too. Seeing her moaning and writhing and throwing her head back as I fuck her is hot, really hot.

Of course the complication with this position is that inevitably her hands are going to touch my chest. I keep my T shirt on, but even so I still have to move her hand away. She doesn't understand why, so I just explain a bit about my tough introduction to life, how being fifty shades of fucked up means I don't like to be touched. That's all she needs to know, and more than I've ever told a sub before.

I've already stayed longer than I should, so despite being really tempted, I turn down Ana's request that we use the second condom I'd brought with me for another fuck. She doesn't get to call the shots.

Then, as I'm about to leave, somehow we get talking about Total Power Exchange 24/7. This is a long held fantasy of mine that I've never had the chance to act out. It would be un-fucking-real to enact it with her, and it really turns me on big time.

So in that highly dangerous and aroused state of mind, when she rudely rolls her eyes at me, having already been warned that I'd take her across my knee if she did it again, I decide to follow through with my threat.

"I'm a man of my word, and I'm going to spank you and then I'm going to fuck you very quick and hard. Looks like we'll need that second condom after all."

She is reluctant and hesitates to come over to me, but I know this is a crucial turning point in our relationship, and I will have my way. So I command her in my cold Dominant voice,

"I'm waiting. I'm not a patient man."

Slowly she comes over, and then I grab her. Before she has time to think about it, I quickly tip her across my lap, resting her torso on the bed next to me. My right leg holds both her legs down securely, while my left arm restrains her in the small of her back. Now she can't move or get away. Perfect.

Next, I command her to put her hands on either side of her head, and this time I'm pleased to see that she obeys me immediately.

Now I'm going to make her understand why I'm doing this, to show her that I am in control and that she will obey me in future, because I carry out my threats.

I ask her,

"Why am I doing this, Anastasia?"

"Because I rolled my eyes at you," she whispers.

"Do you think that's polite?"


"Will you do it again?"


"I will spank you each time you do it, do you understand?"

I slowly pull her panties down, then I take my time before I start the spanking. I fondle and stroke her ass to warm up my hands and her skin, all the time building up the anticipation of what is to come.

As the first stroke hits her, she tries to get away, but I've got her held down tight and secure. Her struggling really excites me and urges me on.

"Keep still or I'll spank you for longer," I growl at her, incredibly turned on. "I'm just getting warmed up."

I love the slapping sound my hand makes as it hits her, and I love seeing how her soft pale skin turns the most fucking gorgeous shade of pink.

When she cries out, I tell her "No one to hear you, baby, just me."

I'm elated as I finally have total control over her, and I'm sure as hell going to enjoy this and make it last. Originally I'd planned to give her twelve spanks, but now I decide to make it eighteen. She has defied me so many times after all.

There is an art to giving a good spanking. Anastasia is very lucky that her first spanking is being done by someone as exceptionally skilled as me.

As this is a punishment spank, I use a flat palm and spread fingers because this stings the most. If it had been just an erotic spank, I would have used a slightly cupped palm with closed fingers as it makes a good smacking sound and reddens the skin, but is less painful.

A slow tempo with an irregular rhythm is the best technique, as the moments of anticipation between each stroke add to the tension. As I fondle and caress her behind, Ana cannot tell when or where the next stroke will fall as I alternate and don't hit her in the same place twice.

Her  surrender and submission is an important part of her response. She has to learn to give up control to me, to allow me to take control of her sexual arousal. Her body's response to the stinging of her skin from the spanking causes blood to collect in that area, which also increases her arousal.

Of course I'm incredibly aroused by the time I've completed all of the eighteen strokes, so now it's time for me to take her.

"Enough," I manage to say, hoarse with need. "Well done, Anastasia. Now I'm going to fuck you."

When I feel between her legs, I'm thrilled to discover that she is soaking.

"Feel this. See how much your body likes this, Anastasia. You're soaking wet just for me." As I move my fingers in and out, I can feel she is so ready for me. I hear her moaning at my touch, and I inform her that she will be allowed to come; this is her reward for pleasing me and taking her punishment so well.

I move her from my lap and lift her onto the bed, face down. I undo my pants, quickly sheath up and then guide her into a kneeling position where I can see her beautiful ass that's glowing from her spanking.

And then I'm inside her, feeling the fantastic wetness that's all for me, because of the spanking I've given her.

It's a harsh pace I set as I pound into her, but it's exactly the right type of fuck to follow a spanking, and it doesn't take long for Ana to reach her orgasm. As she tightens and quickens around me, I climax hard into her, elated beyond belief at how things have worked out with this woman that I keep craving so badly.

Finally we collapse back down together. I can see that Ana's totally exhausted, and part of me thinks how great it would be to just get into bed with her here and go to sleep. But I dismiss that thought. It can't happen. It's not how I do things. Let's not start that shit again, Grey. Start as you mean to go on with your new sub.

"Oh, baby, welcome to my world. Well done."

I'm so happy and proud of Ana. My hand is pretty sore from giving her such a harsh punishment spanking, but she took it really well and she didn't even cry. It had to be that harsh to set the tone. She has to know her place.

Now she has learnt her first lesson, which is that I don't like her being discourteous by rolling her eyes at me.

I look at the old camisole she's wearing, and I can't wait to buy my sweet baby some really nice silks and satins, because it's what she deserves to be dressed in. I want her to have the very best of everything; I want to really spoil her. I will take her shopping and spend an obscene amount of money on her.

"I have to go," I finally say. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," she whispers, very subdued.

I find some baby oil in her bathroom, and ignore her protests to rub some on her behind. I like doing this, I like feeling the silky smooth skin of her bottom, now nice and pink from the spanking.

She's very quiet, and doesn't look me in the eye as I make to leave. I push to the back of my mind the unease I feel about this, because this is exactly how a sub should act.

Having done so well to get things back on track, I resolutely ignore the draw I feel to spend the night with her. That would undo everything I've achieved tonight to demonstrate to Ana the dynamics of the Dom/sub relationship. So I determinedly walk out to the car and I don't look back.

As I drive, I think maybe I have been a little hard on her, not to let her know just how pleased I am with her. So when I get back to the hotel, I email her.

From: Christian Grey
Subject: You
Date: May 26 2011 23:14
To: Anastasia Steele

Dear Miss Steele

You are quite simply exquisite. The most beautiful, intelligent, witty and brave woman I have ever met. Take some Advil – this is not a request. And don't drive your Beetle again. I will know.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc

Of course Ana can't just take a simple compliment can she? She has to argue back.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Flattery
Date: May 26 2011 23:20
To: Christian Grey

Dear Mr Grey

Flattery will get you nowhere, but since you've been everywhere the point is moot.

I will need to drive my beetle to a garage so I can sell it – so will not graciously accept any of your nonsense over that. Red wine is always more preferable to Advil.

PS: Caning is a HARD limit for me.

She will not be driving that car and that's a fucking end to it. In any case it won't start until Taylor has fixed it, so of course he will be disposing of it for her.

Clearly caning scares her – as it should, and for now I accept that addition to the hard limits.

But I don't like the idea of her staying up late and drinking cheap red wine as she seems to be doing.

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Frustrating women who can't take compliments
Date: May 26 2011 23:26
To: Anastasia Steele

Dear Ms Steele

I am not flattering you. You should go to bed. I accept your addition to the hard limits.
Don't drink too much.
Taylor will dispose of your car and get a good price for it, too.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc

But she just can't let it go can she?

From: Anastasia Steel
Subject: Taylor - is he the right man for the job?
Date: May 26 2011 23:40
To: Christian Grey

Dear Sir

I am intrigued that you are happy to risk letting your right hand man drive my car – but not some woman you fuck occasionally. 
How can I be sure that Taylor is the best man to get me the best deal for said car? I have, in the past, probably before I met you, been known to drive a hard bargain.


This makes me furious when I read this. A woman I fuck occasionally? Like a prostitute? I've told her so many times that I don't see her this way at all, so why is she being like this? Is it because she's getting drunk on the red wine? I know she doesn't have a very high tolerance for alcohol.

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Careful!
Date: May 26 2011 23:44
To: Anastasia Steele

Dear Ms Steele

I am assuming it is the RED WINE talking, and that you've had a very long day.
Though I am tempted to drive back over there to ensure that you don't sit down for a week, rather than an evening.
Taylor is ex-army and capable of driving anything from a motorcycle to a Sherman Tank. Your car does not present a hazard to him. Now please do not refer to yourself as 'some woman I fuck occasionally' because, quite frankly it makes me mad, and you really wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc

Taylor was Special Forces, a Green Beret who saw active service in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and South America, so he can sure as hell handle anything that's thrown at him, unlike a fragile little girl like Ana.

As for doing a good deal – that piece of shit is heading straight for the breakers yard as far as I'm concerned, best place for it, and I'll compensate Ana myself. It'll be a good opportunity to get some money into her bank account - I know she has less than $700 in there, which doesn't even count as pocket money as far as I'm concerned.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Careful yourself
Date: May 26 2011 23:57
To: Christian Grey

Dear Mr Grey

I'm not sure I like you anyway, especially at the moment.

Ms Steele

Shit. What's going on here? This started off by me telling her how wonderful she is, and now she's saying she doesn't like me? What have I missed here?

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Careful yourself
Date: May 26 2011 00:03
To: Anastasia Steele

Why don't you like me?

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc

What have I done to cause this change of attitude?

Then I recall how she was unusually subdued and quiet when I left. It slowly dawns on me that maybe I've somehow misread things tonight. 

Her reply does nothing to reassure me.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Careful yourself
Date: May 26 2011 00:09
To: Christian Grey

Because you never stay with me.

Fuck, is this what this is all about? Maybe I've been remiss in forgetting how new all this is to her. I'm supposed to look after her. She said she was okay, but she wasn't really very convincing was she? She's always more honest in her emails than in person. I remember that she hasn't actually signed anything yet, so she could still walk away. I decide it's just not worth taking the risk of that happening. This isn't breaking the rules, this is an important part of negotiating her contract. I have to go back and see what this is all about. I'm not going to be able to sleep anyway.

I think Taylor is somewhat bemused when I inform him that I'm going back over to Miss Steele's apartment and will possibly be gone for the rest of the night, returning in time for my breakfast meeting. I expect he's wishing I would just fucking well make up my mind whether I'm coming or going. I already kept him waiting over an hour and a half outside her apartment earlier.  

This really isn't like me, I don't do indecisive. This is the price I'm paying for dealing with a young and inexperienced girl I guess, and why I don't normally do things this way. But Ana is worth it, I have no doubt about that, or I wouldn't be putting myself to all this fucking trouble.

When I get to the apartment, it quickly becomes apparent that something is very badly wrong. Kate's back now, and I'm painfully reminded of Elliot's warning to me about her being very protective of Ana, by her reaction when she opens the door and sees me standing there.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing here?" she snarls at me, as she blocks the doorway.

"I've come to see Anastasia," I state, barely holding on to my temper at her words. Don't fucking mess with me Miss Kavanagh.

"Well you can't," she snaps back at me.

"I need to make sure she's alright." I stand my ground and insist. I'm going nowhere until I've seen Anastasia.

"What the fuck have you done to her now?" she shouts back.

"Nothing that concerns you." What the hell does she know? What's Ana told her?

"Since she's met you, she cries all the time," she accuses me. What?

"Just let me fucking well see her, then I can sort all this out." 

I push my way past her and head for Ana's bedroom, now sick with apprehension at what the hell I'm going to find.

"You can't come in here!" Kate shouts after me, but I ignore her and burst into Ana's room, which is in darkness. I switch on the main light.

I'm horrified and shocked at what I find.

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